Friday Night Funkin' VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 (FNF Mod) (Metal Slug/Donkey Kong/Shygal/Sky/& More) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 (FNF Mod) (Metal Slug/Donkey Kong/Shygal/Sky/& More)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we go up against arcade classics and a few oc characters.
ZAPZONZAL – Director:

In this fnf mod, we battle the Metal Slug Soldier, Donkey Kong (DK), Pac-Man Ghosts, Shygal from Super Mario Bros 2, a Sky-like character (Skylie), Quickman from Megaman, Simon from Castlevania, and a Cat named Catsi. It’s up to Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Pico to take them all out. This mod feels like a collection of Arcade
classics one-shots with a few oc weeks.

The mod mainly focuses on having good music. The chart is a bit harder than most mods, but I like it. PROJECT MSG Rebirth comes with 12 songs, 2 animation scenes, and a lot of game-over animations. I’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth songs.

PROJECT MSG Rebirth V1 Mod Download link:

Game Note by ZAPZONZAL: Project MSG Rebirth is a Friday night funkin mod focused on music and chart. More content will be added in the future. BF & GF will face off against more opponents.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:24 Song Preview
01:42 Week List
01:58 Arcade Bit Crush PT 1
02:05 Cutscenes
02:39 1) Judgement Song (Soldier vs Metal Slug BF w/ Pico & GF)
04:08 Marco saves BF (Why didn’t Pico help?)
05:45 Animation 1
06:08 2) 25m Song (Donkey Kong vs Boyfriend)
07:05 Over here!
08:20 This part sounds amazing
10:03 Animation 2
10:27 3) Chompin Beats Song (Blinky & Pinky vs BF)
13:23 Arcade Bit Crush PT 2
13:29 Quickman Intro
13:36 4) Can’t Beat Quickman Song (Quickman vs BF)
15:22 Quickman uses a boomerang
17:32 Simon Intro
17:40 5) Blood of Dracula Song (Simon vs Dracula BF w/ GF)
19:01 Bloody Tears Reference
21:40 This part sounds amazing
22:27 Selecting Toad
22:33 6) Overworld Song (Shygal w/ Koopa Gal & Goomba Gal vs BF)
23:53 She sounds amazing
24:34 Toad uses trumpet
25:01 Catsi Dialogue
25:13 7) Resolution Song (Catsi vs BF)
26:33 I like this part
27:35 Sounds cool
28:16 Transition
29:50 Catsi Scene
30:10 8) Fly Song
31:28 I like this part
32:14 Raining
33:02 Turns dark
34:19 Catsi Scene
34:31 9) Away Song
37:56 Turns dark/Transition
39:22 Dialogue 1
40:21 10) Eden Song (Skylie vs BF)
43:26 Song ends
43:49 Dialogue 2
44:31 11) Cross-Over Song
47:27 Song ends
48:00 Dialogue 3
48:38 12) Rage Song
49:32 This part sounds cool
50:06 Sounds sad
51:49 Song ends
52:05 Good Ending
52:27 Gallery
53:24 Teaser
54:01 Extra
54:05 Credit
55:03 All Game Over Animations
56:40 Decoding
57:01 Old Shygal vs New Shygal
57:31 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth below
VS PROJECT MSG Rebirth / Metal Slug FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

ZAPZONZAL – Director, Coder, Charter, Musician:

koreanon – Animator:

geonwoo – Animator:

Mayhew – Animator:

Saha! – Artist:

rini – Artist:

P.K.T – Artist:

Borabacji – Charter:

ilelv – Charter:

Punpkin Melon – Musician:

RiceThief – Musician:

Zero – Editor:

Shy Gal, Koopa Girl, Goomba Gal by minus_8 / Minus8

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. A esto se.le llama mod . Ya van cuatro
    Friday nigth fever
    Doki Doki takeover +
    Vs Impostor V4
    Y esta JOYITA de mod

  2. Whilst I love almost everything about this mod, as someone who has specifically 100% and "no continues" the ENTIRE Metal Slug Collection on the Wii, I have to say; "How can this get any better?" From the ridiculousness of the FNF crew being drafted, let alone deployed, let alone survive was a shock to the system, and – can we just start with design? I don't know how, but they made the most basic enemy that dies in 1-3 shots look legitimately intimidating compared to BF (right arrow & down arrow as examples.) I like how the FNF crew looks, and it's a nice touch they all have unique weaponry! Boyfriend's rocking the iconic HEAVY MACHINE GUN, Girlfriend the SHOTGUN and although I can't quite tell if Piko is running pistols or SUB-MACHINE GUNS those would both fit. Oh, and Marco pops in. Damn, just from his presentation into the song, I think a lot of non-msg fans will pick up on his action hero motif. I don't think he canonically gets dual pistols, but I do think he has a pistol damage increase in some iterations (that or more special ammo) so i'm happy. Besides, the way he twirls his guns and syncs up to the background and background music was a treat, let alone how they managed to fit some in-game sounds into the interlude itself (the "Marco!" from character selection and soldier screaming in r a w f e a r.) Judgement has always been a milestone of the series' music, and in my opinion sets the tone for the series as well – I'm so happy the devs went for quality over inflated difficulty. I mean, compared to the other 3 referential songs following Judgement, it's not that hard, but Judgement in FNF form probably SHOULDN'T be this way. It's a victory lap, and I'm happy more people will get to see this amazing game series!

  3. In Catsi's week, BF's not looking at the opponent, he's looking at us. Also, the "Sick" artist messed up: it says "perpect", not "perfect". Or did they mean to do that?

  4. I love the day actually bother to add metal slug to this it's fucking great

  5. Chomping song be like:
    Gf :Completely normal day

  6. Great mod, might do donkey Kong playthrough after this

  7. 4:35
    Ay, Similar Idea to Tankman, Metal Slug Vs
    Tank Man, That is a Rap that I wanna see
    now, That would be so cool~

  8. Idk how to feel about yet another version of Sky after so many controversial topics about the OC in the early days of FNF in 2020 I do like Skylie more than the other variants, just arguably cooler than the others.

  9. > Blood of Dracula plays.
    > Is that Holy Orders from Guilty Gear?!

  10. I wonder if Pico is actually Marco He just changed forms 😮 it’s just a thought tho

  11. Por favor ayúdenme a tranquilizar a nintendo

  12. Bro, is it me or the composer of "resolution" took some references of gothic hardcore music?

    (I think lol)

    K im 100% sure that in "Away", in 36:15, the background melody is a no-so obvious reference to "Cathedrarythm" from Team Grimoire

  13. Someone explain, why is iron maiden a section in the castlevania song

  14. Be honest, you and me only see this video for Shygal…

  15. Castelvania and Simon are the coolest here!

  16. imagine "Vs. VRChat" that would go crazy… in multiple ways…

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