FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod EVIL Boyfriend VS Cuphead Round 2 FULL WEEK -

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod EVIL Boyfriend VS Cuphead Round 2 FULL WEEK

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I used my old version of cuphead, because I like it better than the remastered one

Mod indie cross:

FUUL WEEK Cuphead:

phantom Fear corrupt mod creator:…

background characters:

Corrupted Gf: mine
Corrupted Pico:
Dad, mom and spooky kids:

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  1. No one gonna talk about the fact he aint playing on hard mode smh he aint no true fnf gamer

  2. This video makes me happy. Thank you for the great content!

  3. bro is weak theres no hard mode on this chart

  4. Cuphead: F you.
    CBF: I’m gonna kick your a$$, *rickrolls*😂

  5. Cuphead > evil bf cus cuphead can just ultra bf and there will be a knockout <or he will just use invincebility>

  6. no vieron que todo esta en normal y que ademas ni mecanicas tiene en el final no es de hater pero por detalles así no me gusta mucho

  7. O mano esse cara é boro

  8. Good Job Mike Geno For making snake eyes. Very well done

  9. Cupheqd tiene su poder de nightmare

  10. 😂 no me lo puedo ni creo👌🏻👌🏻😓😨😪😪😪🦓😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😪😪😓😓😨💖

  11. Una taza que venció al diablo, un dragón de 3 cabezas,al rey dado,a los demonios más fuertes del infierno,a un científico con el poder de acabar el mundo,

    Aun con todo eso un pvto niño no sería nisiquiera rival evil boyfriend no podría hacer nada i aún más si es el nigtmer

  12. so we all just going to ignore the fact that cuphead doesnt attack at all in his nightmare form

  13. cuphead nooooooooooooooooooo te tranformes en malvado

  14. I also dance too but a little dance💀

  15. Cuphead không nên sợ hãi vì evil vì thực tế thì cậu ta đã thừa hưởng sức mạnh đó để biến thành Nightmare rồi

  16. Los siguientes hazlo en otra dificultad estas en dificultad facil

  17. You cheated that was on easy mode give cuphead another chance

  18. kasiyan cupheed nya😢siapamelakukaninikecupheed

  19. For me…nigthmare mode is a power up that makes something like the corruption:gives you a ton of power,st the cost of cordure (in case of nigthmare) but the corruption is a bit diferent…it takes control of the body…nigthmare just destroys cordure…making the nigthmare insert a caracther be more agresive with enemies or what they see as enemies or something that can try to attack

  20. the way cuphead shoots mugman and continues the fight like BRO WHAT ABOUT UR BROTHER!!

  21. Snakey Eyes 0:02
    Technicolor Tussle 2:13
    Knockout 4:41
    Mughead RIP 🪦 6:47

    Am I Finished


    THE END Of the Nightmare 9:55
    The end 11:58

  22. Sslhgiuogd utuwy😄😄adjg8😄➡️➡️➡️➡️🔝⬆️↖️↗️↕️↔️🔃⬇️😢

  23. Nah that corruption can’t to nothing next to cuphead’s and the other’s nightmare forms

  24. Bro cuphead can just respawn his self💀 bc he have hpnand came back💀

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