Friday Night Funkin' VS Mario's Monday Night Massacre | Merry Massacre (FNF Mod) (MX Christmas) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre | Merry Massacre (FNF Mod) (MX Christmas)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre (MX Christmas Update) + Mid Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod Directed by Inferno64:
Mario’s Monday Night Massacre Official Twitter:

This is so surprising, I wasn’t expecting a Mario character to receive a Christmas update. I thought it was going to be that blue hedgehog again. In this latest song, we have MX from Mario ’85 PC Port dressing up as Santa Claus and by his side, we have Luigi from Mario creepypasta I HATE YOU/I hate you.Exe asking Lucas wants he wants for Christmas. Happy holiday!

This is the 6th Mario ’85 PC Port mod to come out. We recently played Mario ’85 PC Port | Fighting Back, VS MX DEMO, VS Mario’s Madness, SMB. FUNK MIX: GAME OVER, Mario FNF Port and today we playing Mario’s Monday Night Massacre based on Mario’s PC Port (A Super Mario Bros Games)

MX is a soul-stealing monster who took over Mario’s body and transforms into an evil creature in a similar way to Sonic.exe. Some people refer to him as Mario.exe, but his name is actually MX. Will Boyfriend and Girlfriend escape from this new foe? or will BF and GF lose the battle?

VS Friday Night Funkin’ Mario’s Monday Night Massacre:

Play the actual Mario ’85 Game:

Game Note: Mario’s Monday Night Massacre (MMNM) is an upcoming Friday Night Funkin’ mod revolving around spooky Mario related media while you face off against the main antagonist, MX. After over a year, MMNM is back and better than ever. You’re in for a massacre! This mod has no connection to Mario’s Madness V2 or Mario FNF Port.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:13 Merry Christmas Intro (You get this when booting up)
00:35 Menu
00:41 Checking Freeplay
00:47 Present Found!
00:53 Merry Massacre Song (MX vs Lucas)
01:37 I hate this job (IHU Luigi vs MX w/ Angry Lucas)
02:11 Lucas uses ice flower
03:43 End
04:11 Score
04:23 Merry Christmas!
04:32 Song Art Unlocked
04:38 All Miss Animations and Game Over Screens
05:05 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Mario’s Night Massacre below
VS Mario’s Monday Night Massacre Mod link:

Inferno64 – Creator & Director, Artist:
Decoy – Charter, Coder:
Elie – Charter:
anticristadamon – Charter:
Comic – Charter, Coder:
willisaclown – Charter, Musician:
Anti – Charter, Chrom Creator:
TeiCleM – Coder:
Friedrick – Charter, Coder:
Polar Vortex – Coder:
Moreno – Coder:
Decoy – Coder:
Ighby – Artist, Animator, Coder:
Chase Redding – Musician:
Ophomix24 – Musician:
Frog – Musician:
thesmallerestguy – Musician:
Mystica – Musician:
Nylonic – Artist:
elias1128 – Artist, Animator:
Cattiniscool112233 – Artist, Animator:
ScrubbDubb – Artist:
DexCord – 3D Artist:
mar. – 3D Artist:
SlushyAnime – 3D Artist:
AG_Coffee – Animator: (rest don’t have links)
FuriousAntz – Animator:
marky – Voice Actor:
Sunset – VA:
2ToriL – VA:
mostrolavelocita – VA:
osca_raczo – Artist
scrumbo_ – Artist:
Solardaily – Artist
Akayo Artist:
Ordna – Chromatic maker

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022)
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  1. Why did I think the title said merry massage

  2. Mx: murders Lucas after he traps him in tha game in forces him into the body of Luigi

    Also mx: yea ykw leme bring him back for some festivity

  3. 2:15 I JUST NOTICED DAISY BACK THERE!!! And I think that's Mario.EXE (I think that's his name, right?) Next to her😭😭


  5. I like how Luigi freezes his nightmare self for being non-christmasy and saying he hates his job lol

  6. Bro Can I Be In The Next Mod This Is AMAZING I Like This When Your First Made FNF Videos I Was Joyed And Ready THX For The Good ConTent

  7. Merry Christmas everyone! I can’t believe how far fnf has gone! From the creepy ones to the cute ones to the sonic ones. I’ve had a very fun year, so take care.

    It’s nice seeing the creepy guys being like a regular family.

  8. It's even nicer BC remember Lucas was a kid so mx knows that he still believes that santa is real

  9. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:

    Inferno you did such a awesome update mod your amazing I hope I can have a chance to play it! :]🍄⭐️✌️

  10. Headcanon: Lucas's "list" is actually a hit list that MX agrees with, which is why the song's called "Merry Massacre"

  11. looks like real santa xd
    Good music
    I wonder what the two princesses were doing there

  12. Next year is no shaggy day beacuse he will be sacrifice from springlocks in fazbear frights….

    Sorry baka

  13. i mean, in a way this makes sense, MX (when he isn't being a killing machine) is pretty nice canonically

  14. MX being nice?
    That's something new.
    IHY Luigi had it coming.

  15. I like to imagine that MX is willing to cut Lucas some slack and let him enjoy Christmas for making him endure so much of his abuse

  16. Merry christmas comunity games🎅🎄☃️

  17. I like how everyone is surprised that Lucas just froze IHY Luigi but MX is fine with it like "thank you that guy was annoying always talking about how he hates his mario"

  18. On the pibby bfdi mod I got 100% accuracy on verzephobia.

  19. Mx being santa must be terrifying. Like what would you do if yiu see an eyeless pale santa staring right down your soul

  20. Mx being nice now is weird

    Since he kills people. And stuff.

  21. 🎄 Søn Beat SG Demøn Saiyajin 🎄 says:

    Lucas: OMG Santa is that you?!?!

  22. Mx is lucas's dad who left 5y ago for milk. Nintendo trapped him inside the '85 pc port of SMB as an experiment. Now he wants to return lucas back by trapping him inside a game

  23. This was so cool but can Luigi ever get a break right now

  24. The mod is enjoying ever and Merry Christmas everyone!

  25. Even though it feels kinda weird seeing mx actually being nice to Lucas, it is still really wholesome to see the two bonding together during the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!

  26. Man when i see this mario mod i remember a great mod got cancelled it's sonic.exe

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