Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - Lullaby Mod + Cutscenes & Extras [HARD] *Read Description* -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – Lullaby Mod + Cutscenes & Extras [HARD] *Read Description*

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Note: Some flashing lights, spooky stuff and jumpscares, watch at your own discretion!

Man. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this mod. This was one of the craziest, coolest, most incredible mods I have EVER played. I can’t express with words how much I enjoyed myself playing through all of it!!! Just the entire concept of it is so insanely awesome, all the coolest, most interesting pokemon creepypastas in one mod, all of them with their own twists and artstyles, it’s just WAY too cool! All of the art is absolutely STUNNING, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering Banbuds worked on it, but I still think he absolutely out performed himself in every way possible. I love how GF looks!! Her new style is so cool looking, I really like the more laid back looking version of her! Hypno himself looks incredible as well, just… literally everything in this mod looks awesome, and all the different animations they all have, it’s just mind blowing how much time and effort must’ve been put into this!!! And all the gimmicks my GOD, I cannot express how cool the pendulum gimmick, the typing gimmick and the glitching gimmick are. And they were all SO DAMN HARD, as you can also see by my awful accuracy in Missingno hehe, not too proud of that score, but I just can’t wrap my head around this gimmick and this was the best score with an FC that I got! Also because of this mod I’m now fluent in Unown! God, I love this mod so damn much, the entire team did an INCREDIBLE mod with it!!! Hope you guys enjoy and happy halloween!

Link to mod:

0:00 – Safety Lullaby
2:52 – Left Unchecked
5:50 – Monochrome
8:38 – Missingno

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  1. Oh btw does anyone else notice that gold looks Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon game and series..?

  2. Rize Kamishiro TOKYO GHOUL リゼ神城東京グール says:

    Just like Shaggy's mod is awesome, this Lullaby mod is awesome too. Congratulations to Flippy for this victory.

  3. MONOCHROME definitely sent a chill or 2 down my spine, great mod even though the FNF hype has died down

  4. At the end of monochrome gold say "run streamer"

  5. Can we appreciate the fact this human went all out getting a perfect so we can have good music to listen to

  6. Finally a game where me and my sister can play together (I'll let her use the spacebar since she isn't that great at the arrows)

  7. I love how the tears in hypno's neck in the first song not only foreshadow left unchecked, but also suggest that he's done this before

  8. Imma show what are the hypnos lullaby letters:
    1st Sentence: HOPELESS
    2nd Sentence: DONT BELONG
    3rd Sentence: USELESS
    4th Sentence: HE DIED
    5th Sentence: NIGHT WARE
    6th Sentence: GET OUT
    Other Sentences:
    1st Sentence: RATIO
    2nd Sentence: YOU STINK
    3rd Sentence: HELLO STIKY
    4th Sentence: ESCAPE HURRY

  9. Left uncheck sound familiar in a nutshell: AMUGUZ

  10. Second Hypno Song gotta be inspired by vs. Impostor mod (Meltdown song?)

  11. Hypno: *Trying to drag GF into the forest with him*
    Silver/Gold: *Dead husk being controlled by Unown warning you of your upcoming fate*
    MissingNo: *Just trying to have fun and rap a little, it doesn't want to glitch your game, it just happens*

  12. You get full combo on all the songs in Friday night funkin

  13. I like how hypno kidnaps kids in the creepypasta but he kidnaps gf and bf 😂

  14. During missinggo glitching moments, i hear farting

  15. Is it just me or was the last thing gf said a little suspicious?

  16. You know, this mod reminds me of that one series on youtube it's like a bunch of fucked up pokemon cartoons in the style of south park, i remember finding them when i was way too young lol

  17. 0:14 Seeing girlfriend say that is something I didn’t need to see

  18. Banbuds choice of sound for Hypno’s second phase when he sings is so chilling and threatening, I love it haha

  19. 8:12 Look at the arrows. It’s proof Flippy doesn’t fake his videos

  20. When do we need to press space bar at the 1st and 2nd song?

  21. Encountered messages:
    DONT BELONG (again)

  22. 1:30 When girlfriend finishes the note, a ghostly white tries to grab her before disappearing. Is that normal, because i have never noticed it in others playthrough of the mod.

  23. everyone is saying how good he is, but im just surprised of his typing speed and ability to differentiate the different letters

  24. Ay, you did so well with everything on. Not surprising! Glad you enjoyed it
    Now FC it all on hell mode 😛

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