Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - Tricky Version 2 Mod + Cutscenes & Extras [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – Tricky Version 2 Mod + Cutscenes & Extras [HARD]

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This was absolutely insane. I am completely speechless at the quality of this mod once again. Banbuds and the entire Tricky team completely outdid themselves in every single regard. This mod was CRAZY, definitely one of my favorites and will probably stay that way for a REAAALLY long time, if not forever. It’s got such a special place in my heart for so many reasons, I won’t be forgetting about it anytime soon. The animated cutscenes looked SO stunning, it’s honestly incredible what they accomplished with this mod. And the songs, my god, they are breathtakingly good. Not to mention the gameplay itself, the gimmicks, especially in the 4th song are INSANE, incredibly tough mod, but I managed to do it and I’m really happy with it, even though the accuracy isn’t the best unfortunately. I cannot wait to see more mods from @Banbuds, whatever he makes, it’ll be absolutely legendary. Now that the clown is dead, only Shaggy remains… Hope you guys enjoy!
Link to mod:

0:00 – Improbable Outset – Cutscene
0:15 – Improbable Outset
2:04 – Madness – Cutscene
2:19 – Madness
4:52 – Hellclown – Cutscene
5:49 – Hellclown
9:36 – Final Cutscene
11:05 – Expurgation

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  1. knocks hank out of existence
    “wait shit i didn’t mean to do that HANK WHERE ARE YOU-“

  2. Osumania and Robeats player : "bruh this is too easy"

  3. Tricky: is fucking huge and can literally eat Bf and kill him
    Bf:how bout we have a rap battle and if u lose i become free for no reason?

  4. Alternate title: Tricky being triggered for 14 and a half minutes.

  5. finnaly i found your channel after 10 hours of searching and you very good to fnf my friend was right

  6. 6:52 Escucho a Tricky gritar "HANK!!" . _.
    No se si ustedes lo escuchan pero bueno HAHA
    Edit 3 :Lo edite para poner 6:52 xd Porque había puesto 6:51


  8. Rock stars can only WISH to have a singing voice like Tricky's.

  9. Some person with autism and like the medical field says:

    As a great clown said “cookie”

  10. In Russia you do not kill the clown in the clown kills YOU

  11. Fun fact: trickys scream is the loudest in the entire fnf francise

    Everyone in Nevada can hear Tricky from a 5 mile radius

  12. According to Krinkels, the creator of Tricky, this is canon to Madness Combat.

  13. Tricky like I am racist let me smell my pants it was just cause you to call me a nail

  14. Están pasando mil cosas:
    GF: todo tranqui

  15. why does bf’s hair doing that thing when he does the left right up and down poses?

  16. What needs to get done to put these songs on Spotify? Hell there’s quite a few FNF songs that I wouldn’t mind on Spotify, but that a comment for another day. Also great job keep it up.

  17. why 3:13 tricky sounds like he's saying ooga booga (inaudible) the auditor the auditor you'll see through the fucking gates of hell!!!!! cause i hope im not the only one like this…

  18. In Hellclown, when the song starts getting really fast. I can't help but imagine Tricky as a Karen talking to a manager, because of the animations.

  19. danggg im still practicing to get this good nice job dude

  20. Man, i love that final
    The auditor watching and the music with him, just so epic


  22. Ok now you have too tell me is your hand in hospital due to all those bars you were hitting and not hitting the bombs

  23. Here, my guys, is where Banbuds gained his deserved popularity…

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