Phantom Fear
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This fnf week 8 mod adds a creepy lemon demon version of the bf as well as the gf from the new week 5 christmas update. This battle Boyfriend and vs Corrupt Senpai!

This stage is a part of the EVIL mod / Corruption mod which I am developing.
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The download will be available once the mod is completed!


Video may contain flashing imagery!

NEW SONG (‘Null and Void’) by: fluffyhairs!
(The Song!)

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Mod + Art + Code + Cutscenes: PhantomFear
My twitter: @PhantomFearOP (some of you were asking for it)

Song by: fluffyhairs

Pixel Bf front view sprite by: Fusa
@/fusanensan_fnf (Twitter)

Mod chart by: DuskieWhy
@/DuskieWhy (Twitter)

Co-Coder: Nebula the Zorua
@/nebula_zorua (Twitter)

Cutscene Background assistance: PincerProd
@/PincerProd (Twitter)

Cutscene Song by: Leebert
@/Bruh_Leebert (Twitter)

Charting by: NotSpring (+PhantomFear)

Harvester voice by: Tsukimi Mikazuki
@/tkm_1pai (misskey)

Pico week Background by: Kospi
@/frixen__ (Twitter)

Ending theme: ‘Corruption’

FridayNightFunkin by: Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, kawaisprite, evilsk8r

The support on these videos has been insane! Thank you everyone!
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  1. i'm not trying to be rude or say you stole anything because I do really love this series and it is really cool the amount of effort you guys have put into this!

    But isn't this just a remix of Missingno's V2 song from Hypno's Lullably? Like I am all for being proved wrong and I am not trying to start hate or anything. But I just happen to notice a lot of similarites between the two tracks is all

  2. No me canso de escuchar ya lo repeti miles de veces dx cada dia esta muy good pibes❤

  3. Is it just me but does it feel like all the fan made versions of this mod are better than the real one

  4. Looking back through the girlfriend week, I saw that when she “uncorrupts” in the first song, there’s a poster in the back that says “The Harvest”. Anyways, great job as always phantom. Your team makes the best songs ever. Love y’all so much.❤
    Edit: Looking back, I have a new theory. DD isn’t fully corrupted, but immobilized due to the corruption. We never saw that he was corrupted, just assumed it. We know that he has the ability to push the corruption off of himself, so if BF finds him, it might be easy to break him free. The corruption might have thought of this though.

  5. Todos dañados de formas deplorables no sabes lo que isiste mira ahora ahora hora ahora 🎤🎶🎵

  6. honestly this dont have sence senpai was completly deleted including hes world how he still here ?

  7. I have a theory that Soul BF will appear in the future, idk why but seeing that flame going out of bf's hand like the time when soul punched bf with the same hand and same flame..

  8. Bf lost fighting prob with corrupt spirt pico not wanting too hang out and maybe fighting other corrupted people gf left to fight her mom and maybe pico will comeback to fight with gf and instead of pico corrupting mommy mearest he will save her with gf

  9. 日本語バージョンになってるのすごい!!

  10. The best way I can describe this so far is if missingno from lullaby and datastream from ddto bad ending had a baby.

  11. I have supported this project since day 2 of pico vs corrupted BF 2 years ago, and I am happy to be here to continue supporting you and enjoy the development. Good job, Phantom and company!

  12. Is it me or that as soon as Pico passed by GF blushed and follow him

  13. 3:08 Calling loudly for someone when there's an apocalypse in town and the infected could show up any second????. Genius plan, Gf, reliable as a Swiss watch😊👍

  14. I very love this video but but one detail that is confusing… Where is bf boots?

  15. Next Episode could be "GF vs Evil Mom" or "GF vs Corrupted Mommy Mearest".

    This is only a Theory.

  16. bro doesnt have a visualizer, bro IS the visualizer

  17. Another little detail I see is the arrows are different. ex: boyfriends are the regular fnf. Senpais are the gray white color.

  18. I see all the comments saying that this is a great song with great sprites and animations and backgrounds, but where does this stand in the lore of this series? Why did Harvester just shove BF into a corrupted computer? I’m really confused here.

  19. So I can check this on the list of mods I can only watch, but not play.

  20. woah after glitch bf beat senpai e just a milion of pixels

  21. when the f— the mod is going to be public

  22. Im curious of how Phantom Fear is gonna use Spirit here, BF is gonna have a Power Up or something? And if Pico were to intervene in the fight between GF and Evil MM.

  23. I just cant say anything about this mod, it is to imprecive to me, cutscene and the buggy gameplay remebering the fact that everthing was lost in the senpai video game, it is just amazing

  24. Pero porque! pense que iba a durar mucho más porque eran seis minutos.. pero bueno esos 3 minutos valieron mucho la pena. Le sigo siendo fiel a esta historia apesar de todo este tiempo! Esto cada vez es más bueno!

    Paciencia muchachos por cada parte que se viene, vale la pena esperar!

  25. I remember being excited for the corruption mod…years ago. The fact this guy is still making random content for the mod with no coherent start or end is hilariously stupid. There should have been a full version a year ago.

  26. i think you should add in the final battle just like when curropt him how you switch charecters i think you should you the the same with the uncurrupted ones

  27. Yo creo que senpai volvera como antes ya que si boyfriend sigue luchando este carga de nuevo sus archivos
    Mira uno elimina una carpeta de free fire pero juegas con el juego y otra vez se vuelve a crear ademas senpai no esta eliminado ya que tienes sus texturas restantes

  28. Buen video, ahora ver que cosas enfrentarán boyfriend y girlfriend o si alguno quedara un poco corrupto

  29. I like how senpai's voice is still there. Even if his data is corrupted…

  30. I love how much this mod has changed and grown and I love just how in character the three of them are now. BF and GF are idiots who fear very few things beside thunder and their loved ones being hurt, Pico tolerates them but is still not having any nonsense, and BF and GF act really cute together in these cutscenes. Huge fan of the characterization recently

  31. The only piece of this game that’s even somewhat relevant anymore is this mod

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