Friday Night Funkin' Vs Distrust 3.0 DEMO + Cutscenes | Sans & Papyrus (FNF Mod/Hard) (Undertale) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Distrust 3.0 DEMO + Cutscenes | Sans & Papyrus (FNF Mod/Hard) (Undertale)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Distrust 3.0 DEMO + Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we meet Undertale Distrust Sans / Papyrus
Yunee – Creator:

This Sans mod is based on Undertale Distrust, but it has its own story. This is not the same DisTrust mod I’ve played in the past, this is a brand new one, I actually never got to play the first 2 versions of it. Anyway, the mod starts off with a strange voice who says he has been watching BF & GF and offered to guide them to new shores and get new experiences then later on you see Distrust Sans wanting to stop the humans starting with Boyfriend And Girlfriend.

Friday Night Funkin’: Distrust V3 (DEMO/Streamer) Mod Download link:

Distrust Dev Account:

Game Note by Yunee_h: The mod is following the takes created by me, Its_Connor and designs by BenyiC03 (distrust designs) with Popcornpr1nce (canonswap designs). The mod has its own story, River person appears to be spectating boyfriend all his battles, finally decides to challenge him and take his power of retrying (aka living forever), throws him in the pacifist route of underswap, and later after one song with papyrus, RP throws him into distrust timeline and messes with everyone’s minds to think that BF is a threat.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Distrust Sans Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview / Game Over Animation
00:45 Loading Screen 1 & Intro
01:08 Title Screen
01:16 Week List
01:30 Cutscenes 1
01:54 Loading Screen 2
01:59 Cutscenes 2
02:30 1) Entry Song (River Person vs BF)
04:26 Animation 1
04:58 Cutscenes 3
06:03 2) Humerus Song (VS Distrust Sans)
06:17 Heart appears
06:32 Battle begins
07:30 Papyrus teams up with Sans
08:19 Sans tries his best
08:31 Playing Smash Bros
09:50 Alphys & Modchart
10:35 Papyrus attacks
11:08 Alphys helps out
11:45 They all leave
12:03 Sans is alone
13:24 Cutscenes 4
14:05 Cutscenes 5
14:41 3) Tera Jazz Song (VS Papyrus)
17:25 Password (Secret Song)
17:31 Cutscenes 6
17:41 4) Eerie Magnification Song (VS Sans)
19:45 Message
19:50 Credit
20:22 All secret memes & Passwords
22:52 My favorite meme
23:14 Food Mechanic & Game Over
23:46 All achievements
23:57 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Distrust 3.0 – Undertale Mod | Developers of this demo below:
Slendermanix2 – Lead coder, owner:

Yunee_h – Musician, writer and creator:

NeonAnimates – Artist, Animator, Co-director

Kekuus – Artist, Co-director

Demo_Ash – Ex Artist

Pan – Artist and Animator

Xylamic – BG Artist

Samuel_Pastel – Animator and Artist

Bob – Artist and Animator
badre – Artist

P-halv – Artist and Animator, creator of new designs for BF and GF

k0y – Pixel Artist

PSYY – Cutscene animator

Mar Mar – Musician

Soba Noodles – Musician

NexusMoon – Musician

Santi – Ex Coder

MorenoTheCappucinoChugger – Coder

John Windle – Ex Papyrus VA

Allimiece – Alphys VA

Cougar MacDowall Va – Sans VA

Phantasma – River Person VA

John – Ex Charter

Kyson – Charter

HammerHead – Chromatic scale maker

Slippy – Artist:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. This mod make me remember the "Disbelief Papyrus" animation 😖
    I miss those days 😢👌

  2. I didn't see that poll, I would have chosen the distrust gf

  3. I still think it's a missed opportunity not to swap BF and GF ngl

  4. I can only wonder why Dusttrust GF didn't get many votes…

    The Trepidation GF in question:

  5. I saw a leak of this from catmania, and the whole thing looks GREAT.

  6. What the fuck a 3.0 of a mod that didn't get cancelled?!

  7. Bro forgot to play the best secret song 😭😭

  8. Honestly, I love Distrust GF Outfit as Frisk. Guess the people preffered Trepidation the most. Can’t really blame them Tho.

  9. Ngl gf with frisk's outfit is pretty cute

  10. Disttrust sans is looks like cool

  11. They didnt even made full version but they make more demos

  12. Bro the loading screen said that i dont own an air fryer, BUT I DO OWN AN AIR FRYER, to fry chicken nuggets, cut potato to be fries. and chicken, etc…

  13. So did anyone here know the river person was Gaster in underswap

  14. That community pool got "fairly" votrd by the people who is thirsty

  15. For me this au is the best and the songs are super cool you guys should download this

  16. TravelbotGames / Official Game Development says:

    Please play king k rool returns

  17. i love how swap pap still looks chill af with his hesd on his hand

  18. Guess who is inside the tv in my profile picture

  19. Why is it that literally every Undertale mod for FnF SLAPS SO DAMN HARD. I love these two games and their communities. So many talented artists and modders.

  20. For any pepole confuesed why papyruses week is called J. We sometimes call Underswap Papyrus: The J (also we call ClassicSwap Papyrus The J) I dont know who made the meme but if you type Undertale The J you will get Roblox Undertale Fangames (which i play)(They are a fighting game Charas vs Sans) and they most of the time Make Underswap papyrus or just Papyrus OP or Broken.

  21. Oh god is distrust cooler edition FR

  22. They hit the cap
    Of aus to they had to switch to fnf

  23. Is Fromage difficulty easier or harder?

  24. Sans: I’m doing good. You: it will never be enough

  25. What's with everyone being so opsessed with the offbrand disbelief? (Like don't get me wrong its a good mod. But why distrust? It's not even the original)

  26. The fact that this came out before the original,which is Disbelief Papyrus is very strange
    Nevertheless,this is nice

  27. Some of these secret codes were on crack

  28. I see that Gaster blaster Likes to get
    Sit on
    Lucky Him.

  29. Of course Bf is a sonic main i'm pretty sure thats his main thing now

  30. It's always the Undertale bangers, man

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