Friday Night Funkin' VS Skeleton Bros V2 Cancelled Build | Chara Sans & Papyrus (FNF Mod/Undertale) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Skeleton Bros V2 Cancelled Build | Chara Sans & Papyrus (FNF Mod/Undertale)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Skeleton Bros V2 Cancelled Build (Chara, Sans & Papyrus Full Week/Chapter 2) + Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, Gaster is back and forces BF to visit the universe of Undertale, will GF save him?
Jloor – Main Creator:

Wow, there are so many new amazing songs here. So basically Girlfriend watches Boyfriend leave for the Undertale universe. In this Skeleton Bros V2 Cancelled Build we battle Chara, Sans & Papyrus. Chapter 1 got new vocals and reanimated sprites, and inst got changed a bit. Check out Jloor to see the old murder song from last year if you haven’t seen it yet and check out ZERO ANIMATION to watch the old Undertale animation he made for Skeleton Bros Chapter 1:

VS FNF Skeleton Bros [CHAPTER 2] Mod Download link:
(It’s in his description)


Game Note: Gaster begins an experiment with BF for being the human with a similar ability to Frisk, and through his knowledge makes BF visits the universe of Undertale and more.

The mod currently contains:
Bf and Chara Difficulty!
Dusttale AU
Chara Sans & Papyrus

We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS Skeleton Bros songs.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Chara, Sans & Papyrus Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation / Song Preview
00:10 Quick comparison (Chapter 1 old vs new)
01:46 Video begins (Intro)
02:04 Title Screen
02:25 Menu
02:33 Story Mode
02:46 Freeplay – Amazing Art
03:10 Dusttale Week
03:14 Animation
03:35 1) The Murder – Song (VS Sans)
04:04 2) Psycomania – Song
05:02 Two
05:58 Three
07:38 3) Red Megalovania – Song (VS The Skeleton Bros)
08:41 Papyrus Sings & Info
09:20 Sans Sings
11:00 4) Gettin’ In Troubles – Song (VS Papyrus & Info)
11:37 Laugh
14:00 Remixes Week
14:09 5) No More Deals Remix (VS Chara)
14:34 Chamoy!
15:51 Chamoy!
16:06 BF Beatboxes
16:21 He is impressed by his beatboxing skills
17:14 6) L.O.V.E – Song
17:31 BF Beatboxes
18:44 Two
19:16 Three
20:03 Cool Music
20:33 Not over yet
21:25 Four (The Melody keeps on changing)
22:34 Challenges
22:41 7) EEEEChrome – Song (VS Sans)
23:28 Jumpscare
24:10 Jumpscare spam
23:57 I’m Dead
25:15 8) Susie – Song
26:47 9) Drop Pop Calcium (Vs Sans & Papyrus)
28:55 10) Tears in the Rain – Song (VS Sans)
31:21 11) Painfully Sharp – Song (VS Chara)
34:30 12) GigaSansdust – Song (VS Sans)
36:12 Unfinished Animation
36:53 Bye GF
37:16 13) Nyeh Heh Heh – Song (VS Papyrus)
37:52 Glasses on
38:19 Sans plays the Trumpet
38:33 He laughs
38:52 14) Double bone – Song (VS The Skeleton Bros)
41:42 Animation
41:59 15) Bonely One – Song (VS Sans)
44:57 Animation
45:10 16) Final Judgment – Song
47:59 Animation
48:34 17) No More Deals – Song (VS Chara)
49:11 Chara turns into a demon
49:18 Chara Attacks
49:55 Two
50:18 Chamoy!
50:58 Getting intense
51:56 All Freeplay Songs
52:37 Credit

Mod Creators for VS FNF’ Skeleton Bros [CHAPTER 2] below
VS FNF’ Skeleton Bros [CHAPTER 2] FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Jloor – Owner/Main Programmer of Vs Skeleton Bros:

ZERO ARTIST – Co-Owner/Main Artist/Main Animator of Vs Skeleton Bros:

Jhaix – Main Musician/Charter of Vs Skeleton Bros:

AlexR_22 – Musician:

NexusMoon – Musician:

Manux12 – Programmer:

Yirius125 – Programmer:

Lunarcleint – Programmer

RewindVA – Main Charter

Lucio – Charter
Tok – Charter

Cape – Helped w/ Papyrus BG

SoyJulian – Helped w/ Sans BG
no link
VokingFox -Voice for gaster

Keneth YT – Artist:
comic. – Charter
Awe – Composer

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

FNF VS VHS Sans FULL Week + Cutscenes, Phase 3:

FNF VS Indie Cross V1 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (Cuphead Sans Bendy

FNF Undertale Last Breath Vs Sans FULL WEEK DEMO + Cutscenes:

FNF Vs Dusttale Sans & Papyrus | FRIDAY NIGHT DUSTIN’ DEMO (FNF Mod/Undertale)

FNF Vs Chara 2.0 Update DEMO Remastered | Megalo Strike Back (FNF Mod/BF Undertale)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. Every ambitious mod’s cancelled, what a world. Only thing we can count on is the nonexistent full game, and even that might not age well…

  2. That one you said of that song that you skipped is "giga Chad" song

  3. It's very nice, it came 2 but it needs to be restored no sans icon song why is there a bopebop stage?

  4. fully release fnf mod challenge (impossible)

  5. Chara now has a reaction to chamoy and its hilarous

  6. Im going to be honest, i liked old bonely one more. So lets see if this new one grows on me

  7. we were supposed to have a dustshift or storyshift chara song, based on the challenges icon 🥺😢

  8. It's a very nice mod. It is a pity that it is canceled … But maybe someone will fix it one day

  9. Of course this mod was cancelled! What's next? Late night city tales?

  10. Gonna miss this one was really really looking forward to it

  11. idk why but the mod alway crashed when i press play

  12. tell me the secret of how you play so well it's my dream to play like this

  13. I freaking hate when good Friday Night Funkin’ mods are cancel. It ticks me off.

    Can someone or some people please tell why the heck is this cancel?

  14. I'm glad to be here at this masterpiece. I love fnf Undertale mods

  15. i thought chara canonically is a girl

  16. This is cool but did u know at this time 47:01 the reference to sans phase 3 from the undertale last breath sans phase 3 theme plays? My favorite part of final judgment

  17. 42:00 когда санс делает движение в лево то появляется подушка-пердушка в правой руке, а в андертейл санс левша и подушка была в левой
    Да-да-да, душнила на связи 😊

  18. Uh I just realized there's another copyright it's gigasansdust it's the gigachad song

  19. Please someone change the true lab placeholder.

  20. Honestly, even if this is cancelled its still one of the best undertale mods out there, you can tell the team had put alot of work into it

  21. I swear, like half the mods in the community get cancelled

  22. Погоди что? Кто-то сделал различие от старогои

  23. why was it cancelled?
    por que fue cancelado?
    porque foi cancelado?

  24. Kinda dissapointed that after waiting for one year, the mod is canceled.

  25. I'm getting absolutely sick of this. These developers should not be cancelling their projects so much, when your project gets too stressful, take a break or hiatus and then come back, don't just drop it entirely. These people have learned that when things get "too hard 😢" they can just walk out and people will practically applaud them for "normalizing mental health," but it's actually not healthy at all if these people keep taking on projects larger than they can handle and then quitting because they can instead of "laying in the bed they made." Seems from the message they left, one of the team members decided to walk out and not let them finish it, which to me absolutely reeks of lack of accountability.

  26. Hooray, CommunityGame noticed this masterpiece 😎

  27. This couldv been the best mod since imposter v4 and friday night dustin

  28. The fnf community is full of Fuckin leakers that Lie for Clout The fnf community is gonna die if they keep cancelling Mods like this


  30. Damn
    That's sick! 🔥
    Can't wait to see Full Release
    I hope devs would finish it, cuz its Insanely good

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