Friday Night Funkin' VS Funkin Aside DEMO | (FNF Mod) (Whitty/Garcello) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Funkin Aside DEMO | (FNF Mod) (Whitty/Garcello)

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In this Friday Night Funkin video you will see a side story of the main FNF game, which presents a new story with new original characters along with other mods collabs, thus making a linear story with several rivals ready for getting freaky on a friday night. Featuring characters like Whitty, Garcello, Momichi, etc.

Funkin Aside

00:00 Preview Animations
00:15 Menu
00:25 Mostaza Week
00:30 Furia Agria Song (Mostaza VS BF)
02:26 Chaufa Picante Song
04:45 Chorizo Quemado Song
08:16 Garcello Week
08:27 Trance Song (Garcello VS BF)
10:18 Delivery Song
12:47 Order To Go Song
13:55 Tight Bars Little Man
15:04 Momichi Week
15:11 Pe Elpe Song (Momichi VS BF)
16:29 Its over bro
17:14 Ete Mania Song
20:32 Potacsio Phantasy Song
22:48 Whitty Week
22:54 Low Rev Song (Whitty VS BF)
25:15 Detonator Song
28:40 Bomblitz Song
33:22 Game Over Screens
33:48 Credits

EbolaHorny – Director/Artist
DegODraws – Director/Artist
bjarealthe – Director/Charter
iseta – Director/Artist
Matriculaso – Director/Main Coder
Tenzubushi – Director

ROYAL – Coder
srPerez – Coder
Stzr – Coder
Sugar Moon – Coder

Vtroy Jerof

pointy – Charting Leader
FranksPole – Charter
suese – Charter
Cerbera – Charter
kurtfan5468 – Charter
fakeburritos123 – Charter

IefCuadricula – Artist
Offbi – Artist
Scatt – Animator
Yuki – Artist
Sashimi – Artist
Kuro – Artist
SugarRatio – Animator
Grassjeak – Artist
MashProTato – Animator
A Maze – Animator
valengarfy – Animator
Fore – Animator
Splinter Hampex – Animator
Stormill – Animator
Nautical – Animator
Tidal – Animator
CoffeeTree – Animator
MikeFNF – Artist
ShikaDoodle – Artist

Special Thanks
Saruky__ – Trailer Editing
Tablos – la escencia

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  1. Creo que a esta versión de whitty le arán mucha rule 34

  2. it was about time that the peak has finally dropped

  3. Nah mentira doxeado…

    xd referencia a spreen?

  4. Pocoyo would have fun absolutely embarrassing Whitty because he sang that song rather casually.

  5. This mod is really worth the wait

  6. Guys keep it up you all are doing very great progress but I just pray to God that this mod gets finished

  7. 𝙈𝙧.𝙎𝙪𝙡𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙣 𝘽𝙮 says:

    28:40 Wow! , I will definitely be there for Whitty!

  8. Oh it has been so long I have not seen FNF.

  9. WOW, estuvo muy increíble el vídeo 😎👍

  10. I still remember being told Aside Witty was a canned idea around…over a year ago if I'm correct, I'm amazed to see him making his full return!

  11. que hermoso sentimiento de nostalgia cuando jugue este mod,los personajes,las canciones.TODO esta bien pulido y la verdad que ver de vuelta a garcello y whitty fue lo mejor de este mod,mi mod favorito del año junto a imposter v4

  12. Funkin aside for that it amazing to see but voice is already good

  13. Seems like Garcello got a job at Ghost McDonald's! But wait he's..alive? I'm happy for him tho!

  14. Momichi Week God! Literalmente hace sonar bien memes quemados, tremenda obra maestra, 20/10 y god

  15. never thought i would see my own chart at the beginning of a sharv video. absolutely busted

  16. Can everyone agree that Bomblitz is god tier

  17. People think bomblitz is reference to poccoblitz 💀

  18. holy.
    this mod.
    brings back all of the old guys (and some of the new) with a fresh layer of paint.
    but whitty.
    bomblitz is a star among void.

  19. I've been waiting for this since that Detonator leak

  20. i wanna to see a side tabi but here not yet or agoti

  21. Bomb blitz is one of the best songs on here. I’m glad a side finally got a mod it’s great even if a demo

  22. So this BF has blue hair, does that mean the sonic in this universe is Scrouge?

  23. a-side as a concept is so dumb because normal fnf IS the a-side (a side and b side of a cassette tape

  24. I miss garcello and this mod really make me happy seeing him again

  25. I thought A-side was the vanilla fnf and vanilla mods

  26. My favorite is when whitty says "It's detonating time" and detonates everyone

  27. I wonder what Sonic.EXE would look like for A-Side.

  28. Nice! Aside really got some fire songs here.

  29. Just letting y’all know, that this is “Funkin Aside” and not “Funkin A-Side”

  30. well, damn it, I made my own style of corruption and called it a-side

  31. the style of kascen reminds me of the style of "z Ke"

  32. Wait this video was by sharv I thought it was made by community game

  33. Bro trying to copy the gamecommunity thumbnail 💀

  34. Bro the "a casa pete" from spreen frame is so good, and the el pepe, potaxio and ete sech

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