Friday Night Funkin' VS Cartoon Cat 2.0 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod/V2) (BF/GF/Siren head) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat 2.0 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod/V2) (BF/GF/Siren head)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat V2 (FULL WEEK | 2.0 RELEASE) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle Cartoon Cat, Cartoon Dog, Long Horse and Siren head himself. Trollface/Trollage, a Variation of mickey Mouse named Cheddar from W.I. are here too.
Keneth YT – Director: (Check the April Fools Trailer)

After a few years, the Cartoon Cat mod is finally here with a full v2 update. There are a lot of cool songs here! Just watch week 1 to see what I mean! It’s so good, and you need to play this! While the songs are cool. Amazing story/cutscenes too. Oh yeah, the mod was never cancelled.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend are in the cartoon cat world, can BF & GF beat everyone here? Let’s find out.

FNF: Vs Cartoon Cat Official Twitter:

Cartoon Cat Mod 2.0 Download:

Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. He originated from a Twitter post on August 4, 2018.

Game Note: Monster has returned to do what he should’ve done a long time ago and has taken GF and BF to an abandoned mall, but he doesn’t know who and what is the being that lives in that place… Can GF and BF get out of this situation?

This mod includes:
2 Brand new weeks with a bunch of extras
Extra Songs!!
New Cryptids

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat 2.0 Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Cartoon Cat Animation Preview
01:13 Message
01:29 Disclaimer
01:32 Scary Startup
01:40 Introduction (It’s long)
05:53 Shes asking for help
06:51 Jumpscare
06:59 FNF mod Intro
07:10 Title Screen
07:19 Nugget 1st Dialogue (D-1)
08:08 Menu
08:25 D-2
10:02 Week list
10:18 Cutscenes 1
11:27 1) Fright Fest
14:06 Soy Yo Cartoon Cat (Him too??)
14:33 Cutscenes 2
16:32 D-3
16:50 2) Reruns
18:08 Jumpscare
18:31 Sounds cool
18:47 Cartoon Dog appear
19:11 Cutscenes 3
19:36 3) Equinophobia
20:55 CC shows up
22:15 D-4
23:08 Choose your ending (Option 1)
24:08 Cutscenes 4
25:50 4) That’s All Folks
26:10 Cartoon Cat Transform
27:10 Becomes intense
27:48 Cartoon Dog Kidnaps GF
29:21 Jumpscare (Fake BF/Faker GF)
30:01 Old Cartoon style
30:55 Cutscenes 5
31:59 Lonely Mouse
32:09 Starting up LonelyMouse
32:52 Game Begins (Actually scary, the 1st time at least)
35:51 He’s behind me
36:26 D-5
37:00 Choose your ending (He lied)
37:38 D-6
37:58 Cutscenes 6
38:35 D-7
38:57 5) Turnaround
40:42 Modchart & GF wants to sing too
41:33 Cutscenes 7
43:53 D-8
44:10 6) Hideout
44:53 Shh BF!
45:50 SHH! & GF joins in
46:37 Siren Head appears behind her
46:49 Cutscenes 8 (She mocks & hits GF)
47:27 7) Silver Edge
49:09 Broadcast
50:02 Cutscenes 9
51:30 Cutscenes 10
52:23 Ending & Credits
53:27 Cutscenes 11
54:51 Unlocking Week 3
55:00 8) Kings Birth (he comes out of screen)
57:10 Freeplay & then Unlocking Collab Songs
57:33 9) Muscipula (Cheddar VS Cartoon Cat)
59:00 Floor breaks apart
1:01:19 10) EVILEYEOLD JSON (It glitches throughout)
1:08:08 Game crashes / Scary start up / Poem
1:08:48 11) Siren Head VS Trollface?
1:10:25 Cartoon Cat vs Trollge
1:11:46 D-9 (He warns us about extras)
1:12:38 Extras
1:13:06 Opening
1:13:17 Cutscenes 12
1:13:32 12) Toon Swing (New sprites!)
1:16:38 13) Cartoon Jam
1:18:52 14) Ghoink
1:22:01 15) Patron Saint (GF puts shield on BF if you press space)
1:24:29 16) Hidden Truths
1:27:39 17) Evil Eye
1:29:16 The eyes appear
1:30:17 18) Cursed Cat (Cartoon cat.exe vs BF w/ Cat GF)
1:30:40 Run!
1:31:34 They hide
1:31:57 I Am God!
1:32:32 19) Sana Mi Dolor
1:35:11 We’re Here!
1:35:57 20) Addiction – Song
1:36:46 Phase 2 and BF goofy face when stage transition
1:38:17 D-10 (100% But I used debug tho)
1:38:46 21) Reruns (ALT)
1:41:43 22) Fright Fest – Old
1:44:16 23) Equinophobia
1:46:51 All Bad Endings (Option 2 & Perhaps the meeting was cancelled?)
1:48:20 Tips & Title Screens
1:49:07 D-11 Event
1:49:38 Codes
1:51:18 Characters Bios/Lore
1:51:56 Cartoon Cat Mini game
1:52:19 Game Over Animations
1:57:36 Funny GF & Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Cartoon Cat V2 below:
VS Cartoon Cat (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Trevor Henderson – Made Cartoon Cat:

KenethYT – Director, Artist, Animator:

Credit Ingame, But I’ll add them to a google sheet:

Get the game and support the creators of the FNF: The Full Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ Update | FULL WeekEnd 1 | FNF Update

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Indie Cross V1 Cuphead Sans Bendy:

FNF Silly Billy Hit Single Real

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2024)
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  1. Ven y sana mi doloooooooor, tu eres la cura deste amor

  2. I wish there was an ending were cartoon cat and dog killed bf and gf were the final game before that's all folks


  4. 58:00 Confirmado…??? En un futuro saldra Wednesday Infidelity V3…?? 😮😮😮

  5. le van a hacer rule y (quizas mucha)

    a la chica q CREO que dse llamaba no se que henderson

  6. Since I was a kid I used to like all of those characters not gonna lie

    I didn't cry at all I was 7-8

  7. Has anyone realised that the old version of fright fest is just a fnf remix of a cartoon cat song named "run away"?

  8. Me pregunto que sera ese Qr

  9. Wednesday Infidelity muy god 🗣💥,hablando enserio,me hace muy feliz de ver a Wednesday Infidelity despues de mucho tiempo,y con su colaboración con este mod que voy conociendo y su musica,solo iso que mi felicidad aumente más :'),GRACIAS CARTOON CAT V2!!

  10. I hope Trevor Henderson notice this amazing mod

  11. 10:18 why cartoon cat got gf in that pose💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  12. Is it me or does boyfriend's new voice and vocals in this my son completely different I mean where is this morning by the time we needed some more mods to be updated

  13. El mod de Cartoon más god del mundo 🎉

  14. The part at 48:06 sounds like another song I just cant put my finger on it

  15. The only way to beat cartoon cat is to use toon force against him!


  17. I like how they copied trevor Henderson fan made songs

  18. anybody gonna mention the desktop background at 32:02 ? no? just me then…

  19. Bf and gf aRe generally sthpid WHO THE FUCK WILL RAP WIRH A GIANT 40 FEET SIREN

  20. Bf like :Rap battle me. Siren says: sure but after that I'm gonna eat you and ur girl friend,proceeds to rap forgetting to kill them because he doesn't have to rap if he doesn't want to.

  21. I am going to be so disgusted in the internet's reaction to Luna, aren't i?

  22. evileyeold brought me to tears in fear when i played it

  23. I never thought the day would come but here we are

    Thanks for playing V2, we'll see you again eventually!

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