Friday Night Funkin' VS Bob & Bosip: The EX Update (Full Showcase) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bob & Bosip: The EX Update (Full Showcase)

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Play against Bob and Bosip as they venture into an unfamiliar game! Bob and Bosip were planning to go on with their usual day until they accidentally stumbled across a new game. It doesn’t take them long to realize that they were in a game called Friday Night Funkin’, and they have to beat Boyfriend in a rap battle to escape! This mod includes:

– A main week, plus a bonus week and a crossover week

– 25 playable songs with fun charts of all difficulties, including an EX difficulty for each and every song

– Well voice-acted cutscenes

– New characters with colorfully voice-acted cutscenes

– A new menu & gameplay design including new arrow skins

– Gallery system + Sound Testing + Low Detail Mode for low-end computers + Custom Loading Screen Art

– Many new secrets to be found…

– and so much more!

Loading Screen Art Credits!

AmorAltra – Director and Artist

ash237 – Programmer

Taeyai – Programmer

DPZmusic – Musician of Jump-in

SplatterDash – Musician of Swing

Ardolf – Musician of Split

Yoshexists – Musician of Game Over

LiterallyNoOne – Musician of Oblique Fracture

TheMaskedChris – Main Animator

OhSoVanilla – Main Animator

Bluskys – UI Artist/Voice of Blu

Typic – Animator

FORE – Ending Animation

Literally Nick – Ending Animation

FranB – Assistant Animator

ScorchVx – Assistant Cutscene Artist/Logo Remastering

Ohya – Promotional Art/Cover Art

Jyrocopter – Bob Takeover Concept Designer

KaosKurve – Logo Artist

Rebecca_Doodles – Cutscene Art Touch-ups

NetBa – Assistant Background Artist

SugarRatio – Extra Assets

Cerbera – Charting

MikeTheMagicMan – Voice of Bob

Seabo – Voice of Bosip

AstroSquid – Voice of Girlfriend

Minishoey – Voice of Mini

Jghost – Voice of Jghost

Cerberus – Voice of Cerberus

Cougar MacDowal – Voice of Cerberus

MangooPop – Voice of Ash

Medikuma – Voice of Bobal

Phlox – Bob’s Onslaught Dev (Owner)

Wildy – Bob’s Onslaught Dev (Artist/Animator)

Bon – Bob Takeover EX Backgrounds

Rakurai – Dialogue Writer

Melty – Dialogue Writer

Juniper – Proof Reading/Dialogue Writer

c0rruptzie – Assistant Writer

Vlusky – Video Cutscene Subtitles/Vocals for Split

Dunk0 – Launch Trailer

Pizzapancakess – Expansion Update Trailer

BoomKitty – Walk (Credits Music)

SirHadoken – Old Menu Music

HJfod – Concept Music for Jump-in

Uniimations – Mac Port

BluecheeseYT – Mac Port

KadeDeveloper – Original Engine

Source code:


  1. okay, I'm going to forget everything bad that Amoraltra did and I'm going to F*CKING dance with Interwined ex

  2. Is Amor ok tho? Cuz when split EX ended he looked like he hurt himself

  3. "It takes 20 years to build a good reputation, but it takes 5 minutes to ruin it"

    -A crackhead on Twitter I saw

  4. BAB EX Getting Released Only To Crash And Burn Is Kind Of Funny In A Very Sad Way. (I also do feel very bad for everyone who was involved with amor’s crap)

  5. Holy shit this aged worse than the milk in a fridge after the power went out for 3 days.

  6. Such a sweet mod totally like nothing happens to the creator.

  7. I know that amor is a disappointment but why should we involve in all this shit a good fnf mod? Really, why? Split(ex) is a banger, change my mind

  8. I really love how the mod is very well-made! I actually love the character designs, especially i'm gonna simp for Mini's maid outfit 💕

    But the problem is, Amor became very manipulative even when he started yelling at the other developers for missing the deadline. (no devs did nothing wrong) and also he criticized and overworked team members, especially Tae Yai who was sick. And, what I'm saying is, that Amor also drew himself having sex with Blu and Mini, who is 17 (R34 why did you post this?!) Amor made an apology post on Twitter, which had receiceved negativity from the community, who were disappointed in him, telling him to stop thinking about returning. After the controversy, Amor is currently offline and he's no longer returning. Sadly, the mod is now trashed.

    And, most importantly,
    Y E A H B U T T H E R A P Y

  9. Ppl talking on how this mod wasn't gonna end

    Amor a few weeks later: it's over

  10. I wish I could play this but it’s not on knh games 🙁

  11. I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time stair at the silling why I hold back what on my mind!

  12. you imagine your mod was already done on android really only with Ex difficulty on Tutorial and Bob and Bosip waiting for Ex difficulty to be released for all weeks 🙂

  13. Mod vs creator, the other is 10x better, guess which one

  14. I honestly hope that cerbera takes over and keeps everything that was removed from banana and roblox because these mods and songs are so damn amazing I listened to Yap Squad EX every drive to work at night, the bass in it made my speakers alone thump better than any other song I could find out there. It’s a shame though people have to know every little detail someone does and what they’re into. People have their own privacy rights for a reason and unless a rule is broken they shouldn’t be harassed and destroyed for it. That would be like saying (god for Christians) isn’t real and is a complete joke (science may prove it) but we still have to show respect. It’s like the Earth 2 theory on Reddit. Imagine a carbon copy of earth where everyone’s peaceful and respectful, has no wars, no racism, no countries, and focuses all on science and “Vulcan logic”. If we were to do that things on our earth would be so much easier and things wouldn’t constantly be a squabble whit who did what and why they did it and how this person didn’t like them for it etc etc. As I always say, art should be trashed because it’s creator was trash. Each and every famous painting would have been trashed if we kept that logic. Hope everyone has a great 2022 and always keep an open mind

  15. Ex girlfriend and boyfriend and everyone else 8n this mod looks super cool

  16. Halo amor altar saye indonesia coba abang main mlbb tapi live

  17. yeah this game get trashed on game banana and removed on game jolt i think

  18. This was my favorite mod… why must it go this way

  19. AmorAltra а почему мод удолили???

  20. I’m just gonna take this as a “appreciate the art, not the artist” kind of thing from now on tbh


  22. If I had the guts to, I'd definitley make this mod with a blank slate (and also ditching amor) no offense amor, but due to the current contriversies, I cant take any chances

  23. @AmorAltra Please I Know I Will Forgive You I Know I Here To Save You And Both Of You FNF Communitys Amor Will Leave Childen Alone And He Will Come Back To Alive Like Angel And Please Forgive Him Now Or Eles I Will Found Someone Who's Still Not Forgiving Him

  24. This Mod Was Amazing And The EX Remixes Are Made Well, But I'm Sad That This Mod Got Trashed In GameBanana… R.I.P Bob And Bosip Mod And Other Mods That Got Deleted/Trashed. They Will All Be Missed. I First Heard About FNF When I First Seen The Whitty Mod. Then I Seen Your Mod And It Was Amazing To My Eyes. This Mod Will Definitely Go Into The Memories Of A Whole Lot Of People. This Community Is Amazing And I'm Glad This Game Got Popular. It's Only Like 2 Years Old Now! So Hopefully No More Popular Mods Get Deleted… They Are Amazing And I Hope These Mods Don't Get Trashed Either… But R.I.P Bob And Bosip. You And The Team Did Amazing In The Mod And The EX Update. And This Wasn't Even The Final Update And This Got Trashed… (once again) R.I.P… Also The Fun Gang Will Hopefully Still Forgive You… (Hopefully We Will Forgive You For What You Did On Twitter… 💙💛💙💛)

  25. sad thing is the only thing about this mod I like is split ex

  26. Intertwined is a head bobber to the beat and the instrumental 10/10

  27. I love the remixes of the songs more the park ones than the Bob and Ron ones that I keep playing.

  28. these songs are god damn nice!! i wonder what he would do next 🙂

    a few month later
    well he DID a thing…..

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