Friday Night Funkin' WeekEnd 1 - Full Week HARD Walkthrough & Cutscenes (4K Showcase) -

Friday Night Funkin’ WeekEnd 1 – Full Week HARD Walkthrough & Cutscenes (4K Showcase)

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Main Menu
0:31 – 1st Cutscene
1:59 – 1st Song “Darnell”
4:19 – 2nd Song “Lit Up”
6:15 – 3rd Song “2hot”
8:19 – 4th Song “Blazin”
10:23 – 2nd Cutscene
11:07 – Final Score

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  1. Correr por tu vida:✖️
    Correr por tus bolas:✔️

  2. 4 years for this?….Good gameplay, but the game disappointed me…I thought they would add more…

  3. All I’m going to say is songs aren’t the best but it’s something and it’s actually really good. The cut scenes are very funny and fire.

  4. The songs are good but do wait like three years, but I ain’t complaining because these things are good

  5. And the third song is really good. I like the like I’m gonna say is the black guy is so good at singing I don’t know what his name is.

  6. Just the fact that nobody has talked about how pico flips us off whenever you click enter. He’s just crazy.

  7. OK, this is such a good week. I am so happy they released this

  8. After so long, we finally got another masterpiece.

  9. broo that week was so mid, songs sucked so much, but blazin is fire tho, background is sick, and sprites looked awesome

  10. This week was more of a teaser, if had to be because these songs weren’t hitting fr

  11. bro for me the scroll speed is hella slow how do i fix that i looked through the settings and everything

  12. The fact that they made pico’s thoughts a mini song was so creative

  13. tbh..we liked only 1 and 4 song. cool sprites, cutscenes but it doesn’t cost 3 years at all

  14. imo shittiest update, cutscene is fire but the songs are ass

  15. The week is cool, too bad it got leaked 2 years ago as a "mod"

  16. Why did pico flip me off :,)

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