Friday Night Funkin': V.S. KittenStein | FULL SHOWCASE -

Friday Night Funkin’: V.S. KittenStein | FULL SHOWCASE

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After a month or so of work, it’s finally complete! Thus marks the first mod created by the KS Production Team. I had the pleasure of working alongside such wonderful, talented people who are all in the credits of this mod AND video which you should check out! (Click their icons to get linked to their socials)

Hope you guys enjoy, and please tag me if you do gameplay of it! If you want updates, let me know. I’m so excited to have more original content out for you all (and if you like what I’m doing, consider supporting me on Kofi and Patreon)!


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★BUSINESS CONTACT: [email protected]
Q: What programs do you use?
A: Toon Boom Harmony, Animate, After Effects, Movie Studio, and Procreate.

Q: Do you accept commissions?
I announce when I open for art commissions on my Instagram. Any bigger commissions such as animations would be discussed via my business email. I do not work for free.
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  1. I love your use of the loading screen style of the characters! It looks awesome!

    Edit: I love how he literally doesn’t have a microphone and the wonderfully exaggerated poses!

  2. I need these on Spotify, they are total bops 🦈🤙

  3. Am I the only one that thinks of Hall of the Mountain King when they hear this?

  4. KittenSneeze is rising in this world

  5. Ayoooooooo this might be the best FNF out there!!! Lucky to be a small part of it! 😀

  6. Yo, I don't dabble too much in FNF but this is a slapper. Leave it to KittenSneeze to get me to like something I didn't really like before


    ive been a fan for like 5 years this is awesome

  8. By far… the best fnf period. Love how you’re growing. I hope you get paid enough to animate to your heart’s content. We love your work!!

  9. 0:00 Channel Intro
    0:10 Mod Intro/Menu
    0:59 Cutscene
    1:31 Dialogue 1
    2:22 Stein's Lab – Muscape
    4:43 Dialogue 2
    5:18 It's Alive (It's Dead) -Foodieti
    6:15 "Hold still this isn't gonna hurt…a lot laughter*. It's alive it- oh, no. *Ha ha No, it's gonna be dead *laughter*"
    7:37 Dialogue 3
    8:04 Freeplay Menu
    8:28 Credits
    9:04 Patreon/End

  10. You wanna know what would be funny if you were to input some code for that unplanned 3rd

  11. I like it, but what that death screen look like?

  12. Guess girlfriend really likes being tied and restrained to a board

  13. man no wonder the songs were good Silva was on this

    overall you did a very important thing right, the story is simple and the music is good enough where it can be listened too outside the context of the game itself

  14. Hello!I love your videos!! Keep it up😊😊

  15. This just made me remember that the original creators intended to do a full game for FNF. Now I’m wondering how they are going to compete with all the talented creators who did all of these mods.

  16. I absolutely love the "Hall of the Mountain King" motifs in the first track. It's one of my favorite classic instrumentals 😀

  17. This is an all out grab bag of fun! I love the artstyle and animation, it's very expressive and the colors are amazing to look at! I hope this love gets even more love!

    And the differently colored arrows are so cool

  19. I love girlfriend in the background just being like "Ay bro, this good music"

  20. I have one word… phenomenal perfection masterpiece. Wait did I say one

  21. Вау, это очень красиво 😮

  22. I love the mod! Shoutout to dancetrap for working on it.

  23. I swear your color palettes are alway just, mwah chef’s kiss

  24. I Like How The Into To The First Song Has A Resemblance To Mickey's House Of Mouse Villians Holiday Special

  25. This entire Mod is honestly banger, From the songs, the Cutscenes, the sprites, it's honestly Really refreshing to see a mod not based around a game or a cartoon candy franchise.

  26. 🔥𝕎𝕖𝕚𝕣𝕕_𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕖👁 says:

    this was a wonderful mod i can't wait to play it

  27. The second song slaps hard, great job kittensneeze

  28. Anyone else think the first song sounds like Hall of the Mountain King?

  29. the beginning song is half sonic saz lol

  30. honestly it seems like gf is just hanging out

  31. This was absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see what’s next! 🎉 what a treat!

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