Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - Lullaby Mod + Cutscenes & Extras [HARD] *Read Description* -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – Lullaby Mod + Cutscenes & Extras [HARD] *Read Description*

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Note: Some flashing lights, spooky stuff and jumpscares, watch at your own discretion!

Man. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this mod. This was one of the craziest, coolest, most incredible mods I have EVER played. I can’t express with words how much I enjoyed myself playing through all of it!!! Just the entire concept of it is so insanely awesome, all the coolest, most interesting pokemon creepypastas in one mod, all of them with their own twists and artstyles, it’s just WAY too cool! All of the art is absolutely STUNNING, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering Banbuds worked on it, but I still think he absolutely out performed himself in every way possible. I love how GF looks!! Her new style is so cool looking, I really like the more laid back looking version of her! Hypno himself looks incredible as well, just… literally everything in this mod looks awesome, and all the different animations they all have, it’s just mind blowing how much time and effort must’ve been put into this!!! And all the gimmicks my GOD, I cannot express how cool the pendulum gimmick, the typing gimmick and the glitching gimmick are. And they were all SO DAMN HARD, as you can also see by my awful accuracy in Missingno hehe, not too proud of that score, but I just can’t wrap my head around this gimmick and this was the best score with an FC that I got! Also because of this mod I’m now fluent in Unown! God, I love this mod so damn much, the entire team did an INCREDIBLE mod with it!!! Hope you guys enjoy and happy halloween!

Link to mod:

0:00 – Safety Lullaby
2:52 – Left Unchecked
5:50 – Monochrome
8:38 – Missingno

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  1. I think being drunk makes you easier to hypnotize

  2. I play Roblox and dad is a creepy pasta

  3. Did y’all see that ghost behind gf? Or am I trippin because I rewinded it and saw it oml 😰

  4. I like how the intro to the first song is an 8-bit version of the Lavender Town theme in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. If it’s another game welp I haven’t played any other Pokémon games yet

  5. I remember seeing NICE C*CK as one of the lines you had to type. It was in a different video.

  6. fnf then : haha funny rhythm
    fnf now : five nights at freddy's

  7. I think this was based on some of the Pokémon Creepy pasta Myths

    or was it real?

  8. Dog deep fried in oil until evenly golden and crisp says:


  9. The songs slap there's a mechanic in every song but on thing I love is the detail example in golds mouth it stretches properly and you can see the nose hole were the nose connects and went he does his up sprite his cloth slightly bag rippa job banbuds

  10. I do wonder why people make hypno to be so creepy in general?, Is it because of looks or because of a Pokedex entry that says they hypnotize people and do whatever?

    Or is it just people latching onto a concept about a pokemon being a creepy weirdo?, I'm pretty sure drifblim kidnapping kids and some other pokemon stuff is creepier than a yellow creature with neck fluff

  11. People with adhd ain’t gettin hypnotized

  12. Hell mode is so Hard Mode i got Killed so much time and fnf is easy

  13. Why does hypno in his second song look like a turkey-?

  14. first song background song is lavender town

  15. Gf is a demon maybe that's why she can't get hipnotized

  16. Buried alive and the white hands could make some good enemies ad well

  17. Missingno buddy your breaking my game hun..

  18. hypno: singing about haunting your dreams
    the captions: Âm Nhạc, nhà nghỉ

  19. Hypno is me trying to get people to love Bonk! Atomic Punch as much as I do

  20. I can defenetly see you're inspired by pokemon..

  21. It is genuinely weird to me that the creator of this mod said its ending is canon especially when BF has a canonical super form.

  22. craziest part is that this actually happened to someone in the pokemon universe once

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