Friday Night Funkin' VS Imposter but everything is opposite | Evil Impostor V1 (FNF Mod) (Among Us) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Imposter but everything is opposite | Evil Impostor V1 (FNF Mod) (Among Us)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Imposter but everything is opposite | Evil Impostor V1 for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. EVIL IMPOSTOR Team:

Everyones personalities, environment, song flow, and roles are completely the opposite of what they were. In the mod we play as Impostor BF w/ his GF. They’re planning to make Girlfriend playable in the future, but for now it’s just Boyfriend who we get to play as.

VS EVIL Impostor Mod Download:

Game Note: A mod based on the popular VS. Impostor mod with an entire new vision.
Instead of the well known impostors such as Red, Green and Black we face off crewmates Mint, Hot Pink and (partially) White! All of which are the MIRRORED selves of the impostors. In the mod, the Impostor encounters many Crewmates and a couple of Impostors. Most of the enemies are ‘EVIL’ version of the known characters.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Evil Imposter Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview
00:05 Message
01:32 You can backstab the first guy as BF
01:37 Intro
01:48 Title Screen
01:57 Menu
02:06 Freeplay
02:36 Week List
03:03 Cutscenes
03:18 1) Sussus Shrugus (VS Mint)
06:04 2) Pristine
07:32 Song Reference
08:13 Bouncing
09:25 Backstab
09:30 3) Unfinished Business
12:00 4) Muschance (VS Hot Pink)
13:36 sounds cool
14:46 5) Heatwave (The beginning sounds like you’re underwater)
15:25 They begin to sing
18:09 She slaps herself
18:13 Cutscenes
18:25 6) Skylarking (VS Pink Shifter)
20:01 They use a disguise
20:56 7) Parasitical
21:25 They sing
22:10 Shapeshifts
23:41 8) Gu (VS Gumbalino)
25:29 9) Mbalino
27:53 he jumps
28:25 end
28:32 10) Political (VS Cyborg Henry)
30:40 Cutscenes
30:46 11) Bertrayed (C. Henry vs everly)
31:54 Stick BF gets up
32:54 12) Worst Plan (Charles joins in)
34:59 13) Bucket Club
35:09 Something bad happens
35:32 Buckets
38:06 13) Dual Mischief (VS Mint & Hot Pink)
40:59 She sticks out tongue
41:02 14) Prankster (Kako w/ Ivurri vs Gumbalino)
43:13 15) Red Win (VS Red Wine)
45:39 Becomes intense
46:22 falls into lava
46:32 16) Vintage (Red Impostor Vs Mint)
48:11 He uses weapon
48:18 17) Gu Hard
50:11 Debug (Just going to play a few, I did see a lot of unfinished songs)
50:16 18) F knows (Debug, seems finished?)
52:35 19 Happy (Debug, seems finished?)
53:17 20) Crewmatus Ultimatus (Debug – Evil Nonsense, might be unfinshed, for v2?)
53:26 21) Defeat (VS Xaphan)
53:57 Xaphan Alt poses
54:54 Flashback
55:05 Flashback
55:16 Last stand
56:07 22) Duplicity (Xaphan vs White)
57:01 Guitar part
57:17 White brings out his weapon
58:17 She uses weapon
58:44 Last stand
59:00 Xaphan scream
59:06 Credit
59:17 Game Over Animations
01:00:26 Random pics
01:00:39 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Evil Impostor below
KimberlyAya – Main director; Main artist; lua coding
IvurriRosewood – Founder; Assist in songs; Character voices; Dual Mischief
kakow0 – Cyborg Week OST; Prankster & Gu; Dual Mischief; Chart for Gu
GhostBunny – Main coder; source coding:
rodreal – Release trailer; Gameover music & effects
Cryfur – Main charter; Cutscenes SFX
sumpy – Heatwave; Skylarking and Parasitical background; OST art; Prankster opponent sprites
Malor – EVIL BF idle & icon; Old EVIL BF sprites
Gumbalino – Gumbalino week art; IMPs trailer
Kliv – Defeat background; Cyborg tweaking
JakeHomys – Cloud in Skylarking; Menu Mint
mango21_1 – Red Win sprites
gruntos – Red Win background
RonyCommitment – Mischance background
Nii-san – DUPLICITY instrumental; Sussus Shrugus instrumental
DeepFriedBolognese – DUPLICITY vocals; Parasitical instrumental
Amarinn – Mischance & Heatwave; Betrayed assist; OST in Skylarking cutscene
DJ Cyrus – Unfinished Business
El Chistologo – mbalino; Bucket Club instrumental
pogotheduck – Sussus Shrugus vocals
maii__ – Vintage
Soba Noodles – Pristine & Red Win
salty frog – Promotional art
Steve – Promotional art
MuraSsakino – Events and optimization
ShinyMari – Chart for Betrayed and Political
kurtfan5468 – Chart for Sussus Shrugus
Bitto – Bouncy event
remiinteger – Camera twist event
luminalights – Last day DUPLICITY Mixing
Spook – Bojjo and Cabbagungus spritesheet
yuuko42 – Fella spritesheet
spookynova – Xaphan’s lines
loggo – Red’s line
emi_ – Defeat cutscene frame
Rareblin – Original Defeat; White’s effects
FuniFred – Evil Nonsense

IMPOSTORM – Creators of the original characters (Impostor V4)

Get the game and support the creators of the Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

FNF VS Impostor V4 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod/Danger/Black) (Among Us Secret)

FNF Rhythmic Revolution | VS Imposter but Human Returns (Among Us/Black Imposter V4)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2024)
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  1. Is it just me or do I just really love a mod even more when the roles are swapped in some way?(That's probably all thanks to undertale AUs lol) This is a really interesting spin, very worth the wait!

  2. Ok can we all agree that skylarking was such a bop and the environment for the track was so cool?

  3. I love among us i can feel it coming inside me

  4. I honestly expected everyone to be talking about the botplay incident, guess not lol

  5. hey community game when fnf og game ends you will stop making fnf vids? 🙁


  7. The black imposter from v4 facing against white from this world?

  8. Playing FNF Kosan Jodent Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. What an awesome mod! Props to the dev team for fleshing out these characters quite well instead of just making them corny doppelgangers. Pink Shifter is my favorite, what an interesting concept! I hope to see V2 release when it's ready.
    By the way, here are some fun details you might've missed:
    – In "Sussus Shrugus", the main motif is the inverse of the motif from "Sussus Moogus"! While I couldn't pick out any other specific instances, I imagine several other songs have this sort of motif to contrast their counterpart song.
    – Similar to how Red Imposter was baffled by Ghost BF's appearance, Imposter BF seems disgruntled by Mint's ghost in "Unfinished Business"!

    – In "Mischance" and "Heatwave", BF is seen holding a few different items in his various poses; these items were likely stolen from Mint, not unlike what Green Imposter did in the original mod.
    – Hot Pink, while being completely innocent, seems to have a sassy attitude that may give off a bad impression.

    – On the other hand, Pink Shifter, a seemingly innocent crewmate, turned out to be more devilish than their halo would suggest; in fact, it's shown to be broken in Parasitical!
    – Pink Shifter is most likely not an actual imposter, but rather a crewmate pretending to be an imposter using the device on her wrists! This is suggested by the fact that she fights Imposter BF, as well as her destruction of 'Evil Mira' and those within the vicinity (possibly other imposters?), and her attack on Hot Pink was her way of trying to 'blend in' with the other imposters.
    – Pink Shifter can be seen mimicking several different characters in her alt poses during "Parasitical". Left: ???; Down: Hot Pink; Up: Mint; Right: Lime?* + White.
    – Her normal poses also feature a glowing mouth with nothing else protruding from it, which further supports the theory that she is not a true imposter. And unlike other imposters in their parasite form (which typically showcase blood splattered on their body in some fashion), Pink Shifter appears to have torn "skin" (or something else of that nature), which could mean that the device's extended use and/or the fierce battle with Imposter BF have taken a toll on her physical body.

    – In "Betrayed", Cyborg Henry is visibly sweating. While it's somewhat implied that Charles is an ally of his (since their notes appear on the same side), it could be because Charles may not be the most helpful one (rather than Henry actually getting worn out)…How fitting. This could be further argued by the fact that the jet that Charles is flying has a cracked windshield.
    – It's easy to miss, but at 35:09 Cyborg Henry actually had a bucket tossed at the back of his head. Owie.

    – In "Prankster", Gumbalino's idle animation is facing towards the right, while the rest of his animations face the left towards his opponents. Even if this is unintentional, I still think it adds to his goofy character…I get Sunky vibes from him, honestly.

    *We only see an icon of this crewmate during the first cutscene, who is presumably killed by Imposter BF right before encountering Mint.

    thank you for coming to my SUS (Seriously Unrequested Speech) talk

  10. Of course Black is still an imposter, this mod is amazing though!

  11. This is insanely good, my favorite top 5 easily of best mods, and i'm impressed that all of the songs are amazing, all sprites are beautiful and stylish as hell. White Amogus Goat/10

  12. You know I was kind of hoping for a insane version of like boyfriend or something you know when the original were like freaking black imposter becomes like really creepy looking but really insane looking at the same time I was really hoping that would happen but with boyfriend but still this was phenomenal

  13. How do you get through such difficult levels?

  14. I hear a Zavodila reference during prankster

  15. Can you play this mod Vs kosan jodent? 😀

  16. Why does grey and black from skylarking song look familiar…🤔



  18. 46:32 something about that pose just makes Mint look so Done with Life.

  19. Go I think the divergence was Black getting ejected instead of Grey.

  20. I feel like i have seen skylarking before

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