Friday Night Funkin' WEEKEND 1 - (All Game Over Screen) -

Friday Night Funkin’ WEEKEND 1 – (All Game Over Screen)

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Friday Night Funkin’ WEEKEND 1 – (All Game Over Screen)

00:00 Game Over Screen #1
00:16 Game Over Screen #2

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  1. My brother in christ,this is not week 8,is weekend 1

  2. This isn't Weeks 8, it's Weekend 1 (basically a secondary story that takes place with other characters besides Boyfriend (Yes, there will be other weekends with other characters besides Pico too)

  3. If you get hit by darnell’s can while the bar is low there is a third death animation

  4. You missed one, when you die to failing to shoot the can in the third song a different game over happens

  5. Watch this bro miserably fail in his mission on posting a video with “all” the game over screens. (he shows only 2 and there’s actually 3)

  6. Ngl all of the fnf memory’s are here now

  7. imagine if crrano discovered what a weekend is

  8. I'm ashamed of how many times i saw this screen on 2hot


  10. For some reason in the first one you couldn't see it but nene actually lifts up her knife the closer you get to getting blueballed-

  11. there is a secret one is lemon week u have to go in practice mode its rare like 1 in 1400 of seeing it

  12. Facts: if your health is almost low you can see nene trying to throw the knife at pico

  13. the first note of darnell sounds like opening your door at 4 am to get a midnight snack

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