Friday Night Funkin Project 2023 Teaser 2 -

Friday Night Funkin Project 2023 Teaser 2

MORØ Nighteye
Views: 135150
Like: 13743
Art by @IkuAldena
Music by @RayCasarezMusic

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  1. Porque demandante a al sho de indi Cros de un yutuber

  2. Cool, I always thought your oc was yourself

  3. Oh I thought this was an update for Indie Cross

  4. Certainly looks like it's going to have high quality and be interesting, looking forward to it.

  5. This is it the last mod of morø nighteye he will leave community fnf this is the last mod making

  6. yeah like if we would believe in you, you are gonna do the SAME THING THAT VS IMPOSTOR V4 DID
    pd:if you dont know vs impostor v4 dured 2 years of development

  7. No lore???
    Sounds suspicious that you decided to put that in there

  8. Wow and can't wait for this and more indie cross

  9. Bro is making an anime in friday night funkin

  10. Will FNF Indie Cross add a week to Minecraft?

  11. “The wild Moro lurks in the trees awaiting its prey, ready to pounce its target at any moment”

    This FNF Mod:hey lets strait to the point!

  13. It feels like a new game
    But its just a mod

  14. This man has godly like powers in animation. Like seriously can we get this guy to at least 2 million subscribers he deserves it!

  15. Looking forward To Watch All of yoooo Videos 😀

  16. Que Hermosos Momentos Cuando Esto Éra Famoso😔

  17. I thought you made Indie Cross Series first ?

  18. Omg this mod amazing i can't wait

  19. ok who tf are the 111 people who disliked this

  20. This hes another clickbait for clowfoe?
    Lol idk

  21. If pizza tower is an indie game does that mean it has a chance of being added to indie cross?

  22. I really value music that goes in fnf mods
    Indie Cross' one had been real good, im sure this gonna be cool too

  23. (Indie cross)-week 1(cuphed) week 2 (sans) week 3 (bendy) week 4 (hollow knite) week 5 (baldi) week 6 (selesta) week ??? (dark gf) (fnf Project) (charters name)- Sandra (like cute cats) (don`t like math and fight) Carl (like sing) (don`t like volleyball and dogs) Henry (like fight) (don`t like ice-cream) .


  25. Esperemos que haya valido la pena el tiempo que has perdido en esa cosa🗿

  26. thank goodness they only said this year, or some crybaby’s are gonna cry about how it didn’t come out on that day due to errors

  27. I just want to clear some things out for new Viewers! 😀

    This FNF mod has Nothing to do with FNF Indie cross Nor the Indie cross Series
    Also the character is Called Silex! He's the Mascot of my channel 🙂

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