Friday Night Funkin' - Vs. Skibidi Toilet (Old vs New) - Skibidi Toilet x FNF -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs. Skibidi Toilet (Old vs New) – Skibidi Toilet x FNF

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New Skibidi:

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  1. the new skibidi toilet sings bfd song

  2. Duas privadas ambulantes 🚽🚽🚽🚽

  3. Mais uma coisa bf está sentado na privada

  4. Артём. про и топ я гец says:


  5. Old is way better the bottom of the head looks weird moving

  6. Bf: ima just sit on this until I’m done I ate a lot of Taco Bell-

  7. Is that actually in Friday night funkin

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