Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - Sunky: The Mod (Demo) Mod [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – Sunky: The Mod (Demo) Mod [HARD]

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REALLY underrated mod, I really enjoyed going through it!! I’m glad someone finally made an independent Sunky mod and for a demo it’s genuinely really cool! It’s definitely got a ton of potential, which I really hope to see in later updates, all the songs sound great and the sprites are fantastic, they’re super cute, especially that tapping down sprite, I love it! Some voice volumes should definitely be bumped up a bit, but other than that the songs were really fun to listen through and play, I can already see a lot of cool stuff that could happen in this mod! I think it’d be really dope if at the end of the week Sunky just feeds BF cereal in his original style, I think that’d be a cool idea! Can’t wait to see other updates to this mod! Hope you guys enjoy!
Link to mod:

0:00 – Level Fun
1:45 – Gotsa Go Fest
3:24 – Epic Sunkdown

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  1. If they had put the voice of milk it would be better I think

  2. Agree with Flippy that some vocals need to have better levels for us to properly hear. It is kinda taken over by the instrumentals. So Sunky!!! I kinda expected him to have a much more exaggerated pose but these are charming as well! Love the fact that he isn’t even opening his mouth (presumably chewing his cereal (*^▽^*)). The songs are great as well! Difficulty is pretty high but this mod looks really promising! Also it’s Sunky (/^▽^)/

  3. Yaaas queen
    Sunky Mod 🙂

    Bonus: milk and cereal

  4. Petition to see Sunky’s arm extends (comically if you will) just to give BF a spoonful of cereal

  5. Fun fact: at the beginning of the song "level fun" theres a missingo song reference (yes i may be crazy)

  6. Damn the song is a good I made a lyrics lol

  7. That's…. a really disappointing voice for Sunky, or maybe it's because his vs sonic.exe's voice is just perfect.

  8. Creo que el instrumental opaca mucho la voz de sunky creo que hubiera sido mejor poner el soundfondt de la voz de vs Sonic.exe
    I think the instrumental overshadows sunky's voice a lot. I think it would have been better to put the soundfondt of vs Sonic.exe's voice

  9. When you don't know who sunky is: 👀


    I love him

  11. So, a lot of people are complaining/are disappointed that Sunky doesn't have the voice from the Sonic.exe mod, but in my eyes at least, I think that's just because Sunky's mouth is closed, and I think the Sonic-y sounds work well for the little guy.

    My only real complaint/criticism is that the music for the second song sounds just a little bit dissonant, especially when compared to the vocals. But besides that, this is a pretty solid mod all around! I look forward to seeing where they take this one!

  12. This has to be one of the most fun charts I've ever seen!

  13. did anyone else hear manifest at the beginning or it was just me?

  14. He doesn’t need to open his mouth that’s how good he is lol

  15. i really did wish that they would take the old vocals, but keep the songs, this is a bop

  16. The reason he sounds like that is because we didn't wanna copy VS Sonic.exe, and he never really spoke in the original games. Also the vocal volumes need a bit of tweaking, but I say me and the team did pretty good for an alpha test. Suggestions are always welcome.

    Also, Thanks for playing!

  17. See this to me is just beautiful it give me memories when i play first Sunky Games then ah Sonic One

  18. Hey Flippy, Im one of the creators of this mod and I have say thanks for playing our mod! This is just a demo, Most things are gonna get revamped in the future.

    Edit: Voicing Acting and Cutscenes will be added too 😊.

  19. Making is down arrow animation the waiting pose is genius.
    Good fc as always!

  20. im very surprised theres no mod based off mlg sonic yet.

  21. Milk and Cereal milk and cereal ceral and milk

  22. hi guys I'm a mod dev for this mod, but I won't be credited for the work until like uhh, the next update, so I hope you guys can stick around for the next round!

  23. I gotta admit that im mad because it doesnt have the same music quality as the vs sonic.exe mod but atleast this isn't a bad mod, but i would'nt listen to this tracks more than one time.

  24. If you guys are disappointed in why Sunky doesn't have the Sonic.exe Sunky voice
    Well it's because this mod was in development before Sunky was even in the vs Sonic.exe mod

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