Friday Night Funkin' Week 1 to Weekend 1 - (All Game Over Screens) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Week 1 to Weekend 1 – (All Game Over Screens)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Week 1 to Week 8 – (All Game Over Screens)

00:00 Week 1 to Week 5 (Death Screen)
00:22 Week 6 (Death Screen)
00:47 Week 7 (Death Screen)
01:11 Weekend 1 (Death Screen #1)
01:33 Weekend 1 (Death Screen #2)
02:01 Weekend 1 (Death Screen #3)


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  1. Great vídeo, game overs are creative.

  2. Gotta love that Pico's School reference for his death screen.

  3. If Darnell and nene wanted the money from killing bf so bad why’d they send pico why not the one with a knife or flaming spray paint?

  4. I think you forgot the fake out death

  5. something funny i noticed is that darnell doesnt actually kill pico, hes still moving and twitching in pain in the fist fight game over scene and he is still very much so alive (allthough dazed as hell) after the spray paint explosiont, however nene just flat out kills him, like not even a single twitch or slight movement, hes just straight up completely dead, just thought that was a nice detail!

  6. 1:21 some old Pico fans will understand the Pico School Reference

  7. I have a confession to make. My favorite song is Stress. It sounds like it'd be a good final boss for a game like this. (Or it woulda been without the mods)

  8. Crazy how Nene went from begging Pico to kill her to killing Pico.

  9. Alsom u missed one. There is a very rare BF game over screen that has a 1 of 4000 chances on appearing

  10. Notice that. Darnell dosent really kill pico. As you can see small movements in his death animation indicating severe pain but not death. Only nene kills him. Right to the chest… and I think that says something.

  11. The Pico game overs have no right to go so hard

  12. There’s actually a extremely rare death screen for bf 🗣️

  13. Pico really couldnt believe what he was seeing 😔

  14. I just realized Pico’s first death is based off the Death Screen from Pico’s School

  15. Fun fact: if you press "r" while playing a song, you will instantly die

  16. 0/10 didn't include the secret 1 in a 1000 hidden death screen

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