Friday Night Funkin Mod - Miku Full Week (FC,BOT) -

Friday Night Funkin Mod – Miku Full Week (FC,BOT)

Kade Dev
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anime bad

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FNFBot (before I get called out by the man :eyes:):

thumbnail from the mod page, j8k is going to sue me for stealing assets from mod pages but whatevs im tired.

mod by evdial () and genox ()

0:00 – pop smth idk I dont speak anime
1:47 – AIESHIT amirite?????? (this song kinda bops though)
3:36 – SIU I think its called
5:53 – the one you came to watch :/ (disappearance)


  1. Николай Раффрайдерс says:

    кто руский?

  2. this is my first mod (oh nostalgia) I'm Russian so sorry for the mistakes

  3. miku: rahrahhhahahhahahahhahahhahahahahaha anime speaknig idk

  4. "I don't speak anime."
    That's Simply relatable

  5. Lol my fav song is suck it up or SIU as the creator calls it in the chapter

  6. En la otra es más falsa es young girl A en realidad y boyfriend no canta asi

  7. Por que falavam que a miku era irmã do boyfrend

  8. The name of the first song is popipo if you don't know.. The second is aishite (literal fav)

  9. Why do they look so similar?
    Like all FNF mods,
    The first songs are easy but the last one goes INSANELY CRAZY HARD.
    By the crowd votes, the winner of the battle is… Hatsune Miku!

  10. 2:49
    homie she dead..😭😭
    home she dead..😫😩
    homie she dead …😨
    oh ho no 🥺🥺🥺
    oh ho no😦😦😦

  11. I really miss this kind of mods, they are not with original characters but… These were with love, patience and not because of stupidity that you will never be able to find in a free game that lives on mods.That's money, a stupid fame when in a couple of weeks you will be at the bottom because of a drama like the others.They haven't even taken out the weeks of the game, it literally seems like all the money was stolen, anyway…

    I hope that one day this game will shine again as it was before, with original mods, original characters, and without any drama.

  12. So cute❤❤❤❤😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘🌸🌸🌸

  13. Lelleleleelhdhsh❤❤😂😅😮🎉😢🎉

  14. Aishite acutually has a sad meaning, I found that out last night when I was curious

  15. I can't help but feel a head canon of Miku singing with her little brother.

  16. well I prefer Miku because Miku's voice is cool in my opinion UwU~

  17. 5:54 = first things first ima say all the words inside my head-

  18. Is't NO music Miku Real music is't Miku you Can call you Can Say Miku….

  19. Dana The Speedpaint Lover 🎃🧡 It’s Halloween Time says:

    Amazing FNF Mod! Hatsune Miku Is My Favorite! 💙

  20. *”the songs having depressing meanings*” meanwhile: “Miku and bf casually singing the songs happily”

  21. These songs are the face of the Animes of my Childhood, how nostalgic… I miss those times… bro……

  22. I hate the people who think Touhou and vocaloid came from fnf

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