Friday Night Funkin': VS Entity (Solazar, Aldryx, Agoti, Nikusa) Demo Full Week [FNF Mod/HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Entity (Solazar, Aldryx, Agoti, Nikusa) Demo Full Week [FNF Mod/HARD]

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VS Entity demo mod for Friday Night Funkin’ made by SugarRatio and their team is released! We will be able to take a look at the character designs and their songs of Adryx, Solazar, Agoti, Nikusa. This demo has 4 songs, new menu design however the full mod will be a lot different (as the trailer I included at the beginning of this video). We will be playing in Hard difficulty. Enjoy!

Creator’s Note: Symphony is the essence that exists in this world that can tie in anyone’s heart and soul… Amplify them… Change them

00:00 Full Mod Trailer
00:50 Intro & Menu
01:19 Shotgun-Shell (VS Aldryx)
03:43 Parasite (VS Agoti)
6:01 Godray (VS Solazar)
8:24 Promenade (VS Nikusa)
10:54 Credits
13:02 Miss & Game over screen
13:22 Outro

VS Entity Demo:
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  1. Nikusa doesn’t fit at all she should be removed


  3. Has a among us in the first battle

  4. y’all I’m gonna be honest promenade is the best song BUT not because of the “physics” the general song is just a straight up BOP

  5. I know this game is dead and I came here just bcs,well idek nvm,so Artists…TELEPURTE?

  6. Aldryx has agotis icon
    But agoti has aldryxs icon

  7. I’m not the only one seeing the among us references in the store

  8. Those who see the among us in the back are cool

  9. solazar looks like a bitten apple and i don't know why do I think so

  10. 2th Happy Anniversary🎉 "Friday Night Funkin Vs Entity (Demo)"

  11. Solazar is one of my favourite character in this mod

  12. help me bc those jiggle Physics 💀💀💀

  13. They did AGOTI's voice dirty, and I'm sad

  14. Was in its prime🗿🍷

  15. Friday Night Funkin: VS Entity mod is a wonderful mod!
    Of the characters, I liked Nikusa and Solazar.
    Nikusa is a wonderful woman and she is so huge and sexy! Her voice is so beautiful, like an angel.
    Solazar there is something special about him and he is a really serious and good father! His voice is very serious.
    The mod is really beautiful!

  16. Why food or drinks looks like a amongus😅

  17. I prefer solazars tie physics rather than watermelons. It's also a normal tie physics,

  18. And also, nikusa is the calmest out of all of them. She seems chill even if shes lonely, (yes she doesnt have any friends, the 3 entities are not her friends rather than opponents)

  19. Is it just me or the third song sounds extremely similar to Laser Beam from Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth?

  20. All the budget definitely goes to that se- i mean solazars tie physic

  21. hold up,if bf i canonically 7 foot, how tall are those?

  22. Sekarang ada digital sirkus episode 2😊

  23. One part in agotis 💀💀❗️❗️❓❓‼️‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥‼️🔥🔥🗣️🧏‍♂️🗣️

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