Friday Night Funkin' VS Furnace Whitty Remade, and with lyrics (FNF Mod) (BF/GF) (hot fire) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Furnace Whitty Remade, and with lyrics (FNF Mod) (BF/GF) (hot fire)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Furnace Whitty Remade, and with lyrics for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a fan-made mod based on Whitty. The songs and lyrics are amazing.
SykleyShbang – Director

It’s nice to see a new Whitty mod, it’s not the og Whitty, It’s a fan take on Whitty, and this guy has a lot of lyrics in his songs so if you like friday night funkin with lyrics then you probably want to play this. The FNF lyrics, music, and the sprites are sooooooooo good. He kind of goes ballistic in the 3rd song too.

VS Furnace Whitty Remade Download link:

Game Note: Bring on the heat in this fiery showdown against a seemingly familiar opponent!

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Furnace Whitty Remade FULL WEEK Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview
00:30 Message
00:45 Intro
00:57 Title Screen
01:08 Menu
01:14 Week List
01:22 1) Ember – Song
03:13 Lyrics
03:27 2) Hothead – Song
05:02 Lyrics and fire animation
05:44 Whitty burn their clothes off
06:03 3) Comustion – Song
06:38 Lyrics
07:33 Lyrics
08:39 Lyrics
09:01 Lyrics
09:23 Lyrics
09:50 Sigh, and fire animation
10:15 Whitty defeats them
10:42 Freeplay
10:47 4) Ablaze – Song
12:23 Lyrics and fire animation
13:22 Credit
13:32 Comparing Whitty remade to original

Mod Creators for VS Whitty fan take, Furance Whitty FULL WEEK below
Furnace Whitty Remade (has Mid Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

SykleyShbang – Director and Mod Organizer

Matt$ – Co-Director and Musician of Original mod, remastered the music for main week with rxdial

rxdial – Musician of Original mod and remastered the music for HotHead with Matt$

DestrioSZ – Artist who did the sprite work and backgrounds

DJ-3XIT – Charter for main week and Ablaze

EL GAMER POBRE – Artist who did the cover and menu art

Yesntisaduck! – Coder of the remaster but had irl stuff to do

Original Developers:
bepixel – All the sprite and bg art of the original mod

Special Thanks
LeCherlok – Coder and arrow artist, picked up from Yesnt

CumiNashe – For being absolutely cool, morale support and #1 most dedicated furnace fan

Giivamber – Composing Ablaze

Extra Credit ingame:
Rethink – (doesnt say)

Aqua – (doesnt say)

Dathree P – (doesnt say)

Whitty OGs:
Sock.clip – Artist and Song Composer / FNF Whitty Author:

Nate Anim8 – Charter, Secondary Animator, and Play Tester:

KadeDeveloper – Original mod’s coder:

bbpanzu – Original mod’s secondary coder:

Get the game & support the creators of the Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

FNF WEEK 7 All Tankman & Sky fangirl, No Gacha Club / Gacha Club:

Friday Night Funkin’ but with lyrics | FNF: FUNKADELIX DEMO (FNF Mod)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Whitty – Definitive Edition + Cutscenes & Secret Song

Friday Night Funkin’ – FNF Mini Update + Cutscenes (FNF Update: Pit Stop) (Result Screens)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2024)
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  1. How do i play this mod i can't download it on gamebanana?

  2. I still can't get over how GF looks so cool.

  3. idk why but the furnace whitty mod does not launch for me

  4. how do u put fnf mod in fullscreen?
    I have to understand

  5. Bro, try playing the Kosan Jodent mod, please

  6. In the second song if it's at 0.75 speed it sounds EVEN BETTER

  7. Can you play fnf the amazing grace smoothie rotten

  8. Bro the way he burned Gfs and bfs skin off was insane..

  9. They literally agoti and whitty rolled into one

  10. Burning clothes in milliseconds was a low hit.

  11. Bro whiitty Sound be a rapper💀💀💀

  12. Oh my God, what did they do to his girlfriend 😳😳😳

  13. Aight so i am really seeing the use of gf being used as $€× object

  14. Imagine being an animator/artist only just to make a distraction mechanic

  15. I searched and searched and after that and I couldn't find it because of the censorship XD, you can't see anything since the knees cover them XD

    Just search through the files

  16. Damn, whitty literally smoked bf💀💀

  17. Rule 34 is most def having fun with gf 💀🙏

  18. Y’all are defying logic just to goon on the demon lady smh.

  19. The flaming duo
    Furnace whitty + furnace (sonic exe 3.0)

  20. i know it was in the og mod BUT COME ON, PLEASE DONT NORMALIZE "DISTRACTION" MECHANICS 😭😭😭

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