Friday Night Funkin Mod - VS Whitty Full Week (Cutscenes,Human/Bot) -

Friday Night Funkin Mod – VS Whitty Full Week (Cutscenes,Human/Bot)

Kade Dev
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bro I worked so hard on this mod.

programming – me
animation help + charting – @Nate Anim8
spirtes and main animator + musician – sock.clip

FNFBot (for ballistic):

0:00 – Lo-Fight (FC)
2:30 – Overhead (4 Miss)
4:57 – Ballistic (FC, FNFBot)

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  1. Im happy that this mod is available to download again 😀

  2. 1:20
    My lyrics for Whitty in this part:
    Don't wanna share what's inside,
    Got no where else to hide!
    That's it lol I can't think of any other official lyrics

  3. I just realized that Overhead is another version of Ballistic

  4. Ah yes. This was the start of it all😌

  5. of all 3 songs Lo-Fight is the only good one for me


  7. Ахринеть год прошел а я до сих пор это слушаю

  8. whitty is first mod but hes deleted BUT I’LL MAKE HIM

  9. лучшее время

  10. This music can clear strep throat at this point, god.

  11. He literally has 69 videos

  12. Fnf boy:cute funny noise whitty:sounds like a electric guitar which Is weird

  13. Come on man, I want a huge update for the Whitty mod we waited enough tho….
    And if Your plan is to release it in the "release day of the mod" please I want a full update lol.

  14. Слышал год назад,все та же хорошая песня

  15. One memory Whitty shared today. Feeling better!

  16. this was when funky friday was at its peak this is so nostalgic 😔

  17. yo conoci FNF por whitty, este mismo youtuber, que recuerdos, la nostalgia entra en mi. . .-

  18. I still wanna see Whitty and Hex realized as actual weeks, maybe Sarv and Ruv as well

  19. Ah the good time of fnf when it was original characters, mods made by less people the community was fire.
    Sadly this is something we will probably never see again because of all the horrible people who are in the community.
    I miss when whitty and hex were the best mods in the game

  20. This brings back a lot of memories, please help.

  21. This fnf mod is old but hey it's still bombing em i right… You see there that i just got explosives joke em i right, alright i stop because you mind going to blow if i keep saying this lit joke heh heh heh

  22. just i like dbz super •96 years ago says:

    Rip the fanbase bruh

  23. 5:29 me wehn mi momdoesnt buy me robuzx👿🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👨🏿😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬👽👹👹

  24. Había olvidado lo feliz q me hizo esto :,'(

  25. Bro don’t work it In a day just take a break

  26. 0:10 The beep that started the best and the worst era of fnf modding

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