Friday Night Funkin' vs Huggy Wuggy Mods want Playtime... -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Huggy Wuggy Mods want Playtime…

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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Huggy Wuggy Mods want Playtime as the Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy is here to hug Boyfriend and Girlfriend forever! We check out FNF vs Huggy Wuggy in Friday Night Funkin’ mods to do with Huggy Wuggy, the villain and evil toy from Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. From full FNF weeks, FNF HD mods, FNF minus mods, to original songs, remixes, mechanics and even vs Huggy Wuggy in the vents POV style, FNF Huggy Wuggy mods are surprisingly good and I didn’t think Huggy Wuggy in Friday Night Funkin’ could work so well, but having a rap battle with him in the vents is something I would love to see expanded! Either way we need to save BF and GF from this evil toy and escape the Poppy Playtime factory… by having a rap battle, of course…

our Friday Night Funkin’ playlist –
Game here (or play it on Newgrounds) –

FNF Mods used (GameBanana):
(custom weeks and songs)
Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs Huggy Wuggy [REANIMATED UPDATE] (Demo) –
V.S HD Huggy Wuggy –
VS Huggy Wuggy | Vent mode –
Endah’s Minus Huggy Wuggy –

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  1. It sounded like he said yeah boy huggy buggy sai'll give you buggy he said it sounds like he said yeah boy

  2. Guess fnia 3 ultimate location is canceled since this guy won't answer the question I bid thou a fairwell

  3. To explain the repeat of the song playtime, the original mod (not the one you played first apparently) only had one song which was playtime. Other then the other extra songs, everthing else in playtime was the same, so you don't need to play it.

  4. Friday Night Funkin' is the internet fandom game. >

  5. Can you play the Ben drowned mod it's really good

  6. Play the Bendy mod its friday Night funkin vs Bendy

  7. If you want to try a bad huggy wuggy mod try all the minus mods trust me

  8. I wonder if I'm the only one who calls him Hugs.

  9. wait, if the grabpack requires you to hold both handles for it to well, stay still and work or whatever, and BF in the vent chase scene ( the 2nd mod, not the 1st " run " one ) is holding the grabpack, what is he holding his mic with? :flushed:

  10. Try Velma mod and try the secret song its impossible and harder than shaggy

  11. Huggy wuggy is legit one of the best horror games iver ever considered getting XD i think the voice is also very suiting. sounds like one those tubes where you tip them on one side and it makes a noise similar to it, yk?

  12. Something: (exists)
    Fnf community: LETS MAKE IT A MOD

  13. Playtime is such a good song that it's stuck in my head

  14. hey mairusu next time try to show your keyboard to see you how fast your finger is compared to 8-bit ryan

  15. Okay, so the first one you played is a fanmade expansion. The original has only 1 song (playtime) and thats why the other songs are weird and that the other mods have the same song.

    The first person mod is actually based off of the minus one. You can see that with the bf sprites.

    And to the hd mod I find that the original is still kinda kolsan-like (kolsan is the artist of fnf hd)

  16. I thought the first mod was only supposed to have one song. Was there an update?

  17. Huggy wuggy is a living creature because in the game you can here him breathing he has Sliva and and he bleeds when he falls off the bridge.

  18. Huggy Wuggy is actually a living creature that was created as portrayed in the game

  19. ayo thank's for checking out my HD version of huggy

  20. Poor you that you have low views I think last time ur views were higher idk but keep up those great vids bro!!👍

  21. 0:12 The answer is rule 40 of the internet: If it exists there is a fnf mod of it.

  22. I like how the playground huggys right are is thinner then his left because all they did was cut it off his leg as in separate the picture

  23. Using the downtime to roast shitty channels 🤣

  24. Hi Mairusu, please can you continue fnia cloud novel because I really love that series and the developer has probably finished meaning there won’t be any WIP parts

  25. I have been waiting for more Songs of this mod the beats are fire and the second week is just nice

  26. "Everything gets turned into a fnf mod" true because what about mairusu in fnf????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  27. It's funny how the first fnf mod they played was the huggy wuggy mod with 2 unofficial songs

  28. I remember when i saw huggy wuggys tie (the thing on his torso) it kinda looks like a weird body or is it just me

  29. some dude that can smile by mom saying cheese. says:

    Wait why does his teeth and lips together look like amogus?!

  30. i really love the minus version, even more than the original because the first person perspective just makes it awesome

  31. Just saying you should watch or react to revolver animations,he makes some really good animations and most of them are fnf,sans and madness so yeah its really good and enjoyable so i hope you do that.


  32. "Why does everything eventually end up in Friday night Funkin?"

    Me: Wheres me bois oobi and peep and the big wide world?

  33. I gotta admit how many mod playthrough you did for Huggy Wuggy i definitely enjoy it

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