Friday night funkin indie cross is amazing -

Friday night funkin indie cross is amazing

Bijuu Mike
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How did i miss this mod? Today we play FNF indie cross. The most popular indie games cross over and its so good!

Friday night funkin indie cross –

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  1. Can you please try playing Friday Night Fever next?

  2. You should know that in an actual Undertale, blue attack means stop, and orange attack means you should move.

  3. Is nobody going to talk about how he looks yellow 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Mike: Gives up on Sans but beats Bendy literally the hardest character on the first try. Sans: "bruh."

  5. I love all of your videos and all but imma need you to make more miitopia videos pls. If you don't then I don't care, but you should

  6. Tip for sanstational: The orange arrow mean it say which means sans is not controlling it but the blue one arrows with the bone on it are the ones that sans control your welcome 🤗

  7. I get it because I watch like thousands of people plays a game you should probably keep your time in those so you can come back to the smart and do sansational

  8. You should stream Hololive Funkin' it recently got a new update, and I know you watch vtubers from an older video

  9. Hey Mike can you play DDLC exit music redux

  10. I love this mod, everything about it Is awsome

  11. Ok for sans click only orange orange means move I played the game I mean undertale they tell you only move when orange but blue means don’t move so click orange but not blue

  12. The fact that sans doesn't hit the blues but hits the oranges is pretty cool

  13. For the cup head song they really tried to not use double notes for mike geno

  14. You gotta check out VS W.Freddy (Withered Freddy), It has sick Cutscene's and the last song is a banger (not the vs normal freddy that you already played)

  15. mike,if you can,
    can you go play vs friday night fever?,its been out for some time and i really want to see your reaction to it

  16. I beat all of them in hard mode at a younger age than you (12) still great fan of you. Mr beast in Squidward game

  17. can you please play deltarune chapters 1 and 2? the game is made by toby fox, the same guy who made undertale

  18. Where Vs Mami?! Me want to see Bijuu play it

  19. You would be dead if you where in Squidward game

  20. Don't tell me sans song isn't the best

  21. Cringe me would have loved this

    (NO I am Not saying that these games are cringe because they are NOT)

  22. you didn't see the cup head death screen it's cool I've seen it >:o

  23. Tip for sansational and last reel never spam

    Edit: another tip for sansational focus more on the orange notes but for last reel press the notes you could press don't press every note if you can't

  24. I have started making a mod, not sure if I will finish it but it has a lot of unique mechanics.

  25. (Megalovania memories)

    Ahh yes UNDERTALE

    I didn’t beat the game no hate

    I’m not playing dusttale

  26. go to the sad mickey mod and go to the freeplay you miss a song

  27. Lol yo didn't notice the slightly different animation on ciphers for boyfriend

  28. Also mike you should play the come and learn with pibby mods there is vs jake vs Finn and also vs shaggy and vs gumball ik it’s a lot but a lot of people are playing the mods also they are all corrupted


  30. I live the blue and orange notes its a refrence to diffrent attacks orange you have to move or hit and blue dont move or let them pass

  31. you dont hit the blue notes and hit the orange ones

  32. Bijuu mike I challeng you to beat sans from undertale.
    I want see you safer Suffer as others want
    Im jokeing i just want to see your reaction about sans fight.

  33. Cuphead should have a song named: "Knockout" where he can shoot you with his fInGeR bUlLeTs

  34. Hell ya! Scrub of the day! Mike is the FIRST YTr who said my name correctly!

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