Friday Night Funkin' VS Bear5 Retake: Deathwish + All Endings (FNF MOD/Five Nights at Freddy's/FNaF) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bear5 Retake: Deathwish + All Endings (FNF MOD/Five Nights at Freddy’s/FNaF)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bear5 Retake: Deathwish) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time Pico must face Bear 5, a parody version of Freddy Fazbear.
pouko – Gamebanana submitter:

In this video, I’ll show all of the endings you can get in Bear5 Retake: Deathwish. To get the secret ending you must talk to Charlotte Emily & complete the song with less than 10 misses, but no matter which ending you get, Pico will not be able to save Boyfriend. BF will suffer the same fate in both endings. Girlfriend (GF) isn’t in the mod.

The mod has 1 song. We’ll be playing VS Bear5 Retake All Song on very hard.

FNaF is based on Five Nights at Freddy’s Series. Instead of getting jumpscares, you can create parties and go on adventures with these new Adventure Animatronics!

vs Bear5 – Retake FNF Mod Download:

Vs Bear 5 (Original! Think about trying this out too, I showed it off in this video)

Game Note: A man’s body was found in a burned-down pizzeria. There was a blue suit covered in carbon, the police department is unable to tell what caused this accident, and the identity of the victim remains unknown. A hidden room was found, and the key to resolving the archived case of 5 missing children couldn’t be closer to get, but what door could it open?

bear 5 is a parody version of Freddy Fazbear cropped from an edited image of the “Thank You” image from

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bear 5 Retake Timestamp:
00:00 Song Preview + Game Over Animation
00:28 Quick Message
00:34 Warning
00:37 Menu & Options
00:51 Story Mode Begins
01:00 Finding Charlotte Emily
01:26 Found Secret Passage
02:04 Speaking to Charlotte
02:45 Walking back (Fast Forwarding)
03:08 A lot of bodies, we are close
03:21 BF is a goner
04:01 1) Deathwish – Song (Bear 5 vs Pico)
05:23 Transition to third person
06:28 Bear 5 Grabs Pico’s Throat
06:42 The children are appearing (They only appear after talking to Charlotte)
07:38 Good Ending
08:31 New Menu
08:41 Credit
09:07 Characters (Extras)
09:22 Concepts (Extras)
10:02 What if you get the Bad Ending?
10:40 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS FNaF Bear5 Retake below
VS Bear5 Retake FULL WEEK – Animatronic Funkin’ (No Cutscenes) DL:

pouko – Main coder, animator, artist:

Dj_TryAgain – Composer of menu and credits theme:

CheeseWithCake – Composer of ‘Deathwish’:

catmania – Charter:

Scott Cawthon – Created FNAF:

Squimpus – Created FNAF VHS:

JR’s (fangame) – Five Nights at JR’s Some audio assets:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Game Over Screens & Pico:

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ Full Game but The Mom Sings it:

FNAF World but it’s 10 times harder than Hard Mode

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Rainbow Friends (Roblox Rainbow Friends Chapter 1)

Animatronic BF & GF from Five Night At Funkin | Funkin Night At Freddy’s

FNF VS Freddy Beatbox, FNAF Security Breach in a Nutshell

Friday Night Funkin’ VS 5 AM at Freddy’s The Prequel

FNF VS Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 FULL WEEK (Toy Chica Foxy Bonnie) (FNF Mod/FNaF 2)

Friday Night Funkin’ Funkin’ at Freddy VS Afton FULL WEEK + Scott Cawthon, Matpat

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. from joke mod to high effort masterpice, truly an era we live in

  2. Man, they turned from an joke mod to an horror mod, it’s insanely good lol.

  3. Why is Henry burning? I thought Willam was the big bad

  4. We should expand this into full on lore-

  5. There needs to be a fnf mod where u rap battle william afton and the missing children

  6. Bf look like he came straight out of a LiveLeak video

  7. Wow so cool I really love this mod

  8. this mods fire !
    but, is it just me.. or is picos voice quiet..?

  9. he looks like that bear blue springlock animatronic suit from the novels and i like it

  10. Holy Crap This Is Awesome.Out Of All The Other FNAF Mods,This Has To Be My Favorite,And Pico Actually Made An Appearance During This Mod.This Mod Is Cool In Game Style And Horror Style In My Opinion❤.

  11. Stamp Song
    4:01 Deathwish
    5:22 Transition To The Third Person
    6:32 Bear 5 Grabs Pico’s Throat
    6:43 The Children Are Appearing (They Only Appear After Talking To Charlotte
    7:39 Good Ending
    10:03 What If You Get The Bad Ending
    10:40 Outro

    Used If You Wanna Skip The Cutscenes

  12. I love how in the thrid person, every arrow that Bear 5 does turns him into a different version of Freddy:

    Up = Funtime Freddy
    Down = Adventure Freddy
    Left = Nightmare Fredbear
    Right = Toy Freddy

  13. This is a godot engine port. Some benchmark shows that C++ is 2 times faster than Haxe (the language the original fnf is written in).

    However, special tools are required in order to extract assets, which are readily available after a little lookup.

  14. I see the first phase bear5 sprites like the Mario Madness its a me sprites

  15. Is this mod based on the very old that Purple Guy used a Freddy Fazbear suit instead of the Spring Bonnie costume? That theory of course was disproven with the release of FNAF 3 but the theory can be traced back to the FNaF 1 or 2 days. Oh wait, nevermind.

  16. Using the different variation of Freddy during the third-person portion of Deathwish is a freaken fantastic idea

  17. Remeber the green fox? Blud got dismantled.

  18. I didn’t know that Bear5 did the Mario.EXE idle pose.

  19. Bear5 is in the pose of Mario.exe wierd

  20. And also pick is flipping bear5 the bird

  21. 1:30 the way you kept bumping into the walls was funny for no reason😭

  22. I like how start of this 6:28 part bear5 icon can copy the face when he do any pose

  23. I might be wrong but in 6:46 the red character might be old man consequences

  24. 7:48 Pico got slaughtered, The only way he would've escaped his fate if he had his trustworthy weapon, What a shame but it did kill Henry though so it was worth something. Pico's death will be in vain.



  26. The mod is awesome what I like is that they switch William with Henry since it's a different type of fnaf game

  27. I feel stupid for just now realizing the sprites were nightmare fredbear/nightmare, (I always realized toy Freddy) I don’t know the up and I guess withered Freddy is down..? Also funny how they switched it around with the villain

  28. I would imagine bf (not in this mod) roasting him like: “Your just underswap but Fnaf.” and “Bruh, at least afton made a better name for the bear then Bear5.” (No offense, just for fun)

  29. bear5 sounds like scooby from rememberence

  30. If you don't talk to Charlotte, and get 10 misses you get bad-bad ending.(logic)

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