Friday Night Funkin' VS Gacha Club Horror | Creepypasta Gacha Life (FNF Mod) (Gina Glitch/C.C/M.O) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Gacha Club Horror | Creepypasta Gacha Life (FNF Mod) (Gina Glitch/C.C/M.O)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Gacha Club Horror | Creepypasta Gacha Life (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle the Gacha Life creepypasta: Gina Glitch/Red Slot Glitch/Mo/Moe, & CC (Creepy Cuties). @RealRedDiamond – Director

The beginning preview is meant as a joke, it’s a reference to when people used to use Gacha characters to react to fnf mods back in the day. This mod is based on the Creepypastas made by the Gacha community over the years. M o from Spookyville who looks like a corrupted version of Moe, Blair who got tricked by her sister Betty into drinking a potion that caused her to transform into an ugly creature, the Gina Glitch which causes Gina to have a mind of one’s own and starts killing your Gacha OCs, and finally Red Slot glitch which causes your game have to have a bunch of glitches and you’re then met with a terrible demon.

This is just Gacha Club Horror V1, but in V2 Boyfriend will be redesigned to look like a Gacha Life character, no clue if Girlfriend will be joining him though. For now, it’s just BF without his GF. I’ll be playing Gacha Club Horror Mod on very hard for all songs.

FNF: Gacha Horror Mod Download:

Game Note: A mod based on the amazing Creepy pasta’s made by the Gacha community

Gacha Life Creepypastas (The songs should be based on these videos if I’m not mistaken)
1) Gina is ALWAYS watching! ~*Gacha Life glitch*~ //CREEPY//

2) The Corrupted Characters…[Gacha Life-Theory-Reaction-Thing]

2.5) How did Moe turn into m o ? Full Story || Gacha Life || Part 1-6

3) How did Blair become C.C?- gacha life C.C’s back story

4) The red slot GLITCH! (gachalife)

5) Gacha Mike Plays Gacha Club:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Gacha Club Horror Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview
00:38 Intro
00:45 Title Screen
01:02 Menu
01:12 Freeplay | All Songs
01:23 Sentient Song (GINA vs BF)
02:15 Black & White
02:24 Message (The Glitch that made her alive)
03:49 Gina says she’ll be back
04:00 Isolation Song (BF vs M o)
04:55 Moe
05:16 Message (Why this is even a thing)
06:12 Song reference?
06:41 Despair Song (CC vs BF)
06:59 Creepy Cuties begins singing
7:29 Message (CC old home tried to get rid of her)
08:19 Black & White
09:17 Red Slot Song & Message
09:36 Begins Singing
10:53 Becomes Dark
11:14 Demon Appear
12:21 Im dead?
12:25 Message
12:39 Mike Song (Gacha Mike vs BF)
13:48 Credit
14:02 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Gacha Club Horror | Gacha FNF Mod Below
VS Gacha Horror Mod V1 (No Cutscenes) Download:

@RealRedDiamond – Coder and Charter:

Adolfo – Animator:

fifi – Composer 1:

Fahi – Composer 2:

Azan – Composer 3:

Usser – Animator:

Maxxii – Charter:

Syahrilishere – Composed 1 song:

@BijuuMike – Gacha Mike Character:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Puede que no me guste la idea de que agregen a gacha club en friday night Funkin pero tanto como el mod y el vídeo estaban geniales y en realidad en encanto

  2. I remember the gina glitch, glad to see there's a mod about her UvU



  5. Fact: for one of my really old crigy oc's In would use mo to something cringy


  7. I wonder if they gonna add:

    -000 (The official horror related character who is an secret boss in gacha Club and that she will return in WonderEnd)

    -The Characters and The ''IM WATCHING YOU'' screen of Wonderend's old website(Based on WonderEnd old websites if you clicked to all the ''X'' button who showed all the characters suffering, and the last one was some eyes and some hands grabbed the banner and the ''???'' text changes to ''IM WATCHING YOU'')

    -The girl from the new Wonderend updated website (Now the website named as WonderEnd0)

    -Gacha Virus (Based on the iconic Gacha virus where they said that a virus maked the Oc's to have horrific smiles and that the unique way to stop it it was given the OC's protection)

    -''First my father and now my mother'' meme (Based on a ''meme'' that doesnt deserve to be called like that because its really depressing, like imagine while you are playing with your friend and you accidently you crash with your father and then your friend calls his mother who is a police and kills him and then happens the same to your mom)

  8. Day 2 of asking communitygame to play funnying forever

  9. I remember the way you got to svar girl and how the first girl became a whole ass gacha creepy pasta

  10. Woah, tis is amazing!!! Love the songs and also the art 😀

  11. I am a fan of gacha and i confirm this mod is cool

  12. Dude, i remember when gacha glitches used to scare me 😭

  13. Caray que pude ser más raro que saquen un mod donde el mod trata de artefactos que cobran vida para rapear con el boyfriend pues un mod gacha es lo más raro que e fisto raro y es algo extraño que lo juegues por que ese mod es un poco mmmmm mega super híper súper extraño nivel Dios XD

  14. How many of these are realy? (like for example is GINA and the Red Slot real? I don’t know A thing about Gacha Life)

  15. I honestly don’t see the problem with stuff like this people only think gacha is bad is because the community but once you take that bad stuff and cringe out of its context it’s not really that bad I really wish people can see it like this. Also props to team.

  16. Cinceramente no me gusta Gacha pero los desarrolladores lo crearon muy bien

  17. PT
    Diamondchan . Exe😨

  18. im not in to gacha life but i tried the glitch i was scared for my life

  19. Devo: Well I’ll be goth danged, after so many years people use Gacha Life or Club to make characters from series react since the actual franchises couldn’t do it and now FNF is the first franchise to notice

  20. Wow, this mod has two of me happy things Friday Night Funkin and Gacha😁😁😁😁 12:06

  21. Who Ever Made This Mod Could Possibly Make My Gacha OC In Friday Night Funkin

  22. This mod is kinda great but f*** gacha (not the game the peapole who made it dirty)

  23. I actually don’t like gacha stuff. (My oc is gacha but it doesn’t mean that) but anyways, if this mod gets an update there should be a song about Linu’s (Gacha’s creator) story. In the story Linu goes to jail because of heats. (A real story)

  24. i laughed out loud for a sec when i saw the the very accurate yt gacha reacting parts


  26. I like this mod I play gacha online tho

  27. for the love of god play baldis basics madness

  28. Yooooooooo one of the animators here
    Thank you thank you thank you
    For playing our mod

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