Friday Night Funkin' - Whitty arrives to save BF and GF from Tabi (Whitty vs Tabi) -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Whitty arrives to save BF and GF from Tabi (Whitty vs Tabi)

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Tabi Ex Boyfriend Mod:
Tabi vs Whitty [Genocide + Ballistic] Remix:

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  2. We can see a glimpse of Ballistic everytime it's whittys turn

  3. Everyone on twitter explaining why whitty mod is getting removed:

  4. Whitty trying to get back at DD by attacking GF's BF (who Whitty does not know is actually GF's ex) be like

  5. tabi: why cant i drain your health
    ballistic: you cant
    ballistic: i have infinite

  6. Just two persons yelling each others, I love it

  7. if whitty was in pokemon:whitty moveset:self destruct ballistic mic toss beatdown

  8. finally someone doing a cover not mixing up the forward and back poeses

  9. I literally just thought "Wonder if ballistic genocide is a thing." And here the fnf community proves yet again "are you bloody joking of course we have that?"

    And as much as i like tabi (skeletons got to stick together after all.) I think Willy should have gone first. Something tells me Willy coming out swinging with ballistic then running into tabi's would flow better.

  10. Dammmm soooo sick tabi and witty is soooooooooo sick pro!!!!!!!!!

  11. whitty noooooo!!
    Are the deal You

  12. هل لديك كتاب حاسب؟ إذا عندك عطني و فقط فصل دراسي ثاني و اعطيك تمام 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. If the fire reaches whitty's head, then he's gonna explode XD

  14. Whitby is trying to both save bf and gf while convincing tabi revenge isn’t worth it

  15. * se le prende la mecha todos:* YA VALIO MADRES

  16. ウィッテイと浮気してたのか?

  17. Thumbnail was kinda clickbaity tho.

  18. The fact whitty is not even going all out like the one against bf is nuts

  19. I'm suprised how GF, ditched Tabi, but she actually loves BF.

  20. Юююххууууууууууууу

  21. When Tabi turns Super Saiyan and the background changes into a super fast moving background 1:59

  22. Facts : Whitty is the goat and he’s the mvp

  23. poor tabi he challenged a living legends

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