Friday Night Funkin' VS Monika.EXE V2 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/DDLC/Monika) (Doki Triple Trouble Festival) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika.EXE V2 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/DDLC/Monika) (Doki Triple Trouble Festival)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika.EXE V2 FULL WEEK for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. FaZEr Unhinged – Director:
Official Soundtrack

Monika.EXE V2 includes full instrumental and vocal remixes of all songs in Sonic.EXE V2 (aside from the Faker songs) as well as a completely new original song for Neo Monika called Arbitrary Code Execution. The Doki Doki Literature Club sings Triple Trouble, Chaos, Endless, Cycles, You Can’t Run, Phantasm, and Sunshine using their new vocals and sprites. They also remixed the new version of Too fest and Milk. I had to do a comparison to remind ourselves what got changed.

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Monika.EXE V2 Mod Download:

Game Note: What happens if we combine Doki Doki Takeover with Vs Sonic.Exe? Here’s The Result! Fight against Monika.EXE which was corrupted by a virus that infected Doki Doki Takeover after a big mistake, can you save her?

Monika, Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori over Sonic.exe, Lord X, Tails, Knuckles, Dr Robotnik. Vs Boyfriend & Girlfriend. I’ll be showcasing the Doki Doki Take Over Dead Girls reanimated over the Sonic.Exe 2.0 characters.

Game Note: This mod is an official update to a mod that was released last year by the same name. The goal was to significantly improve what we had, not add more. We are not planning to update this mod any further.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ But It’s A DDLC Monika.EXE Cover Timestamp:
00:00 V1 vs V2 Comparison
02:09 Full Game Over Theme
02:35 Title Screen
02:46 Menu
02:52 Extra / Freeplay Art
03:22 All Weeks
03:39 Story Opening
04:23 1) Just Monika Song
05:48 Monika Laughs
06:33 Writing Tip
07:26 Scream
07:33 2) Undeletable Song (VS Monika.EXE)
08:26 Pixel Transition
08:54 Why you little
10:04 Just die
10:15 3) Festival Song (Triple Trouble)
10:18 Sayori / Sayori.Exe
12:02 Monika.exe Act 1
12:29 Natsuki / Natsuki.exe
14:14 Monika.exe Act 2
15:06 Yuri / Yuri.EXE
17:02 Monika.exe Act 3
18:48 4) Raccoon Song (Vs Lady Y)
21:21 5) Sayonara Song (Vs Majin Sayori)
22:49 Go!
24:13 6) Dear Sunshine Song (VS Sayori Doll)
25:38 Lights Off
27:24 7) Dark Puddle Song (Monika/Phantasm)
28:01 Lunatic Monika
28:25 Monika 2
28:37 Lunatic 2
29:01 Monika 3
29:25 Lunatic 3
29:37 Monika 4
29:49 Lunatic 4
30:13 Monika 5
30:35 8) Lunatic Song (VS Lunatic Monika w/ Sayori)
33:12 9) Milk N Cookies Song (VS Natsuki)
35:52 10) Too Smol Song (VS Natsuki)
37:15 Best Part of song
37:38 Too Easy
38:13 We should do this again
38:26 11) Arbitrary Code Execution Song (Vs Neo Monika)
39:53 BF Takes Spotlight
40:22 Both Sings
42:04 Credit
42:18 All Miss Animations
42:35 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Monika Doki Doki Takeover + Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori below:
Friday Night Funkin’ Monika.EXE Download:

S4FaZEr – Directer, Composer, Charter

SuperStamps – Co-Director, Composer

exogaming – Sprite Artist, Animator
Neutron0839 – Sprite Artist, Animator

Cycoxius03 – Sprite Artist, Animator, Former Programmer
schweizer456 – Source Programmer, Charter
GasGrass – Programmer, Charter

The Majin – Sprite Artist

carimelle – Voice Actor

AniCaneko – Charter
GateDaAnimator – Sprite Artist, Animator

Corthon – Sprite Artist, Animator

Yunee_h – Composer

ProjectAnzo – Charter
Soniya – Modeler
JJGamer_YT – BG Artist, Voice Actor

Mamon/Sebastian – Voice Actor

UserGamer43 – Icon Artist

PanConPollo – Menu BG Artist

Doki Doki Takeover: Bad Ending

VS Sonic.EXE 2.5 / 3.0

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. Hello, this is the artist for Lady Y, Natsunki, Neatsuki, and Neo BF here. While we definitely could have done better on this mod (in fact a remake for natsunki was in the works), I’m pretty happy with how all my stuff turned out for being almost 8 months old. erm anyway uh go check out monika.exe fanspansion monika.exe fanspansion led by IAmDaDogeOfDaFuture because it’s cool and probably better than monika.exe v2 I think

  2. We started the year with Monika's mod, I didn't expect that😅, but it looks very good

  3. En la última canción es la hermana perdida de fresh sans

  4. The mod improved, but i dont like the Monika.exe voice.

  5. The musics so nice thats Sonic.exe but i have to admin it sonic.exe will Always be my favorite mod

  6. I got 2 misses when I played the first song and then I got 0 misses

  7. Modeler of Sayori Doll thank you so much for playing, really appreciated!

  8. I'm gonna admit, this mod goes so hard bro.

  9. This is such an amazing mod, I haven't even played it before! 🤩

  10. Lunatic Monika definitely goes hard. She’s easily my favorite in the whole mod.

  11. Xeno: looks at this new update ah shit…here we go again

  12. Why did they call the Lady Y song Raccoon…I don't remember anything in DDLC mentioning any raccoons

  13. This was one of my favorite mods back in v1 and I'm so glad to see it updated!

    Also, Triple Trouble Monika's losing icon!!!!🤣

  14. This mod is SO MUCH more satisfying when you've already memorized Maimy's lyrics.

  15. Boyfriend like oh shi, here we go again 😑

  16. canciones me gustaron dire mi opinion cada una enresumido:

    04:2318:38 al parecer monika HD despues de la funa por desnudarse en el anterior mod, se drogo tanto que daño su cuerdas bocales sonando mas profundo y lento pero venia mas bien participar en el mod exe

    18:48 la novia fresona de LORD X

    24:13 sayori peluche: soy peluche de sayori que ya me canse solo uses mas que el peluche de vapeoreon asi que prepare a morir!

    27:24 *spanthom de deltarune me dio su droga llamada marihuajana *
    monika:espero sea divertida,
    una fumada despues junto a sus compañeras
    moNIKA: N0 m3 $1en10 bi3n
    spanthom:estoy de- es teletransportado a otro lugar

    sayori,monika y natsuki se fumaron una droga diferente droga las 3 pero cada una fue teletransportada cada una a un mundo diferente

    21:21 le dio duro al Óxido mitroso

    30:35 marihuana y posesion de spantom neo

    35:52 revolvio monster con un cafe y vive 100

    después de una gran reavilitacion y depuracion y recueracion de los archivos de monika y natsuki pero esta dejo de tomar bebidas energéticas y ahora solo come galletas con leche normal :3 33:12

    monika se recupero y se hizo neo 38:26

    sayori murio por sobredosis :,(

  17. how come the weeks were played on normal instead of hard?

  18. I was waiting for this mod so long, i'm so glad it's finally out. The mod is amazing, although sometimes it feels a bit rushed.

  19. I was just thinking this yesterday, where are those monika mod that follow other mods

  20. Look at lunatic Monika he has them goofy ahh face

  21. Why Monika use Sonic.EXE voice? All ok, but why Monika reskined without new voice?

  22. Monika.exe in Undeletable looks most intimidating imo

  23. Fun MarioGamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:


  24. can someone try and add this to game jolt since I have no idea how to use game banana and most mods I play are on game jolt?

  25. The remixes are good, but I have quite a few complaints:
    -I don't like how Monika.exe's lines are deepened in the Too Slow and You Can't Run remixes, 😥but for some reason it's OK that it's like that for Sonic.exe's lines. 🤔
    -Lady Y's chromatic is an octave lower, and that makes her sound like someone else. It's very familiar, but I can't lay my finger on who it sounds like. Can someone help me with this(btw, Majin Sayori sounds like Charles Martian-et from the Mario Mix mod)?
    -Why didn't they keep Monika's lines from the original Chaos cover? It feels empty without them.
    -Why didn't they remix Faker and Black Sun? If they were going to add new songs, they might as well have brought back the Forgotten Remnant(Manual Blast pun).
    -Rather than just a chromatic sound, I think they could've kept Spongebob's laugh in that part of the Milk remix(btw, Natsunki's minus icon looks like Doobus Goobus' artstyle).
    -Knowing that Dark Puddle is the Phantasm remix, is it wrong that I think Arbitrary Code Execution is the remix for Unresponsive, a fan-made Fatal Error song?

  26. Is it just me, or did Lunatic Monika just said Bow Wow at 28:18

    No, just me? Okay then

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