Friday Night Funkin' VS Withered Freddy FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (Five Nights at Freddy's) (FNF Mod) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Withered Freddy FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (Five Nights at Freddy’s) (FNF Mod)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Withered Freddy (FULL WEEK) is a mod by Pouria_SFMs and his team:

Game Mod for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD but this time we battle Withered Freddy, the Puppet/Marionette, and shadow bonnie while Balloon boy tries to jumpscare us. We also must wind up the music box, it is a vital in-game mechanic responsible for keeping the Puppet at bay. If you press the warning notes you’ll break the music box so you must press the white note with your mouse cursor in order to fix it. Oh, you also got to use the cursor on the music box to wind it up.

Pouria_SFMs – Main Creator (more credits below)

Game Download:

This is the best Five Nights at Freddy’s mod I’ve played. There are so many jumpscare and cool mechanics in this one. This is basically like a sequel to the fnaf mod that was uploaded during FNAF anniversary.

Game Note For Vs. Withered Freddy full week: One night when BF and GF were walking by the alleys at midnight, GF sees a restaurant named: “Freddy fazbear’s REOPENING”
GF forces BF to go into the restaurant and guess who’s there …

Vs. Withered Freddy is a Full week mod for Friday night funkin’
It has a lot of cool stuff including :
Special notes
Cool menu
3 songs + 1 if the downloads reach 100

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Withered Freddy Fazbear Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation 1
01:01 Menu
01:50 Song list
02:06 Nightshift Song
04:34 Animation 2
05:24 Flashing Lights Song
08:29 Animation 3
09:17 Shadow Song
12:03 True Ending
13:17 All Characters in freeplay
13:38 All Jumpscares / Game Over Screen
14:48 Toy Chica, Bonny, Freddy on Menu
15:05 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Withered Freddy below
VS Five Nights at Freddy’s FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Pouria_SFMs – assets like sprite sheets, cutscenes, custom notes, stuff in menu
JOLTTEAM Official – Coder, added the cool mechanics in-game:

Beythunder92YT – made the two last songs and death screen songs:

Totally-Not-Genji – made the first song:

TurboGames – fixed some problems with the sprite sheets:

Game Download:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes:

VS Whitty FULL WEEK (Bye Whitty)

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Flippy Flipped Out Week:

Shaggy 2.0 Vs. Shaggy Remastered:

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Smoke Em Out Struggle: The Return Of Garcello Encore:

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Sky Minus FULL WEEK

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2021)
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  1. This last song had remnants of other fan fnaf songs interesting

  2. In the shadow song whom else saw "SAVE THEM" or was that just me the big fnaf nerd

  3. I don’t think I’d enjoy getting flashbanged every 3 seconds and just my own personal opinion, yeah the mod is pretty good but it needs HEAVY work with all the songs and mechanics, and it seems like the note hitting system is off as well, respect all the praise but actually give criticism instead of telling them it’s perfect

  4. When Ballon Boy Interrupts gumball:
    Gumball: Goes Space Protecter Mode

  5. It's perfect if bf have guard costume and camera tablet and mic on other hand

  6. If only the name was "friday night at frddys".

  7. Sabía que las canciones de fnaf siempre hivan a ser las mejores en cualquier lugar

  8. If you think the puppet song is already pain i got a bugged version and it basicly made it impossible

  9. The shadow song original song is shadow Bonnie sings a song

  10. Withered Freddy seems to have a problem with singing. 🧐

  11. Idk why but feel like punching the kid in the flashing lights song cus he is blocking the screen and we all totally should punch kids

    The second part about punching kids is a joke

  12. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🧡❤❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💙💜💙💜💙💜🖤🤎🤎

  14. I just noticed the regular theme song of fnaf and shadow Bonnie's song and its been so long from fnaf got mashuped on shadow Bonnie's turn and I got no time to live

  15. Fnf freddy they have the firts letter

  16. Omg the nostalgia, this remind me to those series made with Garry's mod

  17. I think this mod looks awesome in the animation and graphics, tho thr only thing that doesn't gets me at all is w. Freddy's voice, that sounds very plane through all the song, even so the mod has an enormous potential

  18. Wow toy bonnie doesnt take his job seriusly like he was playing video game (idk) and got confuse in the second cut sene idk whap happend

  19. now it is time for springtrap to show off his songs

  20. The mod,is so 100% animated,all the animatronic's are so cool.
    i like how it's so animated! Great Job in the mod!✨

  21. FNF is literally incapable of doing full on 3D. They did prerendered 3D for the cutscene?! That is insane!

  22. What is the music from the menu called?

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