Friday Night Funkin' vs Huggy Wuggy Mods want Playtime... -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Huggy Wuggy Mods want Playtime…

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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Huggy Wuggy Mods want Playtime as the Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy is here to hug Boyfriend and Girlfriend forever! We check out FNF vs Huggy Wuggy in Friday Night Funkin’ mods to do with Huggy Wuggy, the villain and evil toy from Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. From full FNF weeks, FNF HD mods, FNF minus mods, to original songs, remixes, mechanics and even vs Huggy Wuggy in the vents POV style, FNF Huggy Wuggy mods are surprisingly good and I didn’t think Huggy Wuggy in Friday Night Funkin’ could work so well, but having a rap battle with him in the vents is something I would love to see expanded! Either way we need to save BF and GF from this evil toy and escape the Poppy Playtime factory… by having a rap battle, of course…

our Friday Night Funkin’ playlist –
Game here (or play it on Newgrounds) –

FNF Mods used (GameBanana):
(custom weeks and songs)
Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs Huggy Wuggy [REANIMATED UPDATE] (Demo) –
V.S HD Huggy Wuggy –
VS Huggy Wuggy | Vent mode –
Endah’s Minus Huggy Wuggy –

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  1. Would You Rather Play With The Hug Man Or Hug The Hug Man?

  2. The first person mods are so different to look at because they are taller and look creepy ngl

  3. Well at least he’s not buggy wuggy in this
    But he is looking nice

  4. but like OG mods good too…….

  5. I love this song! I really really wish they will continue the original mod.

    wat wat

  6. This is really good the first song is the best tbh

  7. hello mairusu I have not seen your videos so a few days but here I am saying I am alive hehehe

  8. I think the Idea of Bf's POV with the hands from Poppy's Playtime first came from Endah's Minus version, but Im not completely sure since thats the only mod I have played with Bfs POV

    Correct me If Im wrong though

  9. I wasn't expecting the songs to become garbled and distorted and honestly that just made the mod even more creepier. It really shows how Huggy Wuggy doesn't even want to sing anymore and just wants to straight up kill you.

  10. (This comment is a joke -_-)
    Poopy playtime >:)

  11. I recommend watching game theory: poppy playtime. It’s really good

  12. So Rosie mod has a week 2 uptade and Loki has 3 NEW WEEKS UPTADE and yes in Loki mod every week has 4 songs instead of 3

  13. Huggy wuggys playtime track is sooo good it slaps harder than my bbq pizza base

  14. You should react to poppy playtime animations

  15. Great now I want you to watch the Pol animation since he post a Huggy Wuggy one the other day

  16. Original Huggy wuggy mod: All fine and dandy
    Fan made: Now how do I completely ruin this

  17. Hey mairusu can you check out a mod called vs mouse not to be confused with sad mouse

  18. OMG The effect when Huggy wuggy was in the vent ( Which is kinda sus) is so cool.
    I wish they added that in the original mod

  19. Sorry for beying late again,I saw some parts of this update on youtube and I am glad you played the mod.See u in the next one and cheers

  20. Huggy is a security animatronic actually… the warning video explains that sortof… technically he's not bad, but you're trying to solve the mystery and that puts him in the way

  21. Get out of my head Get out of my headGet out of my headGet out of my headGet out of my headGet out of my headGet out of my head

  22. Omg when I play the real game of it was creepy wa like help me

  23. Recommend fnf but bad Mickey mouse update is better

  24. Guess what their is an anime about boyfriend rap battling huggy wuggy
    In YouTube The youtuber is called Pol

  25. I got a mod that I found that might be good😁

  26. Hey Mairusu I belive you played the original cheeky mod.. I kinda forgot but uhm did you know it had an update? And the update is really good!

  27. the thing is that he had to listen to the same song over and over and all the songs are fanmade exept Playtime

  28. Playtime is my favoriite its so good.
    Love ur vids by the way:)

  29. The first song is the original Mod playground and play are not the official mod songs

  30. We need to have a new rule: if it exists, there's a fnf mod of it

  31. Fnf minus huggy poses look a bit like gold from monochrome in the hypno’s lullaby mod

  32. It sounded like he said yeah boy huggy buggy sai'll give you buggy he said it sounds like he said yeah boy

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