Friday Night Funkin' VS Monika.EXE V2 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/DDLC/Monika) (Doki Triple Trouble Festival) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika.EXE V2 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/DDLC/Monika) (Doki Triple Trouble Festival)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monika.EXE V2 FULL WEEK for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. FaZEr Unhinged – Director:
Official Soundtrack

Monika.EXE V2 includes full instrumental and vocal remixes of all songs in Sonic.EXE V2 (aside from the Faker songs) as well as a completely new original song for Neo Monika called Arbitrary Code Execution. The Doki Doki Literature Club sings Triple Trouble, Chaos, Endless, Cycles, You Can’t Run, Phantasm, and Sunshine using their new vocals and sprites. They also remixed the new version of Too fest and Milk. I had to do a comparison to remind ourselves what got changed.

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Monika.EXE V2 Mod Download:

Game Note: What happens if we combine Doki Doki Takeover with Vs Sonic.Exe? Here’s The Result! Fight against Monika.EXE which was corrupted by a virus that infected Doki Doki Takeover after a big mistake, can you save her?

Monika, Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori over Sonic.exe, Lord X, Tails, Knuckles, Dr Robotnik. Vs Boyfriend & Girlfriend. I’ll be showcasing the Doki Doki Take Over Dead Girls reanimated over the Sonic.Exe 2.0 characters.

Game Note: This mod is an official update to a mod that was released last year by the same name. The goal was to significantly improve what we had, not add more. We are not planning to update this mod any further.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ But It’s A DDLC Monika.EXE Cover Timestamp:
00:00 V1 vs V2 Comparison
02:09 Full Game Over Theme
02:35 Title Screen
02:46 Menu
02:52 Extra / Freeplay Art
03:22 All Weeks
03:39 Story Opening
04:23 1) Just Monika Song
05:48 Monika Laughs
06:33 Writing Tip
07:26 Scream
07:33 2) Undeletable Song (VS Monika.EXE)
08:26 Pixel Transition
08:54 Why you little
10:04 Just die
10:15 3) Festival Song (Triple Trouble)
10:18 Sayori / Sayori.Exe
12:02 Monika.exe Act 1
12:29 Natsuki / Natsuki.exe
14:14 Monika.exe Act 2
15:06 Yuri / Yuri.EXE
17:02 Monika.exe Act 3
18:48 4) Raccoon Song (Vs Lady Y)
21:21 5) Sayonara Song (Vs Majin Sayori)
22:49 Go!
24:13 6) Dear Sunshine Song (VS Sayori Doll)
25:38 Lights Off
27:24 7) Dark Puddle Song (Monika/Phantasm)
28:01 Lunatic Monika
28:25 Monika 2
28:37 Lunatic 2
29:01 Monika 3
29:25 Lunatic 3
29:37 Monika 4
29:49 Lunatic 4
30:13 Monika 5
30:35 8) Lunatic Song (VS Lunatic Monika w/ Sayori)
33:12 9) Milk N Cookies Song (VS Natsuki)
35:52 10) Too Smol Song (VS Natsuki)
37:15 Best Part of song
37:38 Too Easy
38:13 We should do this again
38:26 11) Arbitrary Code Execution Song (Vs Neo Monika)
39:53 BF Takes Spotlight
40:22 Both Sings
42:04 Credit
42:18 All Miss Animations
42:35 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Monika Doki Doki Takeover + Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori below:
Friday Night Funkin’ Monika.EXE Download:

S4FaZEr – Directer, Composer, Charter

SuperStamps – Co-Director, Composer

exogaming – Sprite Artist, Animator
Neutron0839 – Sprite Artist, Animator

Cycoxius03 – Sprite Artist, Animator, Former Programmer
schweizer456 – Source Programmer, Charter
GasGrass – Programmer, Charter

The Majin – Sprite Artist

carimelle – Voice Actor

AniCaneko – Charter
GateDaAnimator – Sprite Artist, Animator

Corthon – Sprite Artist, Animator

Yunee_h – Composer

ProjectAnzo – Charter
Soniya – Modeler
JJGamer_YT – BG Artist, Voice Actor

Mamon/Sebastian – Voice Actor

UserGamer43 – Icon Artist

PanConPollo – Menu BG Artist

Doki Doki Takeover: Bad Ending

VS Sonic.EXE 2.5 / 3.0

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. Lunatic monika I don’t like the v2 of lunatic monika

  2. The up animation of lunatic monika looks like handsome squidword

  3. I love these vids but pls do the really weird buffet night bursting mod its one of my favs keep up the good work Community Game!

  4. Its nice how the mod evolved from a reskin/remix to something big

  5. It's great, but I find it strange that they are heard as men being women

  6. Bruh I think they need to redo the voices again for a character specifically Monica why does she sound like sonic.exe and lord X singing at the same time during the EXE parts

  7. Yo, CommunityGames some spam account is in the reply section of some commenters, have you seen the fake before?

  8. It's a good mod, but what made ddlc girls so special was their feminine voices. If you ever make any more songs based on them, whether it's exe or not, I suggest you keep their old voices or keep them sounding feminine.

    But anyway, this is just made for fun and all. If the mod creator like these masculine voices then just enjoy what you do as long as you are having fun.

    I still enjoy playing the new Neo Monika song, triple trouble and phantasm. They rock.

  9. Bruh, why does Fleetway Super Monika sound like a higher pitch Fleetway Super Sonic when she sings? It just sounds funnt to me. XD

  10. This mod is better then sonic.exe and it's the same mod just with doki doki literature club characters and voices

  11. Monika.exe no no no endless no pls

  12. sorry for calling lunatic ugly pls I’m beg you just one more chance monikas voice sounds a little like fleetway

  13. Lunatic Monika looks weird and scarer looking 😬 just by looking at the sprites looks crazy enough!

  14. i couldn't view the whole video within a time limit, but it's not your fault.

  15. Lunatic Monika hits, to me it does, just my opinion

  16. I suppose Lady Y(Yuri) is suppose to be exactly like lord x, meaning she was also made in the void. now I wanna see who would come out on top in a fight if they are suppose to be same being with additional abilities

  17. Somepne should make a cancelled or restored version this! This mod is amazing!

  18. Боже ну и xyйня мод. Полное дерьмо, комьюнити гeй подсос раз снимает такую ущербную помойку скатился жаун

  19. I'll admit that this is a good final update , but I hate to be that guy, but it would be more original. I had some good ideas in mind for the main week so far.

    So first is "Just Monika" Monika. For the start, I would probably just start off with DDTO Monika, like how they did it with Monika.EXE vs Xenophanes but with a few edits. Like she would probably look a little more sinister, or maybe suspicious. And then when the laugh comes, she switches to her EXE form, which I had some neat details in mind. Her hairbow could be ripped a little bit, same with her long socks, shoes, and maybe a tiny bit on the skirt. Monika.EXE could probably have long nails, and sharpened up too to make them seem like claws. Pieces of her hair can probably be ripped, too, and for the mouth, you can probably just do what is the most cliché, and just have a gaping mouth with fangs.

    Now for "Undeletable" Monika. Basically the same thing that I described for her "Just Monika" phase, but with minor glitches around her. And her pixel form can probably be Monika from her very first week with a bunch of changes that I can't really explain.

    And for the final touch: "Festival" Monika and the girls.
    For the 3 girls, I have some good-ish ideas.
    First off: Sayori.
    Sayori would be very similar to when she committed the S word in DDLC, but the noose would be somewhat possessed, making her levitate. One of her eyes would still be in the socket, but then one would be dangling by her optic nerve. She would have only her left hand and leg, or maybe no legs and one hand, and then, of course, part of her clothes would be ripped a little bit.

    Next up: Natsuki.
    Natsuki would look like that version of her from DDLC as well (the sequence where her head is tilted by 90 degrees and there is "cotton" coming out of her neck or whatever), but she would look more demented and almost like a rabid girl. Her idle would look just like she is a zombie slouching up and down but struggling to bring her body back up (in a minor way). I didn't have much to explain about her.

    And the last of the 3 girls: Yuri.
    Yuri would have that stab wound in her chest, she would have 3 or 4 eyes (maybe), and maybe like Sayori on the eyes but this time both of her normal eyes would be dangling by the optic nerve, and the eye(s) on her forehead would just be an ugly color, but that wouldn't be dangling by the optic nerve. She would have all of her limbs torn apart, but she would have fake purple limbs backing her up, with a knife in one hand of course. Maybe have lots of blood all over her, with a couple odds and ends of her clothes torn apart (and if you think I am horny by doing this with the girls, you need to get out more often). This is all I have for Yuri so far.

    Now, for the final part: "Festival" Monika.
    She'll look like her two forms from the recent songs, but now she will be even more demented and just fucked up. And she would be badly glitchy and extremely tall. Her eyes would just glitch in every color possible, same with her gaping mouth, leaving the fangs glitch a yellow color (wouldn't really have to do this but I would probably do it if I didn't think it was difficult). And instead of the fingertips being bloody, she would be bloody all the way up to her shoulders.

    But considering this is just the final update of Monika.EXE, they can just have their rest and enjoy life. What do you think of my advice overall? Feel free to express your opinions, but if it is a negative response, don't even think about replying.

    Thank you for reading this and have a great day 🙂

  20. The update we didn't wanted, but the update we needed.

  21. Ehh… really preferred the old Monika voice.

    I get that the new one is deep like Sonic.EXE, but still.

  22. Nothing can express how much I like this video

  23. Unlike sonic.exe this one got finished.

  24. 0̴3̴ɹ̴ɐ̸u̷n̶l̶ʞ̶ɹ̸ɐ̶p̴ says:

    Ngl I like the new sprites of it but I don't know bout the voice on some of the characters

  25. Tbh I didn’t like how they pitched down Monika’s voicelines, I thought they were fine as they were and Monika’s voice sounds kinda too quiet in ycr and tt but besides that it’s pretty good

  26. Ma frend gate made some sprites for this mod!!!

  27. i do wish they didn't make Monika's voice so quiet.. other than that the mod is amazing

  28. I like the old monika sprites and voices but the chart is good

  29. I like this newer version but all of the voices sound less like the ddlc girls and I'm honestly not sure I like it as much as the OG monika.exe

  30. triple doki doki, I like that they improved it, though Monica's voice is more like a xenophane

  31. I love this mod and soon or later we all as a community get to see v3 coming soon or sadly if It doesn't show up, that's oh ok and we enjoy this mod!!!

  32. ꧁༆F̺͆e̺͆l̺͆i̺͆c̺͆i̺͆a̺͆ M̺͆i̺͆t̺͆s̺͆u̺͆k̺͆i̺͆ Y̺͆T̺͆༆꧂ says:

    To be honest, the designs of the menu and scenarios from what I see are fine for me, without some things that I disliked about the mod, it was their voices of some like Monika's triple truble, another their designs and animations, a good well-worked mod but I prefer the designs and voices of the old version

  33. Monikas vocals are so quite you can bearly hear her

  34. Would be cool if sonic exe was here to help bf battle her just to get her out of the game but overall a good mod.

  35. this is a pretty big update, i love the menu and freeplay art, it makes it look like its own game

  36. this has to be one of the best ddto mods i've ever seen

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