Friday Night Funkin' with SONG LYRICS -

Friday Night Funkin’ with SONG LYRICS

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FUNKADELIX FNF Mod. The original songs but with amazing new graphics and full lyrics, rapping and singing. Merg Gameplay Playthrough with commentary and reaction.

Mod by Paciofd, JamsDX, eggcat, isophoro, Krizbiee, RecD

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Thanks for reading. 🙂 imma put these on repeat


  1. I actually love how the songs are 2x longer in exchange of more fleshed out story telling. can't wait for Mommy Mearest's vocals it's gonna be wild

  2. 16:25 isnt it crazy how semen means c*m in spanish, BF be fr having wild lines in this one ☠️

  3. Can you play the „Fire in the Hole“ mod by Cooldudecrafter? It’s really well made and has great music and story right now.

  4. I think for week 2, they’ll have an original song with Skid and Pump

  5. if you play this again, type 'sheldon' in the free play menu for epic secret song

  6. I actually love this mod, Skid and Pump both actually sound like themselves from Spooky Month, this mod has so much polish for just a demo

  7. Girlfriends animation changes on the last song in week 1.

  8. 19:58 mergs face covers bfs that can’t be no coincidence bro 😭😭

  9. so ik someone said the same thing in a community game vid but i friggin love how bf doesnt swear when he's with skid and pump cause they kids.

  10. i love this mod and all but i just get out the fact that boyfriend sounds like gumball 😭

  11. The little detail man, i notice gf's exspression are different when she's singing to bf or daddy dearest, i just think it's so cool man for some reason.

  12. i love this mod they literally brought a new life to these songs

  13. I really hope you play the Voiid Chronichles mod eventually, tho I have a feeling that it will be quite outside of your skill range.

  14. Merg there is a secret song I don't know how to access it but there is one

  15. Merg finally evolved into being okay with language

  16. 1:08, Merg? th- GF is a succubus? WTF… y'all see that too right?

  17. @Merg check out the leaked voice, funny as hell tbh

  18. Day 1 asking when terraria is coming back

  19. I just noticed that daddy dearest has his pubic hair hanging out of his pants

  20. Did anyone notice the Steven Universe ref in the tutorial "you tha diamond, I'm yo pearl"?

  21. 1. when you first load in the game press left right left right up down up down and you should be teleported to a song themesong

  22. 2. go into freeplay and type sheldon and you will get teleported again but to a different son named leaked

    P.S. you have to go into freeplay

  23. 3.(final one) for this one you have to go part you can choose what to go to like story mode and freeplay anyway once you are there type penkaru and you will get telelported to a video

  24. I just realize that during dadbattle the second gf part is the same as the freestyle part in tutorial

  25. One thing for sure, Girlfriend kinda got hotter in this mod

  26. They're all very good, but my real favorites were Fresh, Dadbattle and DEFINITELY Philly Nice, this is what a rap battle should look like when you're rapping in the streets lmao
    I also loved Pico's design and poses, with his white eyes (who are accurately portrayed from the vanilla FNF) and face reminds me of the Gorillaz artstyle, mostly resembling 2D.

    If you liked this mod, I'd suggest you play HoloFunk, it's got a LOT of content so you can divide it between videos if you do see this and plan on playing it. The songs are bangers as well, and I get the feel you'd like it.

  27. I started cracking up after boyfriend said that at the end of week 1!🤣🤣🤣

  28. me going in: imma going to cringe
    me while inside: LESSSSS FUCKING GOOOO

  29. Day 55 of asking Merg to play Juke's towers of hell. Those lyrics were on point.

  30. you might get around to playing this at some point anyways, and you likely wont see my comment, but merg my man PLEASE PLAY FNF FLAVOR RAVE V2
    its so peak, and quite a lot of content too, your fans will love this

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