Friday Night Funkin' VS Imposter but Human V2 Cancelled build (FNF Mod) (Among Us/Black Imposter V4) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Imposter but Human V2 Cancelled build (FNF Mod) (Among Us/Black Imposter V4)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Imposter but Human V2 Cancelled build for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle the human version of Black, Grey, Pink, Red, Green, and many more Imposters.
BlueBirds – Created mod:

In this mod by BlueBirds, we find out what these among us astronauts
look like without their suits. Without their suits, you’ll be able to clearly hear their human voices. Since this is a canceled build they didn’t manage to finish turning every imposter/crewmate into a human. The build I’m playing is the hotfix update which fixes most of the bugs and lovestruck.

I’ll be playing all of the Impostor But They Are Human mod V2 on very hard.

Vs imposter but they are Human V2 (Fanmade vs. imposter mod)

VS Imposter V4 Mod Download:

Clowfoe & IMPOSTORM:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Impostor V4 But They Are Human Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:52 Message
01:05 Title Screen
01:13 Menu
01:18 Weeks List
01:38 Dialogue 1
02:30 1) Sussus Moogus (Red Imposter)
05:35 Dialogue
06:19 2) Sabotage
07:32 GF Ghost Appear
08:46 Dialogue (He got a wife)
09:21 3) Meltdown
11:47 End
11:59 Dialogues (Gender reveal)
12:42 4) Sussus Toogus (Female Green Imposter)
14:13 Powers walks by
14:33 Cutely drops knife
15:48 Dialogue
16:21 5) Light Down
16:45 In the dark
18:43 BF & GF Escapes
18:50 6) Reactor
21:50 7) Ejected (Cute Transformation)
25:04 Dialogue
25:35 8) Ashes (Maroon Imposter)
28:01 Dialogue
28:23 9) Magmatic
30:18 10) Boiling Point
33:21 Dialogue
33:28 11) Delusion (Grey)
35:25 12) Blackout
37:55 Not over yet
38:21 13) Neurotic
40:59 Dialogue
41:39 14) HeartBeat (Pink Imposter)
42:30 Floating hearts
44:03 Dialogue
44:38 15) PinkWave
47:30 They take out BF & GF
47:45 16) Pretender
50:24 Set your combo
50:56 17) Defeat (Black Imposter)
51:17 Skulls
52:17 Before he revealed himself
53:30 Freeplay, All Songs
54:04 18) Identity Crisis
54:33 Monotone Reveals himself
54:50 Count your seconds
54:55 Red
55:16 Monotone
55:38 Green
56:20 Monotone
56:43 Black
57:08 Monotone
57:50 BF vs All Imposters
59:05 19) Needleman (Black)
01:02:56 20) Unknown Danger
01:06:01 21) Blackout Defeat (Red/Green/Black)
01:07:14 Grey
01:07:24 Black
01:07:54 Red, Green & Black
01:08:41 22) Insane Streamer (Jerma imposter)
01:09:00 Different pov
01:09:36 Jumpscare
01:09:50 1st person view
01:10:39 23) Who (White vs Blue)
01:11:18 Who did it?
01:12:14 Y fronts
01:12:25 Ah ha!
01:12:45 24) Boiling Point V2
01:16:16 25) Top 10
01:18:06 26) Pinku
01:20:22 27) MakeShift
01:23:33 28) Aka (Red vs Pico)
01:25:33 29) Overload Delusion
01:25:58 He is out of control
01:27:36 30) Overload Reactor
01:31:02 31) ASSASSIN
01:34:06 Cutscenes
01:34:22 32) LovesTruck (Pink vs Yellow)
01:39:20 33) Maniacal-Vengeance
01:39:52 Pink laughs like a maniac
01:41:38 It’s too late
01:42:26 With a wicked smile
01:42:59 OMG
01:43:16 She’s behind
01:44:58 Scrapped Content
01:46:24 Game Over Animations
01:46:54 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Impostor V4 But They Are Human below
(Credit links)

BlueBirds – Main, Art Director
ImDaeBob – Co-Director, Lua coder
OneQuart – Co-Director, Composer

iandeeabanid2 – Sprite Artist
G.O.L.D – Sprite Artist, Cover
KYASHI – Sprite Artist
SuspiciousAnimeth – Sprite Artist
NorthMyBeloved – Concept Artist
SilverSomnia – Sprite Artist
Yeetasaur01 – VA, Cover
hangyeol – Charter
OreoMatt – Composer, Voice Actor
RandomArtistGuy – Charter
RUTE – Charter
aquaslime_ – Cover, VA
ArrowMungus.xml – Cover
BonnieStyle – Animator, Sprite Artist
Fishy – VA
GasterMania – Sprite Artist
Jair – Sprite Artist
Jellwoah – Cover
Mrfacha7311 – Concept Artist
Quartal – VA, cover
RealYaBenyBo1 – Sprite Artist
LeafyGreensB – Concept Artist
reied – Charter
Sakar – Event charter
shanisgreat – VA, Cover
Steginite – Video Editor
Sunny/MrC YT – Cover
Yubin – Story mode Artist
Bleiser_G7 – concept artist
미키Micky – Artist
Mori – VA, Cover
FireboyBZ – Sprite artist

back – Top-69 Composer
gamemon – dev support
adnerryee – VA of Human Black

VS Imposter V4 Credits

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FNF VS Impostor V4 Unused Songs / Extras (FNF Mod/Black) (Among Us Triple Trouble)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Why's green so cool in uniform (damn even shes a killer but bro look at that)

  2. Dios, seguro que es solitario Aquí en este invernadero

  3. I love how every single impostors mouth is stuck to the bottom of their mouth while grey isnt cuz his father was a crewmate until he died
    I like that detail 👌

  4. H is a 3 of the 3 of the best thing that can be done to work for and to work for and to work for and to

  5. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Pink says she has no freinds, im clueless why, she has a decent voice, she doesnt look ugly at all, and she is very nice.

  7. The most incredible and perfect mode does not exist

    The mod:

  8. one thing and one thing, i like greens big form bruh

  9. The situation with the BF voice here is similar to the situation with the BF voice in the QT mod, only the opposite: in the QT mod, at first there was a bad BF vocal, and then the developers changed it for the better, and here there was a good voice, but it was changed… which was a mistake, because it doesn't sound very good, to put it mildly.

  10. Huh a human fnf nod didnt think ill find it!

  11. that mod basically just is: thats it, unjellybeans your space jellybeans

  12. I personally enjoyed when Pinku becomes a yandere for Yellow ( or her imposter instincts are combining with her love with dillow I think was yellows name ) 1:39:20

  13. l don’t know why but l have so many fav😅

  14. ✅✅😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  15. wow! how did you do "overload reactor" without missing one of them?

  16. ❤❤❤👙👙👙👙👙👙👙🥰🥰😍

  17. This will be named:
    Red: Robert
    Green: Mitori
    Yellow: Dillaw
    Pink: Pinku
    Black: Benjamin
    Maroon: Ash
    Gray: William
    White: GoingToKillEvery1StartingWithU
    Blue: Y Fronts

    That's all!

  18. why did pink go crazy and why was maroon and green so op at their final forms and why was that form for black at a drawing was so cool 😎😎 my name is Jackson and am 10 years old

  19. Green waching the player in the last song for red

  20. Id defintelt smash the green impostor

    Only if male

  21. The red she did but the green she did people.

  22. to be honest red and green look more like high school students than imposters

  23. Boiling point maroon looks like a mutant lava monster

  24. As soon as I saw this I thought it was that decay villain from my hero academia

  25. Did red had a voice crack on meltdown or something bro sounds younger than before💀

  26. Human impostor's director here.

    thank you for play this.

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