Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - Sunky: The Mod (Demo) Mod [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – Sunky: The Mod (Demo) Mod [HARD]

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REALLY underrated mod, I really enjoyed going through it!! I’m glad someone finally made an independent Sunky mod and for a demo it’s genuinely really cool! It’s definitely got a ton of potential, which I really hope to see in later updates, all the songs sound great and the sprites are fantastic, they’re super cute, especially that tapping down sprite, I love it! Some voice volumes should definitely be bumped up a bit, but other than that the songs were really fun to listen through and play, I can already see a lot of cool stuff that could happen in this mod! I think it’d be really dope if at the end of the week Sunky just feeds BF cereal in his original style, I think that’d be a cool idea! Can’t wait to see other updates to this mod! Hope you guys enjoy!
Link to mod:

0:00 – Level Fun
1:45 – Gotsa Go Fest
3:24 – Epic Sunkdown

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  1. Sunky vocals sounds like old Agoti vocals

  2. Well the mod is not bad although the voice is there more or less (I would have liked a More or less a voice like the sunky.mpeg if the custom I suppose) It's still a demo I guess so I hope they release the full mod

  3. Make a video on how to draw this is sunky idle animation

  4. I've been a supporter of this mod and I'm so happy to see it finally come out, and even better than I expected!

  5. This is good but it would be really cool if he had a. ALT animation

  6. funny sunky man got his own fnf mod

  7. 2:06 wait that reminds me of a mod flippy never played in his whole rhythm game career

  8. 0% cutscenes
    0% third song transformation
    100% Sunky

  9. I’m one of the mod developers lol more epic stuff is coming

  10. Lmao Sunky doesn't open his mouth when singing


  12. Shout out flippy
    Im a fan youre the reason why im good at fnf

  13. Vs Bex Its out now!!! Can play it?

  14. top 10 spinoffs that are better than the source game

  15. Kinda upset he doesn't have the goofy voice from the milk song in vs exe

  16. I love the animation sonic but the sonic exe is very scary so l love the song

  17. Finally sunky have own mod
    And also I had idea when I see this and I wish because a cool mod

  18. 🎄Leon The English Spanish Guy🎄 says:

    It's nice for the badly drawn cereal-loving hedgehog to get a solo mod. I'm surprised he doesn't have the voice from the Sonic.exe mod, but still, good mod!

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