Friday Night Funkin' WEEKEND 1 - (Full Week & Cutscenes) -

Friday Night Funkin’ WEEKEND 1 – (Full Week & Cutscenes)

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Friday Night Funkin’ WEEKEND 1 – (Full Week & Cutscenes)

00:00 Main Menu
00:24 1st Cutscene
01:51 1st Song “Darnell”
04:11 2nd Song “Lit Up”
06:08 3rd Song “2hot”
08:11 4th Song “Blazin”
10:17 2nd Cutscene
11:01 Final Score


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  1. So worth the wait, this shit is amazing!!

  2. When you take into account that in this one update not ONLY are there 4 songs and 2 cutscenes in Weekend 1 but they revamped the UI and added a freestyle mode with REMIXED songs making this update technically include 27 new songs (it's on spotify too)- Like that's no small feat; it's a no wonder the dev team took 3 years to make it

  3. As animações estão simplesmente incríveis

  4. Не могу слушать как челик слева постоянно говорит:"Чё"😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. 1:52

    I ADORE how they implemented the Talkin Smack leitmotif from Pico's school into it, along with a couple of others!

    Time rewards patience folks!

  6. atleadt now we know well see more of fnf

  7. me and bro after almost killing each other on purpose


  9. Okay, that fourth round fistfight is an inspired addition, I hope we get more "minigame" levels like this. Also YAY FRIENDS!!!

    Reminder that it took three years to get this far because what started as a freebee rhythm game made by 4 people exploded into a massively overfunded KS where they had to produce dozens and dozens of new songs, animations, and possibly? characters. I always knew it was going to take a while but it's clearly worth the wait! For the record I've gotten a lot of the physical rewards already like the record/cassette/CD.

    I'm probably a bit older than your average FnF fan so I wonder how many parents and other adult family/friends are out there watching and having a weird moment of seeing these Newgrounds characters come back after almost 20 years and knowing where they come from (because the common attitude around Pico's original game was a LOT different in the early-mid aughts). I hope it's creating some bonding moments!

  10. casually duking it out like a couple-a homies


  12. 6:10 IS THIS 3HOT REMIX AYO😳
    song should be named 2hot tbh

  13. The way that it showed the middle finger after he pressed the button

  14. Cause you can see a scare under picos shirt

  15. This came Before GTA 6 will ever come out! 😅

  16. Its all pretty good tho Darnell singing the instrumentals at times is kinda aids

  17. these cutscenes give me the ng vibes so much man. especially the one before blazin. feels like something from flash

  18. 7:05 this really is the most lit part of the song, and the hardest one to master when it comes to gameplay.

  19. Ofc they give the black guy the hardest song known to man. It's too good

  20. Bro this is so detailed the robot head attached to the speaker is looking left and right when they sing 😮

  21. Can we jusy talk about Darnell sounding like corpse husband

  22. Wait, in the beginning, they chose hard difficulty, but in the results, it says they just did normal difficulty.

  23. i feel like this is a baby sensory video for me

  24. The fact that pico show middle finger if you play week 8 😎

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