Friday night funkin vs Ronald McDonald is back... - FNF McMadness -

Friday night funkin vs Ronald McDonald is back… – FNF McMadness

Bijuu Mike
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Ronald McDonald the most powerful entity of the universe is back once again for revenge in Friday Night Funkin because BF and GF made the mistake of eating at burger king. its FNF McMadness

Play FNF McMadness V1 demo –

edited by @Goncy


  1. 2:11 fun fact , this pose is from jojos bizzare adventure heritage of the future , shadow dio does this in game

  2. i cant believe mike didnt realize ronald is a jojo refrenche now, dissapointing

  3. You should play the danganronpa non stop debate mod!!!

  4. Remember when Whitty was hard? Ah good times…

  5. i love burger king more. their fries(sorry if i missplelled that) are better than mcdonald(well in uh germany cuz i live there)

  6. dying close to the end feels so painful even if your not playing it and just reacting

  7. I was just watching and i randomly saw a imposter

  8. Video 20 of asking bijju Mike to watch dhar mann video suroggate holds baby for ramson

  9. In the background there is garcello lol

  10. Yep, the same person that made this mod made the original

  11. We got garfield in da background and amount us
    Oh and fake dream
    OHH and that gurl that turns into a demon

  12. I’m eating McDonald’s as I’m watching this

  13. the next video is going to be mike suffering in Deaf to all but the ronald on hell mode

  14. Have anyone played FnF mod : Scrum debate? It’s danganronpa and yttd

  15. Why is this kinda funny-

    Like a whole mascot of a food place is a fighter and some rap god 😭

  16. just remember ronald mc donald was the og fnf god

  17. As an employee of McDonald's I can verify that's true

  18. Hey mike, you should do roblox funky Friday. It’s got lots of fnf mods but it’s all on roblox, and it’s multiplayer so you can battle some kids

  19. whopper whopper whopper whopper junior double triple whopper

  20. 100% sure this is a reference to rivals of aether

  21. The Moment i heard u.n. Owen when he died my brain Just Stop for a Moment to give me touhou 6 flashbacks


  23. Theres so many characters here that remind me.
    Also AMONGUS.

  24. Lol when I was watching this I was eating McDonald's

  25. Yes, the fighting game you are talking about is called Rivals of Aether; and yes, the mod is inspired by the mod for it (I know it's hard with hitting all the notes, but the bar at the bottom showing how well you're doing has the damage bar design).

  26. When I click on the video I was eating burger king

  27. Rivals of either reference let’s gooooo and btw he is very op in that game so this is well done even with his taunts and his yell

  28. That thing up there that says limit means how much you HIT, not how much you CAN hit (and the limit is 10).

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