Friday Night Funkin' VS Yourself w/ Herself | Hit Single Real - Silly Billy (FNF Mod) REACTION!!! -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Yourself w/ Herself | Hit Single Real – Silly Billy (FNF Mod) REACTION!!!

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Today I am watching
Friday Night Funkin’ VS Yourself w/ Herself | Hit Single Real – Silly Billy (FNF Mod) (BF/GF) @CommunityGame
Silly Billy Hit Single Real Lore Explained (Fan Theories) @Orseofkorse
FNF Hit Single Real – Silly Billy but GF & HERSELF sing it @Wufis
Silly Billy Lyrics but Animated : Hit Single Real ,VS Yourself @EhSanKingMT69
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  1. Sadly the creator who make silly billy i think i kinda forgot he died by his sleep by cancer

  2. Silly Billy has to be one of the greatest FNF mods ever!

  3. Come on dude, instead of watching mods you should really play them instead.

    (If you only want views from these, it will give you more…)

  4. You should react to the tabi mod (Only the 1 first version tho, not the new updated version because the 2nd song is kinda not finished due to the mod not fully finishing)

    And for the sonic.exe stuff there is post mortem which is created by the same person who made drop and roll.
    There is also sonic.exe 2017 Toetality which is the most recent posted but it goes hard

  5. Yourself and BF are the same age and height, BF's just short since that's how he looks in the game. Same with everyone else in the game. Also that version of Squidward is called Starved Squidward.

  6. from what i've heard canonically yourself/silly billy is the same height as bf but idk how true that is

  7. Day 6?! :hello look like it day 6 of asking for MADNESS COMBAT!!!!!!!

    Let me get real with you here…I'd love to see you watch it

  8. Listen to Subterfuge with lyrics it’s made by Churgney and it appears in a section of Garn47

  9. Can you please watch impostor and Mario madness

  10. You need to react to Mario madness v2 it’s good like really good 😊

  11. Ayo you can react to joyous , teachel or fakebaby in the mod to

  12. Can you please react to metal family

  13. 11th day of asking, Steven, please do a reaction on the video : Why Cc Goku is Canon, by DRIP. Please do it bro

  14. Steven, the regular Friday Night Funkin' Finally updated after 3 years, and its called Weekend 1, instead of playing as Boyfriend you play as Pico, Someone who Boyfriend Sings with in Regular Friday night funkin week 3

  15. I suggest watching the other awesome songs from this mod, like Darnell Wet Fart (the song with Mr Krabs) Tricheal, Joyous, and Fakebaby/No More Innocence, also another really good song that a LOT of people miss is called Subterfuge, it’s a fully lyrical song used in this mod (the actual song used in the scene is Subterfuge with lyrics by Churgney gurgney I seriously suggest you react to it)

  16. Hey Steven i know you watched fnf silly billy game vs yourself but could you please react to fnf silly billy herself's last moment creator: zectsy AX pls?

  17. Try reaction to fnf mario madness v2 mod

  18. Hey Steven always love your reactions👍.
    Btw I really recommend checking out Mario's Madness v2

  19. i wish you saw the other songs in the mod, they were in there for a while and community game only played the new ones on the update

  20. Hey can you react to Kingdom come TADC Song by Shavs Media Productions?

  21. Check brought this on yourself by tryhardninja ,this sing is great

  22. Can you react to Jakeneutron's cover of this song? The vid is called Jakeneutron putting more lyrics on Silly Billy (Short Cover) – Hit Single Real FNF

  23. bro react to Skibidi wars ep 100,101 and 102 pls

  24. Please react to fnf Mario Madness v2

  25. You should definitely check out Jeffy’s endless aethos, it’s a good mod you’ll love it

  26. To explain, the extra songs shown in the CommunityGame video you watched are the ones you unlock by doing certain things in the 'Garn47' game, which is why they are pretty random (the Car song you unlock by successfully guiding car through a maze, the Pig song you unlock by pressing a button in a pig pen, and I don't remember what unlocks the Starved Squidward song); I'm pretty sure CommunityGame came out with another video shortly after this one that covered the other songs that were in Freelpay

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