Friday Night Funkin' Reimagined - Week 4 [FANMADE] -

Friday Night Funkin’ Reimagined – Week 4 [FANMADE]

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0:01 – Satin Panties Erect (@KawaiSprite )
2:01 – High Erect (Kohta Takahashi & @KawaiSprite )
3:51 – Milf Erect FANMADE (@ezhaltd)

Assets Used (in case anyone wanna knows what script i used):

from Animania May Build

Cam Follow
i don’t actually know who made it, but edited by me for the x and y coords)

colored icons:

Lua Stage Recreation

Now Playing Script
@air-cooled-mini-vega also from void reimagined

Badapple event (i got it from @GuillermoJ_is_cool endeavors video)

Hide Opponent Notes: me

Erect Remixes


limo stage remade: me, i made like the hd, also sunset bg from d sides 3.0

Insert Coin Botplay: me (not my idea but from @JorgeX_YT )

Scoretext: MINE

Custom Number 1: MINE

PhantomMuff 1.5? I’m not sure if this is the right font

Ratings in TopLeft: not mine but edited by me

BF Zero v2: @zeroanimation2482
Zero Week 4: @JorgeX_YT
edited to classic hat and shoes by me

fnf reanimated pack

Vignette: MINE

This is for the algorithm XD
Friday Night Funkin is an upcoming rhythm video game developed by Funkin’ Crew Inc. and released on Newgrounds in 2020. The game is developed by a small group called The Funkin’ Crew Inc., which consists primarily of Cameron “ninjamuffin99” Taylor, David “PhantomArcade” Brown, Isaac “Kawai Sprite” Garcia, evilsk8r. The game is also open-source. It shares some gameplay features with Dance Dance Revolution, PaRappa the Rapper, and the “Dance Contest” minigame from Club Penguin, and borrows aesthetic influences from Flash games. The game has been credited with driving users back to Newgrounds, a site that rose in popularity in the early 2000s.

The game revolves around the player character, Boyfriend, who must defeat a variety of opponents in singing and rapping contests in order to continue dating his love interest, Girlfriend. Gameplay involves hitting notes with timed inputs while avoiding running out of health for the duration of the song.

The game was initially created for the Ludum Dare 47 game jam on October 5, 2020. An expanded demo was released on November 1, 2020, with updates continually released in the following months. A full version of the game backed by Kickstarter, titled Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game, is in development.

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin


  1. ….be real with yourself, you came here cuz you wanted to see the “distraction mechanics” on mommy mearest

  2. Third here 5e4 😎 this looks absolutely friking awesome man this is definitely the best fanmade reimagined 🤩👍🔥🔥

    Also I'll add in timestamps here too

    0:00 day 1 Satin panties Erect KawaiSprite Mix
    2:00 day 2 High Erect

  3. Bro can i work on ur mod ill do the events

  4. Part of it reminds me of the discord ringtone

  5. Does the “Insert Coin” mean there’s multiplayer?

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