Friday night funkin indie cross is amazing -

Friday night funkin indie cross is amazing

Bijuu Mike
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How did i miss this mod? Today we play FNF indie cross. The most popular indie games cross over and its so good!

Friday night funkin indie cross –

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  1. pls play fnf in galaxy very enjoyble game

  2. pls play fnf in galaxy very enjoyble game

  3. pls play fnf in galaxy very enjoyble game

  4. Mike:ok don’t hit the sans notes *hits the sans note*

  5. play the camellia mod (I bet yo wont beat it on hard 🙂 )

  6. Orange jeans keep still orange jeans keep going duh you'd know that if you kept playing the game

  7. Mike! You should play the Wii funkin Wiik 4 but The not finger breaking type

  8. click space to dodge i played friday night funkin a lot

  9. The bone notes for sans is like

    Blue: Stop.


    Which means that you cant hit the blue notes. But you need to hit the orange notes.

  10. So awesome to see you finally play this mod! Great job as always Mike! <3

    And since you mentioned wanting a bendy mod, there's a really well-made one out called Bendy Inkwell hell. It's only one song, but it's a 5 minute bop and so sadly underrated <3

  11. Orange means press blue mean no press

  12. sęàsēlf àñd glässyćøøkīë gąmës says:

    Ct did something!

  13. The reason you've been dying in the Sansational week is because if you hit the blue notes, then you instantly die but if you don't hit the orange notes, you'll instantly die, too. So to not die, don't hit the blue notes and hit the orange notes. I hope this helps.

  14. if you miss the orenge notes you instantly die so touch them if you touch the blue notes you instantly die so don't touch them DUMMY!

  15. Its almost been a year and people still make fnf mods wow

  16. Play parappa the raper

    Or else 🪓😊
    im not trying to be edgy plz don't attack me

  17. How sans niets work monkey explanasion

    If hart (or note) orange move (or hit) if not take damage
    If hart (or note) blue do not move (or hit) if do take damage

  18. stay bijuu mike if there is blue notes
    in sanstaition

  19. idot you have to not hit blue bone notes and hit orange ones like in undertale

  20. There were some changes from the last time i saw someone play this mod, like in the sans battle that dodge icon on the left was not there, and i think the cardboard cutouts of bendy went in front of the notes, not behind

    And yeah just like in Undertale, blue stop, orange go, meaning do not hit blue, hit orange

  21. Hey mike you should try out friday night fever

  22. Shout Out to Bijuu Mike for having most tries that i've seen in Sansational

  23. it feels like sans is so lazy his losing icon is just him sleeping oh wait it is

  24. hey bijuu mike if you like the walten files you will definitely enjoy the walten files FNF mod

  25. Don't hit the purple arrow it kill yellow save you if you click

  26. you hit the orange notes, but not the blue ones. UNDERTALE LOGIC

  27. I'm not even that much of an undertale freak but watching people not know the blue is not move and orange is move cracks me up

  28. And the ink note make your screen ink but if you click all you died

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