Friday Night Funkin': VS Majin Sonic Full Week + Secret Song [FNF Mod HARD] Sonic.EXE Creepypasta -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Majin Sonic Full Week + Secret Song [FNF Mod HARD] Sonic.EXE Creepypasta

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VS Majin Sonic is a Friday Night Funkin’ mod featuring a creepypasta horror character “Majin Sonic” from Sonic.exe popular creepypasta/games. However this is not the same Majin Sonic in the VS Sonic.EXE Full Week mod that we played before. Not exactly same. This mod comes with one song “Infinity”, one secret song, new menu/game-over music. I’ll play this mod in Hard difficulty and show everything you’ll need to know about it in this video. Enjoy.

Creator’s Note:
Boyfriend is just messing around with a Sonic game when all of a sudden on accident he discovers the sound test and is suddenly face to face with a grotesque, horrible version of the speedy hedgehog mascot. Now they shall have fun together, forever.
Introducing A Single Song That You’ll Probably Get Bored Of: “Infinite”. A New Character: Majin
DISCLAIMER: The creators of this mod are well aware of the existence of the Majin Sonic in the popular Sonic.exe Mod by RightBurstUltra. Please let it be known, this is NOT that same Majin, and is instead a different version who is more based around a character named “Creep” from Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning (cool game lol), while also referencing the original more. So, no, this mod is NOT affiliated with the Sonic.exe mod, so, think about that before you go thinking this is a leaked Sonic.exe mod song or that I and Concept “portrayed Majin wrong”.

00:00 Disclaimer about Majin Sonic character
00:11 Hidden Cutscene of “Creep” character
00:47 Intro & Menu
1:04 Infinity Song (Majin Sonic VS BF)
4:28 Secret Song
5:53 New Menu Music
7:02 Miss & Game-Over Screen
7:52 Outro

Infinity [VS Majin]

Key Authors
IckyIZ – Musician, “Coder”, and Charter
Mr Concept – Artist and Animator

Special Thanks
Shadow Mario – Psych Engine
ninjamuffin99 – Friday Night Funkin

#FNFMod #MajinSonic #VSMajinSonic


  1. this mod is sick but no one talks about the death theme

  2. Is there an instrumental for Infinity(the first song)?

  3. the console is a genesis and not a sega cd so tecnically is wrong because there no cartidge for sonic cd

  4. Sure, I'll call him majin sonic because of some popular mod

  5. Anyone ever wonder how bd can do that pitch descend so well where he sound like a slowing Down record


  7. He looks like he's eating the freaking moustache

  8. 🔮unicorn suprise kitty & National gameing🔮 says:

    Yes! Creep finally has a song!

  9. Ah yes
    I was wondering where the Nightmare Series related Sonic.EXE mods were

  10. The first cutsene is from sonic exe the nightmare beginning t

  11. I’m a friend of the person who helped make the art and animations for this mod, for another one of his friends. The creator really appreciates you playing!

  12. tfw your art gets stolen to be used in some weird fangame, and then said art is used as inspiration for a badass mod. That's pretty wild.
    the song slaps, so i can't be mad

  13. Gotta say, I like his voice more than the Sonic.Exe mod.

  14. In my opion this Majin looks as if hes not Sonic.exe related Majin rather the Sonic CD version

  15. Narrartor:Did I do good mother
    That's so cringe

  16. how is gonna sound endless if this majin sing it

  17. This is my favorite song, other than Shard – Calamity.

  18. I like to imagine theres two versions of majin sonic

    The US version of majin sonic with the creepy music (like the one in this video)

    And the Japanese version of majin sonic with its more upbeat and cool music (the one in the vs sonic exe mod)

  19. Hey, I’m a friend of the creator and I just wanted to say, great video.

  20. Majin Sonic Has Cheekbone Shadow, Not A Mustache, As Stated By The Original Artist Of Majin Sonic Nicknamed: Majin. Its Not A Mustache As Depicted In Sega Art, But Instead Cheekbone Shadow.

  21. I'm honestly really glad Majin here doesn't use the other majin's voice bank, cause it's nice when people are actually creative..

  22. Yes finaly majin sonic full week and this is different one.

  23. Bro this song is so good. I can't stop replaying it.

  24. Lil bob & trailer The best animater everシ says:

    -from sonic cd

  25. "its not majin sonic"
    the title:
    vs majin sonic

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