Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) - Hard Difficulty + Dialogue -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) – Hard Difficulty + Dialogue

Marius Urucu
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Like: 472624
Made by Sock.clip (artist and song composer), Nate Anim8 (Note charter, secondary animator and play tester) and KadeDeveloper (coder)

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Kade Dev:

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I love this mod. Can I even call it a mod? From the cool character design, to the inclusion of cutscenes and the boping soundtrack, especially the 3rd song, I love it, it’s chaos in its purest form. It really feels like an official Friday Night Funkin’ week.

Featured songs are Lo-Fight, Overhead and Ballistic (or how I like to call it, Arthritis with a Vengeance).

0:00 Intro
0:33 Lo-Fight w/ Cutscene
3:07 Overhead w/ Cutscene
5:40 Ballistic (aka Arthritis with a Vengeance)

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  1. Boyfrend you can do this my faveret boyfrend!!!!!!!. Wity plz go boom

  2. MalinurGapparova Он-лайн бизнес и не только! says:

    Good morning and thanks again for your time today and then we had some 👍

  3. Nnnnnnbjjjjo obo ka. Anana jmbamamakivivlg nnnno. Ifjgk

  4. Remember when we thought this was insanely hard?

  5. Bro sounds distorted as fuck

  6. Whitty yolu resmî so Goodyear and angry

  7. am i the only one who uses the first song to sleep?

  8. 6:13
    Whitty: Welcome to The big Battle AND your biggest fear

    BF: aha now WHO i- misses

  9. Ah yes, 11 months ago, very popular mod so far.

  10. Man, i miss this design and personality so much

  11. I think the reason why GF is shaking in this mod is because it probably reminds her of her fear of lightning.

  12. When whitty goes ballistic Then HE TRUNS Play s t a t i o n X O ∆

  13. Pipopipopipopppooooppppoooopppooppopoopopoiioiiioppppppopoppopppopoooooooooooooooiípioppoopppooopopopipoipoipoippooiiiiúuuuuuuuiuuu que bro

  14. The 3d song Ballistic took me 90 retrieves to beat I thought I put it on normal and beat it with 600 missis 😀

  15. Lo fight always reminds me when i was playing with my ex best friend☹️

  16. ballistic in 2021 feb – may: it's so hard i can't beat it :((
    ballistic in 2021 june-dec: too ez

  17. Is eny one watching this and saying to there self how this is only 8 minutes
    1 song 3
    2 how gf is standing
    3 swears in cut scene 3
    1 he proubly got ubdocktid by aliens
    2 fact,he has fire hands
    3 he has spray paint
    4 he's been hiding
    1 how old is whity
    2 he's been hiding from what?
    3 what happed
    4 what did he look like before this happened?
    5 my own question is he a criminal

  18. before it was hard, and now for most of the fnf community it is easy xd

  19. I can’t believe it has already been a year

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