Friday Night Funkin' Sonic.EXE V3.0 Restored / Sonic (FNF Mod/Encore + Cover) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic.EXE V3.0 Restored / Sonic (FNF Mod/Encore + Cover)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic.EXE V3.0 Restored / Sonic (FNF Mod/Encore + Cover) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a Friday Night Funkin’ Here is what is left of the Sonic mod.
FNF Sonic.exe Unused Files brings the songs, sprites, charts and more from VS Sonic.EXE 3.0, actually they are not all the things that the mod had, but we will keep updating the mod.

Sonic.EXE V3.0 Restored

Hypno’s Lullaby Z-SIDES

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  1. Just be careful to not name the thing Restored because there’s already a mod called like this

  2. Cual es el nombre de la Segunda Última ?

  3. neither effort in the songs nor in the sprites

  4. fueras usado la voz del mod original de NMI esa esta mas chida

  5. Muy buenos los sprites de Soul Eggman
    Pero que nadie puede hacer sprites de Génesis para Burning?

  6. Pq pusieron sprites de Soul Eggman en vez de Genesys 😭😭😭

  7. This old Fakebaby sounds like Encounter why

  8. hey just checked thres no downlaod or well there is they just deleted it, but i really need those god complex sprites if anyone downloaded the mod before it was canned can someone send me the link to those sprites? since nobody recrated the sprites and i wanna port this song myself but whit sprites of the actual character

  9. Didn’t we have the 4.5 already or am i being mandela effected here

  10. Good video, I love it so much! 😄😉😇

  11. I couldn't add the Too slow GF motives of another artist

  12. the best Sonic Exe mod ever made! ^^


  14. 0:03 wait, wasn't fakebaby No More Innocence vs Daddy Dearest, why is BF there

  15. Te felicito por el regreso de sonic restored muy buen trabajo 👍 👏 👌

  16. The legend continues we will never forget sonic.exe

  17. Jaja si que añadieron los sprites de mi bro para universal collapse

  18. they stoled my assets AND WHERE IS MY CREDITS!!!????

  19. This is really good when community can always help owners or restore their content.

  20. I'm now even gonna ask why African fatal error's song is named fakerbaby

  21. songs listed
    1 fake baby
    2 shocker
    3 gore fest
    4 universal collapse
    5 god-complex
    6 melting
    7 burning

  22. fnf melting just gave me the chills but its still Goated

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