Friday Night Funkin' - Ruv vs. Whitty (Zavodila) [Sarvente vs. Whitty Demo Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Ruv vs. Whitty (Zavodila) [Sarvente vs. Whitty Demo Mod]

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Zavodila (Vs Whitty Remix):

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  1. *gf and bf ahhhhh ruv stop witty we met you in the alley way

  2. Российский басс рува или американский электрогитара Уиттй?

  3. Whitty doesn't even sound like his actual self tho.

  4. Whitty’s voice: guitar sound :like a eletric guitar

  5. Whitty is hitting the sound to make it harder to have a sound of an electric guitar

  6. Whitty: spams notes and completly rages
    The scenario: im fine
    Ruv: plays calmly and with the mic off
    The scenario: OMG IM BREAKING

  7. Ngl, Whitty sounds like an electric organ

  8. Uh this arrow whitty is cursed no ruv

  9. Whitty parece a Whitty parece a Whittered chica cantando '-'

  10. Teck Yee Loh And Titanosaurus Productions 2023 says:

    They are arguing in Funktopia high school while Popo and yum are watching!

  11. ruv sounds like hes taking a dump and banging the wall

  12. ruv would win because his microphone is damaged and he is only in his first phase

  13. Ruv wins because Whitty cant shake the earth but Ruv can=Ruv can blow up his eardrums 🦻

  14. Ruv sei Sposato? Vabbè ma volevo solo dirti che tu sei il mio preferito io Sento sempre Le tue canzoni

  15. Ruv in 0:190:33 ruv is drunk on VODKA and whitty is saying “stop drinking vodka”

  16. عندك كتاب حاسب؟ إذا عندك عطني و فقط فصل دراسي ثاني و اعطيك تمام 👍🏻

  17. Strength: ruv speed: whitty
    durability: ruv IQ: Ruv Hax: whitty AP/DC: ruv abilities: ruv KI: Whitty overall: Ruv.

  18. Fun fact: Ruv was promised immortality by god if he preotected sarvente

  19. Ruv: destroying a building

    Whitty: blows up a building once ruv plays a note

  20. curious fact ruv had the microphone turned off and his voice is that strong

  21. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. whitty:*becomes balistic when missing notes*

  23. a russian man who can cause an earthquake by singing battles a american bomb who sounds litirally a guitar

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