Friday Night Funkin' VS Bikini Bottom FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/Hard) Spongebob Stress, Patrick Expurgation -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bikini Bottom FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/Hard) Spongebob Stress, Patrick Expurgation

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bikini Bottom Full Week + Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle Patrick, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Squidward in the Spongebob universe. This is the 2nd SpongeBob mod that isn’t a joke mod and as usual, Squidward’s vocal sounds the best. Everything good always happens to Squidward, like In the Trickward mod Squidward was pretty funny, the vs Squidward full week had his original voice that sounded so awesome, and in vs Bikini Bottom, he’s using his clarinet that sounds so good.

We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS Bikini Bottom songs. Bikini Bottom has 5 songs available in this mod. 1 cutscene, 1 week, and two secret songs in Freeplay Spongebob Stress and Patrick Star Bikini Bottom. Can Boyfriend and Girlfriend defeat these creatures under the sea?

Game Note: Squidward is real, and he’s here to rap battle you. There isn’t much else to say.
William is there too. William is a cat. He loves to smile. This mod uses Rozebud’s FPS Plus engine.

Squidward Night Funkin’ (FULL WEEK UPDATE) Timestamp:
00:00 Squidward Animation / Song Preview
00:06 Intro
00:22 Menu
00:32 Cutscenes Dialogue 1
02:09 Mayonnaise Song (Patrick VS Boyfriend)
03:46 Cutscenes Dialogue 2
04:48 FUN Song (SpongeBob VS BF)
06:45 Cutscenes Dialogue 3
07:49 E-minor Song (Squidward VS BF)
10:06 Stresspants Song (Week 7 Stress)
12:12 Patpurgation Song (Expurgation)
15:30 Outro

Mod Creators for Friday Night Site below:
VS Site FULL WEEK (No Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

Fruitsy – Director:

BalloonBoyXd – Co-Director/Dialogue Ideas:

Taeyai – Programmer:

MrStarman18 – Musician/Dialogue Ideas/Charter:

ShawSure – Artist:

Stephen McDannell Hillenburg – Created Spongebob show:

JerPez – BF Holding GF (In The Other Weeks And Mods):

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2021)
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  1. Patricks song is all about mayonnaise😂😂

  2. Patpurgation :

    Spongebob : you not even a friend, you just a evil friend!

    Patrick : evil laugh

  3. If you notice, spongebob's voice is the same as in the vs spong mod.

  4. Hey if they are underwater why don't they have a helmet

  5. I wonder how can boyfriend and girlfriend breathe underwater

  6. Bikini botton Patrick phase 2 tricky phase 4

  7. How even bf and gf even breath?
    This doesn't make any sense

  8. i noticed that spongbobs song is a refrence to the spongebob theme song

  9. I like the mod and think it was nice how they added music from the show in the mod but I think it would've been cool if they based Patrick's song off of some of the music from the episode Band Geeks since it was mainly based off of the Mayonnaise joke

  10. Wait a sec how can they breath under water

  11. Patpurgation is way easier than Expurgation

  12. Patrick was dropping the beat but squidward actually droped fire

  13. Yo th i I the first mod I'm getting when I get a nd lapto charger

  14. aw hell nah tey git aspomg bop dong the rab batle

  15. Sqidaward s clarinet GOOOOOOOOOD S PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Una canción me recordó la semana 7 de pagman

  17. They should have used boyfriend’s vocals from
    Stress (tankman) in this mod instead because it sounds better.

  18. Hahaha IM TRYING NOT TO LAFGHT AT PAGERK MUSIC LET ME tell you on the replays ok

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