Friday Night Funkin' VS Indie Cross FULL WEEK DEMO BUILD (Cuphead, Sans, Bendy) (FNF Mod/Hard) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Indie Cross FULL WEEK DEMO BUILD (Cuphead, Sans, Bendy) (FNF Mod/Hard)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Indie Cross (DEMO BUILD) by MORØ for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle the popular Bendy from Bendy Ink Demon, Sans from undertale & Cuphead from Cuphead: Don’t Deal With The Devil. We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for VS Indie Cross songs. It’s only a demo so it has 3 songs available in this mod. The game over animation is maybe not complete because sans seems a bit buggy, but remember it’s a DEMO. I’m pretty sure everyone will love these songs too. Also, Girlfriend seems to be missing. Where could GF be?

MORØ – Follow the Indie Cross Leader:

BrightFyre – developer:

Mike Geno – Created Music for it:

Tanzubushi – Created Music for it:

Joan Atlas – Created Music for it:

Diavololi – Artist:

Download the Indie Cross Game:

Game Note by BrightFyre: You shall cross through indie worlds Think you have what it takes to survive? we missed the deadline LMAO so we gonna give yall the streamer build

This mod will contain:
– 3 New Songs for demo (extra update in the future)
– Familiar Faces

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Indie Cross Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 All Game Over Animations
01:00 Intro
01:28 Menu
01:49 Snake Eyes Song (Cuphead vs BF)
04:06 Sansational Song (Sans vs BF)
06:32 Last Reel Song (Bendy vs Boyfriend)
10:08 Outro – CommunityGame

Ink Bendy is the main antagonist of the Bendy Franchise, and a failed attempt at creating the studio’s popular mascot Bendy in real life in an attempt to bring cartoon characters to reality by Joey Drew, who turned out defective along with several other physical cartoon characters due to lacking a soul. A demonic entity of the Cycle, Ink Bendy is a large threat to anyone in this ink world, constantly pursuing them down and attempting to kill them whenever they are caught in his proximity.

Sans is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in Snowdin Forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide Route.

Cuphead and his brother Mugman are two fun-loving kids who live under the watchful eye of Elder Kettle. Against the elder’s warnings, the brothers enter the Devil’s Casino and begin playing craps. When they go on a winning streak, the Devil himself offers to raise the stakes. If Cuphead and Mugman can win one more roll, they will receive all the money in the casino; if not, the Devil will take their souls.

Mod Creators for VSIndie Cross Full Week below
VS Indie Cross (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

MORØ – Indie Cross Leader:

KadeDeveloper for kade engine

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:
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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Full Game, but The Mom Sings it:

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Friday Night Funkin’ Sans Remastered:

FNF VS Bendy Ink Demon Week (Bendy and the Ink Machine Demo):

Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD by CommunityGame (2021)

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  1. The only thing that would make this mod better is a fnaf character

  2. I finally watched till the end instead of just to watch cuphead

  3. This is perfect
    There should be a bf vs bf song cuz friday night funkin is also a indie game
    So the mod is indie game vs other indie games

  4. МНОГИЕ не поймут потому что не русские, но это прекрасно!

  5. I’m not confused on how bendy is going x games mode I’m more confused on how bf is going to cross a ten foot tall ink demon

  6. Me canta el mod lo único es q me encantaría q le agan un mod personalizado a sans pq soy súper fand de undertale

  7. Cuphead is the game that you shot its the best

  8. Sansational is such a banger man gotta be my fave song

  9. Why does bendy sound more like sans then sans?

  10. Bendy reminds me of sans without opening his mouth

  11. This boyfriend is remastered boi

  12. why does bendy's left arm look kind of buff in his idle

  13. fun fact:when we are young we never scared bendy we all think its so cool

  14. Bendy reminds me of Angery tabi and maybe angery whitty

  15. Sans = best song
    Cup head = Best visual effects
    Bendy = Best design

  16. i love how the starting screen says indie croissant

  17. Um why does Snake Eyes sound a little like Mid-fight masses

  18. It’s been a while since I’ve seen bendy and the ink machine

  19. •^• ghia Moncada UwU ( ꈍᴗꈍ) says:

    Is cool & fantástic 🥰👏🤩🤩

  20. Can some one tell me what everyones role in making this mod was since i dont see a reason why they needed so many people?

  21. Why has no one mentioned the fact that sans’s song is called sansational

  22. Ohhhhhh i like this mod they all smile 😁

  23. Alguien noto las referencias de otras canciones

  24. esta rein cle ibie la animasion de bendi

  25. Phase 1 vs sans
    Hemmm bone space miss bone
    Miss💀🔪 😱
    No space dage you
    Phase 2 vs sans

  26. Sansational song is probably the best because it has so many reference to all the weeks in fnf

  27. Wait some parts of sansational very familiar, like…"Rose" song when ya fight Senpai in fnf

  28. Whats new / improved

    – BF has smoother and new animations
    – Sans has a death animation now (bugged)
    – Snake eyes charting is more smoother
    – CupHead and BF are now Father apart
    – Added meter to CupHead for parry notes
    – Sans's scene switch has less lag when doing so
    – Bendy is now more visible
    – Bendy stage has better lighting and is zoomed out more
    – Cardboard cutouts of Bendy Jumpscare the player, which is probably there to distract the player or keep them on their toes ( Probably the biggest thing in this new update, and ngl that got me off guard)
    – Bendy Cut outs no longer block the notes
    – Less Ink notes
    – Sans's bones now for some reason have starting lag when the noise stops playing??
    – CupHead has new quotes depending where you died
    That's about everything in this new update that I've found so far, hopefully we get out second songs before the end of the year! Wonder whos gonna be in the second pack though 😉

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