Friday Night Funkin' VS Bob & Bosip: The EX Update (Full Showcase) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bob & Bosip: The EX Update (Full Showcase)

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Play against Bob and Bosip as they venture into an unfamiliar game! Bob and Bosip were planning to go on with their usual day until they accidentally stumbled across a new game. It doesn’t take them long to realize that they were in a game called Friday Night Funkin’, and they have to beat Boyfriend in a rap battle to escape! This mod includes:

– A main week, plus a bonus week and a crossover week

– 25 playable songs with fun charts of all difficulties, including an EX difficulty for each and every song

– Well voice-acted cutscenes

– New characters with colorfully voice-acted cutscenes

– A new menu & gameplay design including new arrow skins

– Gallery system + Sound Testing + Low Detail Mode for low-end computers + Custom Loading Screen Art

– Many new secrets to be found…

– and so much more!

Loading Screen Art Credits!

AmorAltra – Director and Artist

ash237 – Programmer

Taeyai – Programmer

DPZmusic – Musician of Jump-in

SplatterDash – Musician of Swing

Ardolf – Musician of Split

Yoshexists – Musician of Game Over

LiterallyNoOne – Musician of Oblique Fracture

TheMaskedChris – Main Animator

OhSoVanilla – Main Animator

Bluskys – UI Artist/Voice of Blu

Typic – Animator

FORE – Ending Animation

Literally Nick – Ending Animation

FranB – Assistant Animator

ScorchVx – Assistant Cutscene Artist/Logo Remastering

Ohya – Promotional Art/Cover Art

Jyrocopter – Bob Takeover Concept Designer

KaosKurve – Logo Artist

Rebecca_Doodles – Cutscene Art Touch-ups

NetBa – Assistant Background Artist

SugarRatio – Extra Assets

Cerbera – Charting

MikeTheMagicMan – Voice of Bob

Seabo – Voice of Bosip

AstroSquid – Voice of Girlfriend

Minishoey – Voice of Mini

Jghost – Voice of Jghost

Cerberus – Voice of Cerberus

Cougar MacDowal – Voice of Cerberus

MangooPop – Voice of Ash

Medikuma – Voice of Bobal

Phlox – Bob’s Onslaught Dev (Owner)

Wildy – Bob’s Onslaught Dev (Artist/Animator)

Bon – Bob Takeover EX Backgrounds

Rakurai – Dialogue Writer

Melty – Dialogue Writer

Juniper – Proof Reading/Dialogue Writer

c0rruptzie – Assistant Writer

Vlusky – Video Cutscene Subtitles/Vocals for Split

Dunk0 – Launch Trailer

Pizzapancakess – Expansion Update Trailer

BoomKitty – Walk (Credits Music)

SirHadoken – Old Menu Music

HJfod – Concept Music for Jump-in

Uniimations – Mac Port

BluecheeseYT – Mac Port

KadeDeveloper – Original Engine

Source code:


  1. İs that the dream smp community house before it was blown up in the copy cat song ?

  2. The amount of pAin the team had to go through makes me despise you, amor

  3. This man has changed from the fun gang to the cancelled gang

  4. 😡por que siempre yega un mod que es dificil de descarger siempre en rar y siempre zip yo no se desxargar ese mod namas me falta ron i asi termino el mod yo no como tengo que descargalo facil esto es injusto es una esta uvirasido facil de descargar el mod me sentia bien mesiento furioso😡 sin rar o sin zip solo quiero ese mod en apk me sale un error cuando lo juego me sale algo que no se entiende si ese mod yego a se años tiene que ser un apk facil

  5. Im…dissapointed about you Amor,…a bad person and you shall leave

  6. I only love the mod itself but we all hate amor now

  7. “dude this mod is great”

    “this mod is scary”

  8. I.ini sangat lah keren banget fnf bob and bosip aku sudah main game mod ini terimakasih

  9. Amors mod had been removed due to NSFW art sad that the mod Bob Bosip mode removed form FNF and Friday Fukin sad =‘(

  10. This mod is cool sadly is got amor did a mistake

  11. After the drama I am so surprised that he still uploading

  12. I love groovy brass ex it is my favorite

  13. Hey umm amor why do people keep saying there is this drama about you?? (Can somebody please tell me what’s it’s about bc I don’t know anything about it.) Edit: never mind I found out screw u amor

  14. Literally A Malaysian Guy Who Likes Object Shows says:

    God dammit Amor, you drew NSFW of minors, overworked the B&B team, treating the B&B team like crap when it was delayed, and made Taeyai stressed out. atleast the B&B crew can be free from their suffering from Amor. And every single time I like a fnf youtuber, they do something bad, just like Kelogish, I hope Cesar doesn't do something bad unlike Kelogish and Amor.

  15. Ah yes when armor was a good person but now look at him now

  16. woah what a cool mod, i sure hope one of the dev wasn't abusing their dev team and drawing cp of them behind their back cause that'd really ruin the mod

  17. Can't wait to see a another update amor Altra my little cousins love watch your video

  18. where the tf can i find a reupload of this mod?

    idc about the drama It just looks good dammit.

  19. Can u make a triple trouble cover with Albert/flamingo jake temp and real king bob pls

  20. Hi im a gamer e girl thats 7 year old and somehow has twitter. Do you want?

  21. Altra, are you going to be re-adding the bob and bosip mod on gamebanana. And are you going to continue all the bob and bosip crossovers in general

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