Friday Night Funkin vs Alphabet Lore (FNF MOD) -

Friday Night Funkin vs Alphabet Lore (FNF MOD)

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Friday Night Funkin vs Alphabet Lore
— Link mod:
– FNF vs Alphabet Lore (vs F):
– Alphabet Night Funkin’:
– Vs. Alphabet Lore A:
00:00 Game Over Screen
00:40 FNF vs Alphabet Lore (vs F)
5:56 Alphabet Night Funkin’
8:54 Vs. Alphabet Lore A
10:38 Outro
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  1. 9:28

    This is the worst FNF related thing I have ever seen.

    Absolute garbage.

  2. So are we not gonna talk abt how it’s on botplay?

  3. Bro the 3rd song has to be a fanmade of a different song I swear

  4. This is lit (⁠✷⁠‿⁠✷⁠)🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  5. alphabet night funkin hits harder than welcome old 💀

  6. The mod is shit even the background is low quality

  7. This is five nights at Freddy‘s sing that N was rapping

  8. I have an idea for a J part

    J would sing notes in the shape of a J and then BF would repeat it and then J would die like they do in the actual Alphabet Lore

  9. I like how they added black background on the nightmare

  10. 1.:F vs bf-2:F vs N-3:N vs A-4:Cabby-Idk

  11. Cloe fox wildcraft x christmas (Account update!) says:


  12. I got ab ad about this when clicked this video

  13. This is so popular that lankybox watched this

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