Friday Night Funkin' In Real Life -

Friday Night Funkin’ In Real Life

Shiloh & Bros
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FNF in real life!! This was a highly requested game IRL by you guys from us. Comment your favorite part!!!

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  1. i love it and maby you should make a squid game video plzzz

  2. I download the game its very nice and fun to play good work

  3. Look at Mary reaction when Judah said I am buying it

  4. Hello, I wanted to say that can you make another among us you choose video? I really liked it thats why.

  5. My friends say I’m stupid because I watch you guys

  6. 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚣 ❣︎ says:

    Hey Shiloh and bros you should do adopt me Irl bc it will be really fun lol

  7. We need a Friday night funkin movie this Is soo cool

  8. You guys should make a video where you guys are bunny rabbits on Easter and Judah is running away from you guys

  9. cant count how much times i replayed this video because of how good it is

  10. I love your channel so am subscribing and downloading your app and Nice Work 🤗

  11. and can you do a game in camputer so it can be good

  12. fnf is my fafrit game ok or 1v1 on funky friday

  13. WOW u guys are even better then I think u guys can make games and videos


  15. I can’t believe how much dedication goes into these videos. You guys are amazing

  16. Yo that skele guy is actually a costume I remember that sitting on the pumpkin guy it's actually Jocelyn as skele guy lol I really like when her costum look like

  17. Top 3 ranking character I like in every Among Us video of
    Shiloh & Bros:
    1st: Elijah, Jocelyn
    2nd: Micah, Judah, Shiloh
    3rd: Mary, Britney

  18. I love this video. Good luck to make whit other video’s 😉

  19. Purple dude:*gets angry*
    Shiloh for no reason: oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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